Latvian star Markus Riva is a familiar face to fans of Supernova. And it was no surprise this year when he turned up in the preliminary round with two songs: “This Time” and “I’ll Never Let You Go”.  “This Time” was the one that has made it to the Supernova heats, while “I’ll Never Let You Go” was marked return to sender. But the song had been given a new life.

The original moody backing track has been kept — including a few English vocal effects. But the lyrics have been changed, shifting it away from the slightly stalkery tone of “I’ll Never Let You Go” and making it more a sensual track about the mysteries of the night.

In Ukraine, the title is “Kudy nich zavede”, while the Russian version is “Kuda noch’ zavedot”. Both roughly mean “Where the night will guide”.

While Markus has released many singles in Latvian, Russian and English, it’s the first Ukraine release for the multilingual songsmith.

As he explained to Russian website Musecube, “I composed the song during my holiday in Turkey. That’s probably why there is such an unusual mood in it. First I wrote the lyrics in English, but later decided that it should be heard in other languages.”

Markus Riva – “Kuda noch’ zavedot” (Russian lyric video)

Both versions of the song come with a lyric video, each identical but for the lyrics themselves. And the video will be a treat for anyone who is a fan of Mr Riva’s face.

It features many still shots of Markus, wearing a black turtleneck sweater. He stares straight at the camera, serving his own brand of Latvian blue steel.

Markus Riva – “Kudy nich zavede” (Ukraine lyric video)

As well as the lyric videos, a full music video has been shot. It was shot late last year in Switzerland. The video co-stars the Russian beauty Galina Mirgaeva. She was recently crowned Miss Dukascopy 2017 — an annual beauty pageant run by a Swiss forex bank. The video is currently being edited, but will soon be released.

In the meantime, Markus also has his Supernova 2018 appearance coming up. The Supernova heats begin in early February and it’s there that Markus will perform his song “This Time”.

This marks the fourth consecutive appearance for Markus at Supernova. His best result was in 2015, where he placed second with his moody electronic song “Take Me Down”. The following year his entry “I Can” made it to the semi-final, while last year his song “Dynamite” was eliminated in the heats.

What do you think of the new versions of “I’ll Never Let You Go”? What other languages would you like to hear Markus Riva sing in? Leave your comments below!


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Daniil Bulanov
Daniil Bulanov
6 years ago

Actually, the better translation would be “Where the night will guide” or “Where the night will direct” without the question mark.

6 years ago
Reply to  Daniil Bulanov

Exactly. Actually, you provided correct variants, while translation in the article is wrong.