If Alcazar’s Melfest 2014 entry ‘Blame It On The Disco’ sounded like a hangover from the early 00s, ‘Good Lovin’ is a serious case of late 00s Eurodance and one that hooks you from the word go.

It wouldn’t sound out of place among a late 00s rogues gallery of September, Cascada, Bass Hunter and Eric Prydz. But you wouldn’t have to think long about who it is you’re listening to and that’s mainly a result of how phenomenally – and gloriously – camp this is. It lacks September’s monotone, Cascada’s exhausted sound, Bass Hunter’s general rubbishness and Eric Prydz’s dearth of lyrics.

‘Good Lovin’ is curiously triumphant as it serves up Alcazar realness. They aren’t afraid to poke fun at themselves – “we’ve been around since the dawn of time” – but thanks to botox and the dynamite pairing with producer Jonas Von Der Burg the song continues the momentum that ‘Blame It On The Disco’ delivered in the spring.

Over towering synths they demand, “good lovin – now tell me what it means to you.” It’s flirty but towering stuff. “We’ll never stand in your boring line,” Andreas says. The band has never been about dreary balladry and ‘Good Lovin’ stays true to form.

It lacks the over clubbiness of ‘Blame It On The Disco’ and instead plumps for simple dance hedonism. If you’re looking for lyrical substance you’re in the wrong place and for that matter on the wrong dancefloor. Emotional depth has been subverted to an excuse to bounce around dancefloors from Trondheim to Tel Aviv and there’s no reason not to embrace that.

There’s little here to placate the haters — but if you are such a buzz-kill and can’t enjoy an Alcazar track, then it’s doubtful the band are really that bothered about what you think anyway. As they reiterate a few times, “don’t ever tell us that fun is a crime.”


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9 years ago

Omg I love this one, this a fab new gay club banger. This would win Melodifestivalen hands down

9 years ago

Fantastic song from an amazing group! I simply love it!

@ David: I second that! 😉 I hope they’ll participate again next year in Melodifestivalen!