The Eurovision 2020 season may have officially come to a close, but the music will always continue. A number of past Eurovision artists are thankfully still producing new music for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2020 | Week 20

For our separate roundup of the new songs released this week by Eurovision 2020 artists – Roxen, The Mamas, Ben & Tan, James Newman and Athena Manoukian – click below.

Netta – “Cuckoo”

During Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light, Eurovision 2018 winner Netta premiered her new song “Cuckoo”. For her performance on the show, the Israeli star was only accompanied by a music box. The studio version of the track has extra production added to it, but the sentiment behind the song remains the same. Speaking by video link to host Chantal Janzen on Saturday, Netta explained what the song means to her:

““Cuckoo” is very special to me. I wrote it about half a year ago with Krysta Youngs. “Cuckoo” is about doubt. It’s about being caged in a perception of what people think you need, which isn’t what you really want. Then you’re just going cuckoo in your head. I would like to support mental awareness at this time. I’d like people to know that they’re not alone and I love you.”

Mahmood and Massimo Pericolo – “Moonlight Popolare”

Italy has been scratching at the Eurovision trophy for a number of years, and they came close once again in 2019 when Mahmood finished in second place. The star has now released the new song “Moonlight popolare” (“Public moonlight”). Teaming up with fellow Italian rapper Massimo Pericolo, the track sees Mahmood discussing his journey from a council house to the top of the charts. Taking to Instagram, the Italian star said:

“Since I was a child I have always had big dreams, with the certainty that some of these were too big for one in southern Milan. I was never afraid to tell what I saw from my bedroom window, but after all I understood that the moon can be looked at well even from a council house. I am overjoyed to have collaborated with Vane who I consider one of the best new rappers on the scene.”

Duncan Laurence – “Someone Else”

Reigning Eurovision champion Duncan Laurence continues to slay his way through the international music scene with the release of his debut EP Worlds On Fire and new single “Someone Else”. “Someone Else” is a contemporary indie-pop track that explores the emotions people go through when reminiscing about past relationships.

Worlds On Fire features five tracks in total, including his Eurovision winning song “Arcade” and sophomore single “Love Don’t Hate It”. The EP also includes two other brand-new songs, “Beautiful” and “Yet”. Read more about the EP here. (Rezo)

Iveta Mukuchyan – “Bambasanq”

Iveta Mukuchyan remains the last Armenian act to reach the top ten at Eurovision after she competed in the 2016 contest. The star recently released the new single “Bambasanq”. It’s an uptempo track that mixes an ethnic-style rhythm with electronic instrumentation. Mukuchyan throws out a rap verse three quarters of the way through the track to add extra dynamism.

If you want more from Iveta, she’s also released a video for the ballad “Yerkar garun” (“Long Spring”). The track is dedicated to all medical workers that have been helping care for people with COVID-19.

JS16 and Stella Mwangi – “In The Spot”

In 2011, Stella Mwangi brought her Kenyan heritage to the Eurovision stage, representing Norway with “Haba Haba”. The star has since grounded herself as a fierce rap-R’n’B artist. For her latest song, “In The Spot”, Mwangi has collaborated with Finnish DJ JS16. A pure club banger, this is a song that is ready made for the dance floor. Stella lays down her slick verses before the post-chorus drop takes the party to the next level.

KEiiNO – Okta

They’re the Norwegian-Sámi trio that became the people’s champions after winning the televote at Eurovision 2019. And now, KEiiNO – that’s Fred Buljo, Alexandra Rotan and Tom Hugo – have topped off a stellar year with the release of their debut album OKTA. The LP features a total of ten songs. Those who have been following KEiiNO’s post-Eurovision discography will recognise previous singles “Black Leather”“Would I Lie”“Dancing In The Smoke”“Praying” and “Colours”. But, there’s also four brand-new tracks for fans to sink their teeth into. Read more about the album here. (Tom)

Ilse DeLange – Changes

Dutch Eurovision silver medallist Ilse DeLange appeared on Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light to sing Germany’s Eurovision 1982 winning song “Ein Bisschen Frieden” alongside Michael Schulte. This week also saw The Common Linnets member release her new album Changes. A short LP, there are eight songs in total, including previous title single “Changes” and her other collaboration with German Eurovision 2018 act Michael Schulte “Wrong Direction”.

