She’s the anti-crisis girl who made sure her performance of “Be My valentine (Anti-Crisis Girl)” at Eurovision 2009 would be one to remember. Since then, LOBODA’s career has only continued to grow, and 2019 saw her star continue to rise. Now, the Ukrainian signer has released her new album Sold Out.

LOBODA releases new album Sold Out

The album is full of electronic tracks that bridge the gap between pop and RnB. Indeed, the very first song of the LP, “Хиросима” (“Hiroshima”), sees LOBODA rapping with a mixture of auto-tune layered on top.

Sold Out also includes the previous single “В зоне риска” (“A risky situation”), released back in September. The song has a repetitive beat and chorus that the listener quickly picks up. Lyrically, LOBODA is telling a suitor that a relationship between them is too risky and would not work out: “If you’re talking about love, I don’t have much to say / I can see that you’re not ready…I’m right behind you but you’re not close to me / We’re in a risky situation, a risky situation”.

LOBODA – “В зоне риска” (Lyric Video)

However, Eurovision fans may be quick to note one of the other names on the tracklist – MARUV. Although the Vidbir 2019 winner does not feature vocally on any of the songs, she has provided a remix of LOBODA’s previous single “INSTADRAMA”.

MARUV’s remix keeps the same drama and suspense of the original, but adds in more background electronic effects and a stronger beat in the chorus. It’s a combination that many will recognise from her Vidbir entry “Siren Song”.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we get to hear a proper duet between these two Ukrainian superstars.

LOBODA – Sold Out (Full Album)

 LOBODA’s year of new music: 2019 in review

Sold Out comes after a jam-packed year of new musical releases from LOBODA. She’s gifted us with a number of standout songs and music videos. So here’s a look back at her 2019.


The Ukrainian star started off the year by releasing the music video for the original version of “INSTADRAMA”. As we’ve come to expect from LOBODA, the video is a visual treat for the eyes.  In it, we see the singer and her partner at various stages of their lives. Although this love started at a young age, things begin to turn darker as the pair get older.

Eventually, the Eurovision alum’s heart breaks as the couple split up (which naturally involves a car crash and open heart surgery): “We’ll remain friends / On instagram as a memento … I burn down to ashes / As I’m getting used to life without you”.

“Последний герой”

In March, our anti-crisis girl released “Последний герой” (“Last hero”). The song featured as the soundtrack for the latest season of the similarly titled TV show, which is the Russian version of the Survivor reality competition franchise. A dark and dramatic track, it opens with repeated horns that almost act as a warning of what’s to come.

Lyrically, LOBODA sings about overcoming adversity and what the contestants in the show are ultimately aiming for: “We’re the new heroes of this day / Our greatest stories are all about me / The sea is up to our knees, hold on tight / ‘Cause this is where real life begins”.


LOBODA’s main single of the year was “Пуля-Дура” (“Fool’s Bullet”). Centred around a recurring electric guitar riff, the track has relatively simple percussion instrumentation compared with the electronic sound that is incorporated into much of her back catalogue.  Nevertheless, the bridge features some strong guitar chords to add some dynamism to the song.

The lyrics see the Ukrainian star singing to a man who she fell in love with very deeply, but who later left her: “There’s such a void without you … Oooh, a fool’s bullet has struck my heart / And you’ve left me wounded and wasted”.

In the accompanying music video, we see the singer deal with this man in her own way. By which we mean transforming into a skeleton, having a pistol shootout and carrying his almost naked body to the beach before shooting him down with a rifle – simple.

“Живи спокойно, страна”

Later in the year, the Eurovision 2009 contestant released “Живи спокойно, страна” (“Live calmly, country”). It’s a cover of Alla Pugacheva’s 2003 hit of the same name. Eurovision fans may remember that Alla has been to the contest herself, and represented Russia in 1997.

It’s fair to say that LOBODA has truly made the track her own, as her version sounds nothing like the original. Gone are the accordions and male backing choir. Instead, LOBODA adds in contemporary production and a electronic dance beat.

Despite the 16-year gap between the two versions, the lyrics still ring true today as much as they did back then. The “Be My Valentine” hitmaker sings about having her every move noted by the media and being critiqued on everything she does. The star assures them to stay calm and let her live her life: “Yesterday on the front page again / Every newspaper has written about me / That I do not put myself in the right posture / That I sing in the wrong way … Live calmly, country / Like I am there is only one for you”.

“Мира мало”

At the start of December, LOBODA dropped the single “Мира мало” (“The world is not enough”). As with many of the Ukrainian star’s songs, there’s a dark and melancholic touch to the track. The song also has great pace and drive, with the chorus standing out amongst the verses, which keeps listeners engaged.

Lyrically, the song see’s LOBODA asking her mum for advice. The Eurovision alum has fallen in love with a man, but he has seemingly moved on without her: “I gave my soul to the wrong man / Oh mom, oh, what have I done? / He is not earthly, but I kept flying / Oh mom, oh I’m not brave anymore / Without him now the whole world is not enough for me”.

What do you think of LOBODA’s new album Sold Out? Which of the tracks she’s released this year is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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Wait is this not

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Her music videos are always visually effecting and they have stories. I like her songs too, especially dance-tracks.

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I love her music

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Is Svetlana really only 37? Wikipedia says she was born in 1982 which would make her 27 when she represented Ukraine in Moscow. I find that hard to believe?