Since their shock early exit at Eurovision, the women of Serbia’s now defunct Moje 3 have never been far from the spotlight. We’ve had a disbandment, a charity single, several reunions, five new singles, a reality show and a modelling campaign! Amazing! We recently had the pleasure of speaking with the angel of the trio Mirna Radulovic, who told us about what she’s been up to since she went solo.

Tell us about some of the highlights you’ve experienced since Eurovision?

ESC was the best experience in my life. I enjoyed representing my country and doing complicated tasks for the ESC. It’s the experience I won’t forget and I would do it all over again, no matter the results. Highlights after ESC are two singles and enjoying time with fans.

You have finished recording your debut album, what was your experience like making an album?

Album is not yet complete. My publishing company is waiting for the moment when my team and I like every detail in this album. It’s my first one, so I care much about it, I am having so much fun with creative process. I had two singles “Slusaj dobro (Listen carefully)” and “Pred svima (In front of everyone)“. Third single will be a ballad, and it will come soon.

Do you know the release date?

Unfortunately there are no dates. When the album is near the end I will let readers of Wiwibloggs know.

What can we expect from the album?

Album will be a mix of ballads that you can relate to and dancing pop tracks.

You’ve performed two singles from the album. Will we see music videos soon?

For the third single will be a video premiere. First two are played on Serbian television as they are on YouTube.

How did you feel after getting eliminated at ESC? Do you blame the dresses like so many fans and the press?

At first I was disappointed. I was hoping for the finals. But I don’t blame anybody. Because of the new voting system at ESC we had a small number of votes. But the song “Ljubav je svuda (Love is everywhere)” was really popular on radio station in Balkan region so I am happy for that.

Why did Moje 3 not stay together?

Trio “Moje tri” were formed only for the ESC. Every one of us wants a career as a solo artist. We are talented and different in our own way. We are still friends and best support.

Has your Eurovision experience taught you anything about singing and performing?

Yes. It was the biggest festival for me so far. Stage was bigger, massive audience. Everything had to be good – singing, choreography, visual effects and performance. We had a lot of practice. It was a good experience.

Do you wish that Sara and Nevena were still by your side when performing and releasing new music?

Nevena and Sara are wary supportive. In my video for single “Slusaj dobro” you can see Sara cheering for me and singing my new song. We are good friends. I support every project they have.

Your sister is also a singer. What is she up to and do you ever sing together?

My sister Nera is a very good singer. Since we are twins in the beginning public could not guess which one is which. She is building her own career now. We performed together couple of times in our hometown, and local public love us.

Serbia will not compete in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Are there any songs or singers in this year’s competition that you are looking forward to seeing in Copenhagen?

I hope Serbia will have a representative this year, and as a patriot I will cheer for them. Rumors are that there is a chance for late entry. But if that does not happen I will do as always – eat popcorn and watch ESC. I don’t usually listen to songs before ESC. I like that moment of surprise and excitement when I hear the song for the first time.

Do you have any other plans and projects that you are excited about?

I am usually modest, so I don’t expect big things. I work hard. I try to be honest to myself and my fans. I have some of projects in 2014. I take them step by step. Third single first, then the next step.

Do you have a message for wiwibloggs readers?

First of all, thank you Katie for this interview. Second, I hope I get a chance to perform and sing for you guys. Maybe a tour 🙂 I hope you will stay positive and chase your dreams.

Kiss from Mirna!

Katie Wilson contributed this story from the U.K. Follow her on Twitter at @katiewillfly and like our Facebook page to keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip.
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10 years ago

l don´t believe Serbia can return this year, but l hope a miracle comes soon. My favorite country Serbia, be strong and prepair yours good songs as you know, this year or next one, we are waiting for a big part of Europe. Without Serbia, The Eurovision Song Contest is very sad.

10 years ago

If Serbia wanted to come into the mix late this year it would be possible but they would have to pay a fine and wasn’t their reasoning for backing out a lack of funds?
(as well as losing faith in the voting system)

Callum Nowacki
Callum Nowacki
10 years ago

Serbia can’t- honestly, where is this rumour coming from?
If she means in 2015, I think Serbia will return; Eurovision is national pride.