A Titan from the disguise to the stage of Eurovision Song Contest! Besa won Albania’s national selection  Festivali i Këngës at the end of 2023, and has thrived ever since. We are ready to unveil the 10 amazing facts about Albania’s act this year! Let’s get to know Besa and her amazing achievements through the years. 

Scroll down for 10 Facts about BESA

1. Besa and her rich origin 

Besa was born in the city of Fier in Albania, but her family roots go back to Qeparo, in Vlora District in Albania, which is known for it’s amazing beaches and nature! While you enjoy Albania this summer, be sure to visit the birthplace of Besa.

2. Her family background 

Besa was born to a family of 5 members and her being the first child of three. Besa’s father is Koço Kokëdhima is a mathematician, entrepreneur and political, while her mom is a mathematician. Besa Kokëdhima is not the only artist in her family, her sister Bora Kokëdhima is a well-known fashion designer, while the youngest one Era Kokëdhima is also follows the steps of her older sister Bora, on the field of fashion.

3. She won Kënga Magjike back in 2013

In the 15th edition of Kënga Magjike Besa returned to the contest with the song “Tatuazh në Zemër” (Tattooed heart), a song was composed by Darko Dimitrov and written by Alban Skenderaj. As it is being known Kënga Magjike is a tough competition with Albania’s greatest names in the music industry competing, Besa won the contest back in 2013. That same night she was also crowded with the Best Dance Award.

4. Besa was also a coach in The Voice of Albania

In the year of 2017 Besa was one of the coaches of the last season of “the Voice of Albania”. And the finalist names of the sixth edition are quite known for Eurovision fans. Besa’s contestant Anxhela Elmazi was one of the finalists, the other finalists were Lis Asllanaj, and Lidia Lufi (Second place at FiK57, 2018) and the winner of that editon was Klinti Çollaku, who competed several times at the Albanian National Final. Just to let you know, Besa was voted the favourite judge of the season at the Voice of Albania.

5. She released songs also in English and French

While Besa was living in Paris, she worked on her international music album in French & English. In 2022 Besa made her debut in France with her French ballad “En Equilibre” back in June 2022. The debut single got positive feedback. “En Equailibre” is the first song of her upcoming debut album in the French Music Industry that will be released soon.

6. Besa participated in the Romanian National Final back in 2009

In the year of 2009 Besa competed in the Romanian National Finaş Selecţia Naţională and tried to represent Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest with the English-penned song “Nothin’ Gonna Change” where reached the Semi-finals but got no right to represent the country in the contest.

7. Besa has released four albums till now

Besa is a very well-known artist in Albania. Till now she has released 39 songs and 4 albums in total, where some of them have been huge hits in Albania. “Zonja dhe Zotërinj” from her self-titled album, “Engjëjt vrasin njëlloj“, “Kalorës i natës“, “E bukura dhe bisha“, “Tatuazh në zemër“, “Zemrën dot nuk ta lexoj“, “Mbretëreshë“, “Amelia” are among the biggest hits of the artist.

8. Moved to the United Kingdom for education

At the age of 15, Besa moved to the United Kingdom as a high school student. But this did not stop her to work on her debut song “Më Beso” written by highly successful Albanian producer Flori Mumajesi, which resulted a success, the song was also awarded the Major Prize in “Mikorofoni i Artë” back in 2003. The hit song granted her more public recognition to Besa.

9. She wrote the anthem of the Football Team in Albania

Back in 2023, she released the anthem of the Albanian local Footboll Team “Apollonia”, which is from the city of Fier, where the artist was born. She wrote the anthem as a tribute to her roots and performed the anthem for the supporters of the team.

10. Besa is an Animal Rights Ambassador

Besa is very actively involved in social causes in the protection of Animals, the Environment, Women victims of Domestic violence & charity fundraisers supporting orphaned children. She has 3 cats, and 6 stray dogs she has rescued from the streets of Albania. She is also an activist on social causes of freedom, equality, animal rights, violence against women & discrimination.

Are you coming to Eurovision 2024 to watch Besa belt out Titan? Do you prefer her song before or after the revamp? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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Vjera Brdar
Vjera Brdar
1 month ago

Love Albania this year. Great song. Might just make my top 10.

1 month ago

Beautiful women, that’s a fact