Attention fans of that honkey-tonk, Appalachia sound: Firelight, Malta’s Eurovision 2014 contestants, will launch their debut album on September 24 at 19:20 on TVM, Malta’s state television channel. You can watch the festivities live over the Internet on this link.

“Backdrop of Life” contains eleven brand new songs, which involved input from each of the band’s musicians. The songs show the incredible bandwidth of a band that invites reflection with or without a campfire. In four days Firelight will travel to Germany and Austria on a promo tour. The album will be available on September 26.

You can listen to 30-second clips of each track here. It’s whet our appetite. What about yours?

“Backdrop of Life” track list

01.Coming Home
02. Her Song
03. Bite The Bullet
04. Black & Blue
05. Talk Dirty
06. Victor
07. Diesel
08. A Hole Joe
09. Nobody But You
10. Busking For Your Love
11. Backdrop Of Life

Firelight at Eurovision 2014

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Eat no porridge!
9 years ago

I loved their entry this year. So authentic! Just like “This Time”, back in 1993. My two favourite entries from Malta.

9 years ago

i think it had been better if released when they was actually in Eurovision

9 years ago

Can’t wait