It’s the most wonderful time of year! With Eurovision 2019 season officially starting with the arrival of FiKmas, more national final news from around the continent is starting to roll in. Czech wonder Mikolas Josef spilt the tea earlier on his Instagram story about the upcoming national final in the Czech Republic, ESCZ 2019!

Mikolas let us know that there will be 8 songs competing, with more details about the artists. There will be 4 female solo singers, 3 males and a group. This means we’re getting 2 more songs than last year, and a lot more girl power! Last year there were just 2 women overall, compared to 3 male solo acts and an all-male group.

How is ESCZ 2019 going to work?

Earlier, we reported that nearly 300 entries had been submitted for the competition. Not bad for a country that got it’s first ever Top 10 finish this year, eh? The voting will begin in January when videos will be made available in the official Eurovision app. Viewers — both in the Czech Republic and internationally — will be able to listen to and vote on the competing songs. At the same time, an international jury will also assess and vote on the songs.

Only votes cast from the Czech Republic will be counted as part of the televote, however fan votes made from outside Czechia will count as one jury member and will contribute to the overall jury tally.

The votes will be tallied up and the winning act will be announced at the end of January.

Which artists do you want to see take on the challenge of ESCZ 2019? Do you think Mikolas Josef is involved, as a songwriter or behind the scenes? We can’t wait to hear even more, and will be glued to his Insta stories in case he’s dropping more gossip. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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5 years ago

Mikolas Josef is going to be one tough act to follow so all the 8 Czech finalists this season will have some pressure on them, I look forward to hearing the songs and I’m glad this format is being used again with very minor changes, what I’m curious about is if interest in Eurovision will be boosted across the Czech Republic considering their significantly low viewing figures this year despite earning their best result to date along with scoring televote points from all corners of Europe?

mikolas was first
mikolas was first
5 years ago
5 years ago

I’m sorry but The Backpack Kid did it in 2016 and Mikolas did it in 2018.