The image of Dana International, adorned in bird feathers while performing the reprise for “Diva”, is one of the most memorable moments in the history of Eurovision. But what Dana didn’t know back in 1998 was that Jean-Paul Gautlier’s masterpiece wouldn’t be the last made-from-animal-garment she would wear. Dana will soon portray Cruella de Vil, the evil lady who likes to make coats out of puppy fur, in the musical “101 Dalmatians”. The Israeli media has already described this casting as one of the most brilliant ever. Admit it, you can totally imagine Dana in a fur coat (fake, of course!) and with half-white half-black hair.

The musical will premiere on 20 December and will run through the Jewish national holiday Chanukah. Chanukah is the most popular time of the year for children’s shows and musicals in Israel, and “101 Dalmatians” is already rumored to be a very strong competitor for all the other shows.

Dana is not the only Eurovision-related Eurovision artist who’s going to take a part in the musical: Orna Datz and Moshe Datz, more commonly known as Duo Datz by Eurovision fans (Eurovision 1991, third place) will play the owners of those adorable 101 dogs. The director of the musical is Tzedi Tzarfati, who directed Eurovision 1999 in Jerusalem and many of the Israeli performances at Eurovision during the 80’s and the 90’s. If you watch the musical’s trailer, you’ll find a lot of Eurovision catchiness  and joy in the music. Or maybe that’s just a Eurovision addict’s wild imagination.

In contrast to Cruella De Vil, Dana herself seems to like dogs with their fur still on their bodies. She owns two of them, and their names are Tony and Coco. Dana couldn’t find a dog-sitter during the rehearsals period, so she just brought them to work. They are also going to accompany the diva during the busy show tour.

Are you in Israel in December? You might wanna watch Dana stepping into the role of Cruella and buy a ticket for the musical here.

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9 years ago

Hopefully she’ll be able to showcase another talent at acting since singing is not a talent I could ever relate to her … winning Eurovision with a dance tune everybody at home would be paying attention to and letting the whole planet know you’re transsexual just for reaction mode … is not really what a song contest is about … but then again, people go after any kind of rubbish that entertains them. I pray the children watching this musical will find Dana, The Cruella a trustworthy acting performer … otherwise, and likewise Eurovision, this is just another waste of… Read more »

9 years ago

Dana Diva cruella¡