After arriving in Tel Aviv on a Sunday, Romania’s Ester Peony took to the stage the following day to run through her first rehearsal of “On a Sunday”.

Ester served a haunted mansion dark fantasy and after her performance, William and Deban sat down with Ester and Alexandru Serbu, the co-author of “On a Sunday” who has an especially close relationship with Ester.

Ester Peony interview at Eurovision 2019

In her performance, Ester sits in a large red armchair and is serving black, gothic realness from head to toe. The LEDs transform the stage from an underwater sunken Atlantis to a dark and stormy forest before bursting into a fiery spectacle of shooting pyro. Despite the flashy staging, Ester Peony draws all the attention to herself.

Ester Peony has opened up about the meaning of “On a Sunday”, and how the song talks about redemption and moving on after a difficult time in her life. She’s come out the other end stronger and more in tune with herself.

“The song is about the sadness that I went through. And after I gained all the power and all the darkness blew away, only the Peony remains.”

For Ester, being fully immersed in her character is crucial to her performance.

“I try everyday to express my emotions – to be that character – because I think that is a trademark of an artist and this is all that matters.”

“No matter what the song is, be the character. That’s the artist you should be”.

Part of immersing herself into her ‘daughter of Dracula’ character is her makeup. Serving us face and undead vibes, Ester told us that she did it all herself. And while we agreed she killed it, she will be upping it for the live performance:

“I just did my make up myself, so it wasn’t quite right there, but everything will be so nice for the semi-final.”

What do you think of Ester Peony’s interview and her first rehearsal? Are you into the “Daughter of Dracula” vibes? Let us know in the comments below.

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5 years ago

Multi-talented Ester. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s rehearsal – livestream and official rehearsal video.

5 years ago

much ado