Four countries from the former Yugoslavia were set to participate at Eurovision 2020 – Slovenia, North Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia. These four nations would have served a variety of songs. There’s Balkan R’n’B-pop, power ballads, tango and more.

In April, we asked you to vote for your favourite of the four entries these countries from former Yugoslavia had selected for Eurovision 2020.

We counted a total of 2,329 votes and now we can reveal the result…

“Hasta La Vista” by Hurricane is your favourite Eurovision 2020 entry from former Yugoslavia

Taking the top spot in this poll by a big margin are Hurricane from Serbia. Their song “Hasta La Vista” scooped up the vast majority of the votes – 52.13% to be specific. That’s equivalent to 1,214 votes.

Formed of Eurovision 2016 alum Sanja Vučić, plus Ivana Nikolić and Ksenija Knežević, this fierce trio have caught the attention of many fans across Europe.

In the Wiwi Jury earlier this year, Oliver gave “Hasta La Vista” a perfect score of 10 and said:

“Known for their epic and traditional ballads, Hurricane is presenting a new facade of the Balkan republic’s music scene to the world, and it is such a treat to have it. “Hasta La Vista” is feisty, upbeat number with killer choreography and visuals. It is is a complete 180 from previous entries to the contest and could be the change Serbia needs to return to the top of the competition.”

The remaining results

Coming in a distant second place is Damir Kedžo from Croatia. His powerful Balkan ballad “Divlji Vjetre” received 431 votes, which is 18.51% of the total.

It was a very close battle for the bronze medal. In the end, third place goes to Vasil with his song “You”. The North Macedonian singer received 344 votes – that’s a 14.77% share of the vote.

Finally, finishing off this fabulous quartet is Slovenia’s Ana Soklič. Her power ballad “Voda” picked up 340 votes, which is equal to 14.59% of the vote.

Full results: Favourite former Yugoslav Eurovision 2020 entry

  1. Serbia: Hurricane – “Hasta La Vista”, 52.13% (1,214 votes)
  2. Croatia: Damir Kedžo – “Divlji Vjetre”, 18.51% (431 votes)
  3. North Macedonia: Vasil – “You”, 14.77% (344 votes)
  4. Slovenia: Ana Soklič – “Voda”, 14.59% (340 votes)

Total Votes: 2,329

What are you thoughts on these results? How do you think these acts from former Yugoslavia would have done at Eurovision 2020? Sound off in the comments below!

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1 year ago

When I saw snippet from their performance on saturday in Shine a Light I thought OMG. It’s not in good way.

1 year ago

What a Divas

1 year ago

I mean… <3