Without the excitement of national finals and the contest itself, the summer months can represent a bit of a lull for Eurovision fans. However, there’s no rest for the singers. They’re always working on new music for us to consume, so we’ve rounded up some recent releases which you may have missed while lounging in the sun.

Axel Hirsoux “Haut L’humain” (Human High)

Y’all awarded him the cruise ship VMA in 2014, but Axel Hirsoux is not ready to hit the seas just yet. For his third post-Eurovision release, Belgium’s most famous mummy’s boy moves away from the outdated cheese we’ve come to expect from him. “Haut L’humain” immediately feels classier than his previous efforts. Obviously, it helps that the lyrics are in French, non-Francophiles are blissfully unaware of what he’s harping on about. And thankfully the vocal theatrics which mired his 2014 trip to Copenhagen are absent. The black and white video is sweet if uneventful, much like the song as a whole. At least “mother-r-r-r-r-r” should like it.

Milan Stankovic feat. DJ Ugy “Masina” (Machine)

The “Balkan, Balkan, Balkan” boy of 2010 has released a plethora of singles in recent months. “Masina” was one of the earliest, back in March. The official video is set in a futuristic world, reminiscent of Hollywood blockbusters. But the sound is very now… well if you’re from the general Balkan region. It’s got all the musical traits of the area, along with some extra strings and beats. Add in Stancovic’s distinctive vocals and you’ve got a catchy mix. Despite the lack of English it’s very hard not to get caught up in the cogs of Milan’s machine.

BrainStorm “Edenes Darzs” (Snow Falls In Reverse)

In the years since their appearance for Latvia in 2000, BrainStorm have evolved into a sophisticated rock unit. Think Coldplay or Muse with the vocals of Alexander Rybak. Of course the group have gone on to have a long and successful career, which it continues with their newest single “Snow Falls In Reverse”. The song opens with a soaring cacophony of instruments, setting an infectiously positive tone which persists throughout. The wonderfully abstract video reflects this. We see floating castles, steam engines, blimps and the band themselves appear to live inside a set of traffic lights. Unsurprisingly the Latvian version has already been a massive hit in their homeland.

Kállay Saunders Band “Young”

The opening lyrics of “Young” put to bed any doubts which might have remained about Kállay Saunders change in musical direction. “Fuck it, I’m young”. András! You bad boy! The latest cut from his band’s debut album, “Delivery Boy”, continues the rockier and edgier sound of “Victory”. Although, it lacks the drive and immediacy of the previous track, there is some progression. However, at times it seems like Hungary’s 2014 singer is trying too hard. In the music video he sports a faux leopard jacket, ripped jeans, shades, chains and a tank top. At moments you almost expect #thuglife to flash up on screen. There’s also a rap verse which is completely unnecessary and borderline cringe. There needs to be more focus on András’ soul-laden vocals and less silly profanities and rap. As we’ve seen many times before, it can be done.

Vaidas Baumila “Nauja diena” (Brand New Day)

Compared to Monika, you could say that Vaidas is talking the safer post-Eurovision route. The results aren’t as spectacular (“Po Dagnum” is amazing), but they’re worthwhile nonetheless. “Naujuna Diena” offers us a generous helping of pop-rock fun. The atmosphere is light and carefree. The music video brings us on a light-hearted tour of the Lithuanian’s day-to-day life. We wake up next to him in bed (he’s shirtless, not to be scoffed at), travel with him to Vegas, New York and the Grand Canyon, swim with him (again shirtless), and even join him on stage. We’re not complaining at all!



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8 years ago

Young is really good,funny and catchy song.

8 years ago

~~ Axel Hirsoux “Haut L’humain” (Human High) I liked his visionary song of 2014…He deserved to qualify to the final…Pity that he didn’t.. And the fact that i saw someone calling him fat@ss was just so insensitive! People like him that serve this music genre of slow pop & opera are mainly all overweight & not thin…Why someone would mind that Axel was really a fat person??Although to use this word seems derogatory for me.. If Chiara of Malta & Bojana of Serbia lost much weight then this would hurt their vocal abilities to sing equally this great.. This was… Read more »