By now you’ve all examined and analysed the Eurovision 2014 voting results. You’ve moaned about the jury-televote split over Poland. You’ve listened as Azerbaijan questioned its lowest-ever placing. And you’ve talked about Scandinavian and former Soviet voting blocs. But far fewer of us have paused to reflect on what fans in Australia and China have to say about all this.

Australia’s Eurovision voting results

Riding a wave of Jessica Mauboy fever, Australia recorded its highest-ever Eurovision ratings this year, with a peak audience of 927,000 during the grand final. SBS allowed viewers to vote for their favourite during the final, and Conchita Wurst won in a landslide. She earned 74,434 votes, which was more than 20,000 more than runner-up Sanna Nielsen. Perhaps Conchita will be a guest star on Neighbours sometime soon.

The Netherlands came third, showing that Australia’s Top 3 aligned with Europe’s (even if the order was slightly different). Things start to diverge in fourth place. Australia went for Finland (who finished 11th at Eurovision). Armenia’s Aram Mp3, who came fourth at ESC, only finished 19th Down Under.

Iceland’s Pollapönk came an impressive fifth in Australia (15th in Europe), while Poland finished sixth (14th in Europe). Interestingly, Poland came fifth with televoters in Europe, suggesting that the Australian public has similar taste to their cousins up north.

In Australia, France’s Twin Twin did not come last but 18th. Bringing up the rear are Italy, Azerbaijan and San Marino, who finished 24th, 25th and 26th. Sorry, Valentina…

  1. Austria 74,434 votes
  2. Sweden 53,562
  3. The Netherlands 33,990
  4. Finland 29,702
  5. Iceland 24,106
  6. Poland 23,928
  7. UK 23,154
  8. Switzerland 18,934
  9. Malta 18,884
  10. Ukraine 18,392
  11. Spain 15,116
  12. Greece 14,936
  13. Hungary 12,034
  14. Norway 11,594
  15. Denmark 10,430
  16. Romania 10,044
  17. Belarus 10,042
  18. France 9,176
  19. Armenia 7,614
  20. Germany 6,316
  21. Slovenia 5,912
  22. Russia 5,824
  23. Montenegro 5,346
  24. Italy 4,968
  25. Azerbaijan 4,724
  26. San Marino 4,698

China’s Eurovision voting results

Chinese Eurovision fans voted for their favourite acts on fan site China ESC Fans. Voting was conducted ahead of the semi-finals, so you’ll notice that all 37 countries are ranked. Please note: the web site controlled for geographical location by limiting voting to IP addresses in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Sweden’s Sanna Nielsen can “Undo” her sad by moving to China and selling some records, y’all. She finished on top by a huge margin, racking up 368 votes. That’s nearly double runner-up Can-Linn feat. Kasey Smith of Ireland. Yes, she may have been eliminated during the semi-finals, but the Chinese love her. (And so do our readers, who chose her as the overall winner ahead of the show).

Other non-qualifiers to do well include FYR Macedonia in 12th, Belgium in 18th, and Israel in 19th.

The lowest ranked finalist was Malta, who only managed to finish 34th with Chinese Eurovision fans.

  1. Sweden 368 votes
  2. Ireland 192
  3. Montenegro 169
  4. Spain 139
  5. Norway 138
  6. Switzerland 135
  7. Azerbaijan 134
  8. United Kingdom 133
  9. Armenia 129
  10. Denmark 127.
  11. Romania 121
  12. FYR Macedonia 109
  13. Russia 108
  14. The Netherlands 105
  15. Ukraine 103
  16. Austria 99
  17. Slovenia 97
  18. Belgium 91
  19. Israel 84
  20. Greece 80
  21. Iceland 79
  22. Poland 73
  23. Belarus 73
  24. Portugal 70
  25. Germany 68
  26. Italy 62
  27. France 61
  28. Estonia 54
  29. Finland 53
  30. San Marino 53
  31. Albania 48
  32. Hungary 37
  33. Latvia 30
  34. Malta 25
  35. Lithuania 16
  36. Moldova 13
  37. Georgia 4
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This is my opinion
This is my opinion
10 years ago

I never thought that conchita could win eurovision for austria with that song I couldn believe it seriously. I know that majority of viewers are gay and that she made impact with women in beard image andher personality which came accross as sweet and pleasant to many people especially when Aram made joke about her looks which even helped her gain more attentiom as she stand for her looks to support gays etc. I believe that she won mostly because of her personality which wormed millins of peoples heart more than the song. Sanna Nielsen wa svery good but the… Read more »

10 years ago

Has Sam ever been to Glasgow ?

10 years ago


I just find it quite amusing that people are blaming the Polish diaspora for Donatan & Cleo coming 5th in the televote. Are they forgetting that the Poland failed with the televoters in…

2011 – 17th
2010 – 13th
2009 – 12th
2008 – 24th
2007 – 14th
2006 – 11th
2005 – 11th
2001 – 20th
1999 – 18th
1998 – 17th
1997 – 11th
1996 – 15th
1995 – 18th

I can definitely see that the Polish diaspora is upon us!!!!!!! Morons…

10 years ago

The Chinese may have changed their votes once they saw the actual contest. A vote before the semi finals means very little.

10 years ago

Us Australians have good taste. 😉

10 years ago

@ Jordan. Exactly. I watched the Eurovision amongst Brits only this year and Poland was an overrall favourite, even with the gays. Attributing Poland’s success to the diaspora vote is ludicrous – since when have Poland been a country like Turkey, Armenia or Azerbaijan that ranks consistently well due to diaspora?

10 years ago


Having followed the live Twitter feed during the European and Australian broadcast, Poland was actually a favourite among non-Polish viewers – both male and female. During the unofficial voting, Australia ranked Poland 5th with over 25,000 votes during the broadcast of the Second Semi-Final and 6th with over 24,000 votes during the broadcast of the Grand Final. Major Australian networks actually acknowledged Poland’s performance during their Eurovision 2014 segment.

10 years ago

Poland 6th in Australia. That can shut up the people who think Poland’s 5th placing in the European televote was down to diaspora lol.

carl of U.S.A
carl of U.S.A
10 years ago

China-Good Choise

carl of U.S.A
carl of U.S.A
10 years ago

China chooses correctly

10 years ago

WOW! Spain 4th in the Chinese ranking!! Ruth Lorenzo should try in that huge market with her new album Planeta Azul… Austria is only 19th in China. I know from chinese relations that it’s a little bit understandable performance for them… such undeveloped society in some aspects

10 years ago

@ Darren

Yes, the Chinese love the Irish song , she got a whopping 192 votes in a country of more than a billion

10 years ago

As much as i love Paula & Ovi their song was wrong choice.Powerful voice from Paula with second hand song 🙂

10 years ago

Aw the Chinese love Ireland’s song, number 2 on their results. Kasey should read that and try to market her music in the far east, it could be successful for her there.

10 years ago

amazing to see Switzerland so high both in Australia (#8) and China (#6). 🙂