Norwegian performance band The Hungry Hearts had one of the most memorable songs from 2016’s national final season. And now their fan favourite track “Laika” has been given five stonking remixes by Swedish producer SoundFactory.

The newly released Sound Factory Remixes EP offers five different versions of “Laika”, the Hungry Hearts’ tale of ill-fated lesbian love and a the pioneering Russian space dog.

While the original version of “Laika” proved a hit at the Euroclub and the #wiwijam, the remixes make the song even more of a dance-floor filler, ensuring it will be a Euroclub hit for many years to come.

The Hungry Hears and SoundFactory have also released the Orlando Mix of “Laika”, dedicated to those who lost their lives in the Orlando tragedy. The song features the altered lines “Streets of Orlando with my girlfriend, streets of Orlando with my boyfriend”, with the Hungry Hearts joined by male singers.

The group debuted this version during Oslo Pride, where they performed it at the Canadian Embassy’s Pride Garden Party.

The Hungry Hearts recently performed at Stockholm Pride, and their Instagram account reveals selfies with many of the ESC stars who also performed at the event, including Hovi Star and Barei.

The Hungry Hearts at #wiwijam


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6 years ago

It is not the worst song from the national selections this year. If you think so, You have forgotten about After dark :-p

Still think that a bad song remains bad, even with the remix. Doesn’t help much

In the 90s I think many pop / rock classics had bad rap / dance covers

6 years ago

I think this song is clever, fun and catchy. Still listening to it and loving it! Sit back grab a vodka and a sense of humour and dance!

6 years ago

Worst song of the NF season this year? Very possibly so in my opinion. Cheesy kitsch, just confirming all kinds of silly stereotypes people have of the contest. Trash!

With all respect for the Orlando victims of course. I am talking about the original version….before anyone gets drama queeny.