Elisa Portugal Eurovision 2020 Medo de Sentir

Elisa was due to represent Portugal at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam with her song “Medo de Sentir”.

RTP selected Elisa through its traditional national selection Festival da Canção. The city of Elvas hosted the grand final. Elisa emerged victorious from a field of eight finalists, coming second with both the juries and the televote.

The sweet and endearing ballad, “Medo de Sentir” was written by Marta Carvalho, a composer invited to compete by the broadcaster.

And now we’ve compiled 10 facts with all you need to know about Elisa. Let’s do this!

Portugal at Eurovision 2020: 10 facts about Elisa

1. She was born in the autonomous island of Madeira

Elisa Silva was born in the island of Madeira in 1999 and has been serving middle of the Atlantic Ocean realness ever since. She is one of many talented individuals to come from one of Portugal’s autonomous regions. Remember 2008? Elisa follows in the footsteps of Eurovision 2008 Vânia Fernandes. Vânia channelled her inner lady of the sea to snatch that Festival da Canção crown and score Portugal one of its best results of the 21st century.

2. She won music festivals as a kid

Miss Silva’s taste for victory is not recent. She has been the star of several music festivals from a very young age. From the Pequenos Sóis Junior Music Festival to Madeira’s Junior Music Festival, she has been delighting audiences for years. Her trophy cabinet is weighed down with awards from these events.

3. She was on Portuguese Idol

Salvador Sobral (2017) did it, Cláudia Pascoal (2018) did it and Elisa did it. We guess being on Portuguese Idol is a rite of passage for many Portuguese Eurovision singers. At 15, Elisa tried her luck in the reality singing competition and was able to advance a couple of rounds. Alas, she got the chop just before the live shows.


4. She’s signed with Warner Music

It’s the dream of many artists to sign with a major record label. But only a few actually achieve it in the Iberian nation. Around the time Elisa was announced for Festival da Canção 2020, record label Warner Music signed her up. Warner also represents the songwriter of “Medo de Sentir”, Marta Carvalho. It’s a real show of confidence in Elisa’s future career.


5. She released the single “Entrega” on her birthday

Some were fazed by the Eurovision cancellation announcement but not Elisa. With the help of her label she has been working tirelessly to ride the wave of her Festival da Canção victory. “Entrega” serves as an introduction to her first album, expected to come out in the next couple of months. The single dropped on 7 May, just as Elisa turned 21.


6. She is the warm-up diva we deserve

Eurovision fans and press are used to seeing their favourite acts rehearsing or warming up before shows. Elisa was no different. Rocking her Festival da Canção semi-final outfit, she got us all hyped before the live show. Well…at least until she was interrupted.


7. She cried when she learned Eurovision 2020 was cancelled

In a popular talk show Elisa was vocal about the Eurovision 2020s cancellation. Despite being very proud to win in Portugal she added: “I follow Eurovision like I follow Festival da Canção. I cried when I got the news. I was really touched. My heart broke twice: as a Eurovision fan and as a contestant that should take part in the event.”

8. She released a touching acoustic version of “Medo de Sentir”

Prior to the grand final of Festival da Canção 2020, Elisa released a stripped-back version of the already tender ballad “Medo de Sentir”. This time around, composer Marta Carvalho joined for a sweet duet. It’s like being embraced for three minutes straight.


9. She’s focused on writing her own material

In the last couple of years, the Portuguese music scene has been serving up a lot of singer-songwriter talent. So, it is no surprise to see Elisa follow this route too. Apart from her clear vocal abilities, Elisa was always focused on writing her own material and maybe material for others. She’s a woman of many talents.

10. She is a fan of Jam Sessions 

Elisa’s first steps in the music industry as an adult occurred after she moved to Lisbon to continue her music studies. As a fan of Jam Sessions, Miss Silva attended several in small cafes and bars. That’s where she showcased her talent and met relevant names that helped shape her music style.

Eurovision 2021 update

Elisa confirmed on social media that she and Marta won’t be going to Eurovision 2021. As of now, there is no official confirmation from Portuguese broadcaster RTP. Festival da Canção is expected to return for its 2021 edition.

Are you sad Elisa won’t be coming back in 2021? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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