Maltese Eurovision icon Ira Losco teased us about her new video for “Shouldn’t Have to Bother” in a recent interview. Today it finally dropped….and on her birthday!

Produced by The Bigger Picture with Ipanema, the video casts Miss Losco as the world’s best-looking shipwreck survivor as she struggles to make ends meet on a self-made raft. Shot in the clear blue waters that surround the Maltese Islands, this video is definitely one to make all you office folk wish you were right there next to Ira.

In the video, a passing boat party (a common sight in Malta, and something which every tourist should do) rescues Ira. To thank them she performs a mini gig, which features all of Ira’s band members. This is definitely one for your playlists guys!

Untitled-2 Untitled-3

David Serge directed the video, with Matthew Pullicino acting as Executive Producer. You can follow Ira Losco on her website,, and on Facebook and Twitter. Ira’s latest album The Fire (which includes Shouldn’t have to bother)  is available on iTunes.

(Video brought to you by Ipanema)

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Egemen Oruc
8 years ago

She looks hot 😀

Noel Zarb
8 years ago

@George – Ira Losco placed 2nd in the 2002 Eurovision in Estonia, losing the trophy for only 12 points.

8 years ago

1) Who is she?
2) Survivor is only one #QUEEN PAPARIZOU.