It takes a lot to effectively stage a song. Props, smoke machines, and LED screens help, but backing dancers can really make the day. This year at Junior Eurovision Julia van Bergen’s posse strutted their stuff, and Lizi Pop’s entourage were some of the best Mozart impersonators/ballerinas we’ve ever seen. However, Betty’s dancers and acrobats sweated the most and reaped the benefits — third place is no laughing matter! So we are proud to announce that Betty’s backing dancers have been awarded the 2014 Malin Award for Best Dancers.

Jumping around on stage for three minutes is no easy task with a mid-tempo song, but with a high-energy salsa number it can be nearly impossible. Betty’s crew had to work in order to werk. Using several props, including scooters and a spinning circus fabric, they kept up with the song with the fastest beat of the night. The five little ones kept a smile on their face for the entire number and never skipped a step.

Malin Award for Best Vocals at JESC

A total of 918 votes were cast. Here is how the top three finished. 

1. Betty’s backing dancers — Armenia: 299 votes, 33%

2. Julia van Bergen’s posse — Netherlands: 226 votes, 25%

3. Nadezhda Misyakova’s falcon girls — Belarus: 144 votes, 16%

#armenia’s @bettyeurovision’s amazing dancers #JESC2014 #jesc

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The Malin Award honors the Norwegian representative in 2005. Little Malin brought a group of girls who did gymnastics and contortions all over the stage in one of the most colorful numbers yet. The award is meant to share the message that backing dancers are still as important as the singer, and deserve due credit as well. As this is one of our new awards, exclusive to the Wiwi Junior Awards, we will rename it to honour Betty and her backing dancers, and it will now be known as the Betty Award for Best Dancers

This award is just one of a dozen that make up the 2014 Wiwi Junior Awards. Our 12 categories—from best dressed to most wronged at JESC—identify the contestants who left the biggest impression on Junior Eurovision fans, regardless of whether they won the contest or not.

You can see all of our 2014 Wiwi Junior Awards here.

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6 years ago

They gets for Armenia so many points, without dancer Armenia wouldn t be in TOP 5 . For me Armenia was most overrated countries at Junior Eurovision 2014 (as like 2010 when they won) and they got all 12 points from ex URRS countries that participated this year.