Prior to Saturday’s live show, SVT is slowly drip-feeding us details of the songs that will compete in the first semi-final in Gothenburg. Today they dropped the song lyrics, along with details of each act’s performances. Tomorrow we will have 30-second-long snippets of the songs and the performance, which we will share here on wiwibloggs. As for now, let’s check out the lyrics to the seven competing songs…

Samir Viktor Bada Nakna Lyrics Melodifestivalen 2016

Samir & Viktor with “Bada nakna”

Memorable lyrics: “Come and party with us here, you and I will go crazy, we shall swim naked at Sergel’s Square”

Last year Magnus Carlsson wanted to meet us in Old Town. This year Samir & Viktor are name-dropping another popular tourist attraction in Stockholm. Sadly we won’t actually see them skinny dipping on stage, as there are no special effects listed for the duo’s performance. But they will be joined by five dancers, who will no doubt thrust and jive, pop and lock.

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Pernilla Andersson Mitt guld Lyrics Melodifestivalen 2016

Pernilla Andersson with “Mitt guld”

Memorable lyrics: “I feel your breath on my skin, it must be what they call God”

Pernilla Andersson will bring a four-pieced band on stage with her, including harpist Stina Hellberg Agback. The only prop will be a painting by Pernilla. She will also bring her golden guitar with her as she croons about love with her smokey, sultry vocals and works the model-esque gap between her front two teeth.

Read the full “Mitt guld” lyrics

Mimi Werner Aint No Good Lyrics Melodifestivalen 2016

Mimi Werner with “Ain’t No Good”

Memorable lyrics: “My mama warned me, it ain’t no mystery, you’re gonna walk out that door”

Mimi Werner will bring five male dancers with her on stage, with choreography by the noted Daniel Koivunen. Mimi will also have a guitar. “Ain’t No Good” is sounding good to us so far!

Read the full “Ain’t No Good” lyrics

Albin Mattias Andreasson Rik Lyrics Melodifestivalen 2016 1 1

Albin & Mattias Andréasson with “Rik”

Memorable lyrics:They can take everything I own, it does nothing, for as long as I have you, I feel rich

As Albin and Mattias told wiwibloggs in a recent interview, their song argues that you don’t need money to be rich. Expect a special light show: not only do they have external lights shining on them, they also have lights worked into their choreography. LED jumpsuits, perhaps?!

Read the full “Rik” lyrics

Anna Book Himmel för två Lyrics Melodifestivalen 2016

Anna Book with “Himmel för två”

Memorable lyrics: “A rainbow reaches you in a heaven, made for two”

Anna Book will bust out the first wind machine of the year in her performance for “Himmel för två”. Anna will be joined by five dancers and lots of red and silver confetti. Vacuum cleaner needed after this one!

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Robin Bengtsson Constellation Prize Lyrics Melodifestivalen 2016

Robin Bengtsson with “Constellation Prize”

Memorable lyrics: “He hasn’t seen that you are beautiful, I’m breaking down the wall, you’re a star”

Robin Bengtsson will stand alone, with backing singers hidden behind the stage. He will play the harmonica Ulrik Munther -style.

Read the full “Constellation Prize ” lyrics

Ace Wilder Dont Worry Lyrics Melodifestivalen 2016

Ace Wilder with “Don’t Worry”

Memorable lyrics: “Just when you think it can’t get any worse, dressed as a clown you show up drunk and high in church”

The hot favourite of this semifinal, Ace Wilder gives us an upbeat, thoughtful and lyrically playful follow-up to “Busy Doin’ Nothin'”. She will have four dancers on stage with her. Expect energy, heavy electro beats and a ticket direct to the final!

Read the full “Don’t Worry” lyrics

Which of the semi-final one acts are you most excited for? Vote in our poll here!

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Photo: Janne Danielsson/SVT

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8 years ago

i know this is melodifestivalen’s tradition to tease us with the artists, lyrics, song titles and whatever but why can’t they be normal and just let us listen to the snippets? this is killing me!!

8 years ago

I really hope that Ace will represent Sweden this year! I loved her song in 2014!

8 years ago

Everyone with dancers? It sounds so easy. I am concerned because we do not have now 2005.

8 years ago

Why doesn’t Bjorkman just give us a word a day from each song, that would drag it out longer.

8 years ago

I heard recently that Charlotte Perelli is not longer a host in mello, for a reason I do not really understand.