Tomorrow a panel of judges in Switzerland will listen to the 18 artists still in the running for the finals of Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow 2014, the Swiss national selection. Nine of these will come from SFR, the country’s German-language broadcaster. We asked y’all to listen to SFR’s nine finalists and vote for your favourites. We can now reveal the results–and keep our fingers crossed that SFR is listening!

Judging from your comments, none of the songs sent your heart racing. However, Poland’s Gosia Andrzejewic was your favourite from a lackluster bunch. She earned 45% of all votes with her song “I’m Not Afraid.”

Your other favourites were @Together Forever” from 3 For All and “Alpha” by One Day Remains.

You can see the complete results below.


1. Gosia with “I’m Not Afraid” 44.83%
2. 3 For All with “Together Forever” 10.78%
2. One Day Remains with “Alpha” 10.78%
4. Yasmina Hunzinger with “I Still Believe”  10.34%
5. Swissters with “Celebration” 6.9%
6. Arxplendida with “Mercurii diei” 5.6%
6. Martin Kirchberger with “Yourope” 5.6%
8. Nino Colonna with “La luce del cuore” 3.45%
9. Hot Connection with “Music From The Sixties” 1.72%

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Photo: (EBU)

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10 years ago

Erm actually Will, tomorrow is the live auditions for all nine artists from SRF (dammit, and on the night as Junior Eurovision Song Contest as well!).

Once all nine have performed, the results won’t be announced until the 16 December.