SuRie – Rye

SuRie represented the UK at Eurovision 2018. Despite her twenty-fourth place finish, the singer-songwriter has remained a well-loved member of the Eurovision community thanks to her witty personality and vocal talent. She’s now released the new EP Rye. A collection of five songs, it includes a cover of Norway’s Eurovision 2014 entry “Silent Storm”, which SuRie has previously stated is one of her favourite Eurovision songs of all time. All the songs are piano-driven ballads that let the British star shine in her element.

Douwe Bob – “What A Wonderful World”

In 2016, Douwe Bob stopped time as part of his Eurovision stage show. Now, the Dutch singer has released a cover of “What A Wonderful World”, originally performed by Louis Armstrong. Keeping things simple with just an acoustic guitar accompanying Douwe, the star lets the emotion of the song come to the forefront. The accompanying music video sees Douwe contemplating things at home and as he strolls along the beach.

Kállay Saunders and anatu – “Promise”

Hungary’s Eurovision 2014 star Kállay Saunders has given his fans a trilogy of songs over recent weeks. Following on from “f*** yo girl and “Light On”, the final track in the trio, “Promise”, dropped this week. A slow R‘n’B track produced by anatu, the song sees Saunders promising his loved one that he’ll always be there for her. The music video features the duo hanging out and playing basketball. At the end, there’s a tease for the Hungarian singer’s next new single “Generous”.

Gromee – “Another Day”

Gromee got Europe dancing at Eurovision 2018. Now, the Polish DJ has released the new single “Another Day”. An upbeat dance track, the song is geared towards getting you up on your feet and bopping along. Gromee revealed more about the origins of the song on Instagram:

“Another Day – a song I wrote a year ago especially for the intros of scenes at [Sunrise Festival]. Now, due to the difficult time and postponing many events and festivals for the next year, including Sunrise, I decided to return to the song, introduced light changes, recorded the vocals and officially … it is! so that we can devote ourselves to memories and think positively about the future.”

ByeAlex és a Slepp – “Feküdj ide”

Hungary sent ByeAlex to represent them at Eurovision 2013, and he managed to secure the country a tenth-place finish. Now going by the name ByeAlex és a Slepp to represent the band that accompany him, he’s released the new song “Feküdj ide” (“Lie down here”). There’s a recurring guitar rhythm that underlines the entire 2:36 minutes, with hip-hop beats added in at points. The accompanying music video is shot in black and white. It sees ByeAlex contemplating things in his apartment as a storm brews outside.

Getter Jaani – “Mitu Mind”

For non-Eurovision Eurovision fans, one of the most iconic songs from the contest is “Rockefeller Street” (or at least the nightcore version, which has repeatedly gone viral on social media sites). The song was originally performed by Estonia’s Getter Jaani at Eurovision 2011. The star recently dropped the new single “Mitu Mind” (“Several of Me”), which is devoted to her daughter. The two of them star in the music video together, while the lyrics are about how Jaani sees herself in her daughter: “When I look at you, I see several of me / If you look at me, you will see several of you / And I will open your eyes / And you are reflected in my eyes”.

Jim Bakkum and Glennis Grace – “Ik Kijk Naar Jou”

Glennis Grace competed at Eurovision 2005 and later appeared on America’s Got Talent. The Dutch star has now teamed up with Jim Bakkum for the song “Ik Kijk Naar Jou” (“I’m Looking At You”). The song is written for Jayme, a baby in the Dutch city of Rijswijk who has SMA type 1 – a condition where a piece of Jayme’s DNA is missing so that muscle begins to deteriorate. Grace and Bakkum hope to raise awareness of a fundraiser campaign that will help secure the 1.9 million euros needed to supply Jayme with the drug needed to help his condition (the drug is currently not available in Europe).

