Next Saturday we’ll know their Eurovision 2019 act. But first Hungary needs to find its last four finalists during tonight’s A Dal Semi-Final 2. You decided who should make it through in our Wiwi poll.

Eurovision 2017 and Megasztár-contestant Joci Pápai collected the most votes from you. With a total of 220 votes and 33.33% he should easily qualify tonight… at least if it was up to you. Joci wants to represent his country only two years after his first try with Origo. Will Hungary send him again? Tonight we‘ll learn if the judges and televoters at least want to see him in the final.

The second-most votes with 20.15% go to Gergő Szekér. The X Factor 2018 star is beloved by many Hungarians and has a unique stage presence. Will his song with a mix of rapping, traditional elements and current pop influences make it to the final? He already slayed the jury vote in his heat.

There‘s a clear difference in popularity between Joci and Gergő and the remaining semi-finalists. With 71 votes and 10.76% of the total, metal band Fatal Error reached 3rd place in your ranking. Will Hungary send a rock song to Tel Aviv only one year after AWS? Fatal Error already managed to receive the most points in the heats out of all 30 participants.

Your borderline qualifier is 16-year old singer Bogi Nagy. She nabbed 66 votes, which is around 10%. Will her stripped-down presentation of Holnap be enough and give her a shot in next week’s final of A Dal?

2016 superfinalist Gergő Oláh made it into your top 5 which means he would not be part of the final, he received 8.18% of your votes.

Tímea Antal feat. Gergő Demko, rockers Nomad, Ruby Harlem and Mocsok 1 Kölykök round up the ranking.

Poll results: who should qualify from semi final 2?

  1. JOCI PÁPAI – “AZ ÉN APÁM”33.33% (220 VOTES)
  2. GERGŐ SZEKÉR – “MADÁR, REPÜLJ!”20.15% (133 VOTES)
  3. FATAL ERROR – “KULCS”10.76% (71 VOTES)
  4. BOGI NAGY – “HOLNAP”10%  (66 VOTES)
  7. NOMAD – “A REMÉNY HÍDJAI”3.64% (24 VOTES)
  8. RUBY HARLEM – “FORRÓ”3.64% (24 VOTES)

Last week YesYes and USNK, both some sort of fan favorites, were eliminated from the competition. Will favorites like Fatal Error and Joci Pápai make it through this time? It lies in the hands of the Hungarian people – and most especially four Hungarians: The jury will decide on the best three songs of the night. The fourth qualifier will be decided by 100% televote.

What do you think? Who should go on to represent Hungary this year in Israel? Let us know in the comments below.