The Wiwi Jury – our in-house panel of music unprofessionals – is continuing its journey around Lithuania ahead of the fifth Eurovizija show on Saturday. Saulene Chlevickaite’s “Strong” didn’t quite live up to its title. Can we get back on track with E.G.O. and “Long Way From Home”? Read on to find out…

E.GO. “Long Way From Home” Live

Reviews: E.G.O. with “Long Way From Home”

Robyn: There’s something really charming about this old-fashioned boyband song, a fantasy of California dreaming. E.G.O. might not be a cool modern boyband like One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer, but they’re really putting themselves into the song, committing to the pop joy.

Score: 6/10

Liam: WOAH! The song opens with a wail so horrid that it made the whole street wake up and the dogs bark. Three minutes later, it’s pretty anti-climatic. Typical boyband material. Guitars, a chorus repeated several times, and a pitch change.

Score: 0/10

Anthony: When it comes to boybands at Eurovision, the likes of D’NASH and Blue spring to mind. As for E.G.O., just imagine E.M.D from Melodifestivalen finding an extra member and trying their luck elsewhere. It may not be as high tempo as “I Love You Mi Vida” or as polished as “I Can”, but “Long Way From Home” is a decent attempt.

Score: 6/10

E.G.O “Long Way From Home” Studio Version

Steinunn: Boybands aren’t usually appreciated for their singing talents. E.G.O. is no exception. But they sure are cute, at least my 14 year-old inner self thinks so. “Long Way From Home” isn’t all bad, the chorus is actually pretty catchy. But the verses and the bridge are just soooooo bad (and horrible vocally). The song is dragged down to a place I don’t want to ever visit again. “A” for effort though.

Score: 4/10

Antranig: Four cute guys with a very cute song — what could go wrong? Just about everything. Clearly they didn’t discuss wardrobe the night before — one of them was under the impression they were being given a rock song while another thought they were forming a barbershop quartet. After three minutes, it’s way too repetitive for my liking.

Score: 5.5/10

Mikhail: “Long Way From Home” is typical cheesy boyband pop, but at least it’s enjoyable. Of course in the Lithuanian selection E.G.O. are like a light at the end of a tunnel, but ultimately they’re nothing special

Score: 5/10

E.G.O. - Long Way From Home

Luis: Pfft… cheese, cheese, cheeeeeese! They have energy, but the ’90s throwback is too much. The coordinated choreography, the lack of harmonies… I’m not feeling this at all!

Score: 2/10

Bernardo: Talk about cliché! The band may be young, but there’s nothing fresh about their performance. This would go completely unnoticed in Stockholm. They’re cute, I get it. But looks don’t win Eurovision, they just help.

Score: 5.5/10

E.G.O. LONG WAY FROM HOME Lithuania 2016 2

Angus: If B*Witched were Lithuanian, a boyband, millenial teenagers and tone deaf they’d be E.G.O. It’s really unfortunate that both lead vocals sound out of tune. Although, the boys pull it back in the harmonies. “Long Way Home” is funner than a lot of the songs in the competition. The country pop strings are a nice touch but this is just a bit middling.

Score: 5/10

Padraig: I’m willing to forgive all the boyband trappings. I’ll even pass over the questionable vocals. But the lyrics are criminal. “Long Way Home” sounds like the winner of a song-writing competition for primary school students. You know it’s bad when they have to throw in random brands (Chevrolet) just to fit their rhyming structure. Saying that, it’s tolerable, particularly if I zone out and even more so when I hit mute.

Score: 5.5/10

Our jury consists of 16 people, but we only have room for 10 written reviews. Here are the remaining 6 scores.

Josh: 3/10

Patrick: 6/10

Sinan: 6/10

Denise: 6/10

Judit: 5.5/10

Edd: 8.5/10


To reduce potential bias, we drop the highest and lowest scores prior to calculating the average. We removed a low of 0 and a high of 8.5.


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7 years ago

The guy on the left seems like he isn’t supposed to be there – he always seem to be double guessing his choreography and gurl, did you even sing a solo? This song is not giving me good boyband vibes, heck it isn’t even giving me mediocre boyband vibes! I can’t get behind this, it’s giving me UK 2010, 2012 and 2013 – just no.

Score: 2.5/10

7 years ago

I get Josh Dubovie vibes from this: old-fashioned song with somewhat cheesy lyrics and not-that-perfect vocals. I have to admit that it’s fun to listen to, but I don’t see it doing well in Stockholm. Their own songs sound a bit better IMO. 5/10 for me.