Magdalena Tul and Christopher Hand – “Empty Town”

Magdalena Tul was Poland’s representative at Eurovision 2011. Like many artists, she has been inspired to write a song about the current coronavirus lockdown. But, unable to get to a recording studio, Tul has brought her twelve-year-old son Christopher Hand (who has been beginning to produce his own music) on board to help with the production. The track is a piano-driven ballad with added percussion beats in the chorus. Tul reveals more about the track in the music video’s description:

“The idea for “Empty Town” came up during my bicycle trip for the last possible recording when the pandemic stared to take over. To see an empty town on TV and to feel its atmosphere being in the centre of it are two totally different stories. Empty streets, bustling with life so far. The horror of people you pass. … It all made me want to capture the emotions in a song and a picture. … We give you “Empty Town”, hoping that the whole situation will be over soon and we’ll return to ‘normality’. However, I’d like us to think to what kind of ‘normality’ we want to come back and who we want to be in it. Peace & love.”

Elodie – “Guaranà”

Sanremo is always a tough competition and there are regularly many fan favourites. This year, Elodie captured the hearts of many fans in her second appearance at the contest. Now, the Italian star has released the new song “Guaranà”. It’s a catchy offering, with the electronic beats and flute flourishes providing an almost tropical vibe. The music video features Elodie enjoying life by the coast.

Felix Sandman – “Don’t Look Back In Anger”

Felix Sandman has competed three times at Melodifestivalen – once as part of FO&O, and twice as a solo artist. The Swedish singer’s new single is “Don’t Look Back In Anger”, a cover of the original song by British band Oasis. The accompanying music video is full of colour and various green-screen effects.

Aitana and Reik – “Enemigos”

Since placing second in Spain’s Eurovision 2018 national final, Aitana has skyrocketed to superstardom with multiple platinum-selling tracks in her repertoire. The Spanish star has now released the new percussion-driven Latin-pop single “Enemigos” (“Enemies”) alongside Mexican pop-rock band Reik. In the accompanying music video, Aitana and Reik are shown in cartoon form. A musical superhero, Aitana comes down to Earth to bring music back to the people after an antagonist cursed all musical instruments.

Omar Rudberg – “Jag e nån annan”

Another former member of FO&O, Omar Rudberg also competed as a solo artist at Melodifestivalen in 2019. He’s now dropped the new single “Jag e nån annan” (“I am another person”). A mid-tempo pop track with simple production, the music video sees Rudberg dancing underneath a crystal blue sky.

Max Barskih – “По секрету”

Max Barskih finished as the runner-up in Ukraine’s national final for Eurovision 2012. He’s since gone on to have a very successful career in his home country and the surrounding region. The star’s latest song is “По секрету” (“In secret”), the fourth single from his upcoming sixth studio album 1990. The accompanying music video was shot in Los Angeles, with Barskih noting in the description that he wanted it to recognise female beauty as the highest power of nature:

“I wanted to create a portrait of a modern woman with a song and a clip, emphasise her versatility, diversity: from a young seductive Lolita to a bright fury.”

Which song is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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Melanie Trump
Melanie Trump
3 years ago

As someone who enjoys the contest, more for the competition element than the songs themselves (only since 2015 have I thought the songs in the top 10 were decent and I cringe at all the competitions b4 2015), I’ve never listened to any of the song or followed the artists after the competition because they were not my taste at all. To be fair, more eurovision acts are pretty generic when it comes to music and there’s only a select few which different and unique (Netta, Loreen, Lordi, Salvadore). However Mahmood changed this for me, he is so talented, his… Read more »

3 years ago

Mahmood and Duncan are showing clearly why they were miles ahead of their competition last year. They both offer interesting songs, loyal to their respective styles and a showcase of their talent.

3 years ago

There is something very wrong about the title of this artical. You didn’t put the latest winner in it. That’s an abomination!

Hatrið mun sigra
Hatrið mun sigra
3 years ago

You forgot to mention the beautiful german verses in Ivetas Song “Scheiße, ich komm nicht klar “ (shit, I can’t get along with this) and “Ich fass mir an den Kopf, weil ich nichts mehr versteh (I touch my head cause I dont understand anything anymore).
Very beautiful haha

3 years ago

I’ ve listened to Moonlight Popolare by Mahmood and Pericolo.
Mahmood serves quality as he always does, with a song very innovative and different from his other songs.

3 years ago

For me, Netta’s performance of “Cuckoo” was a real showstopper yesterday. Simple, yet incredibly effective.

Emil Mortensen
Emil Mortensen
3 years ago

What about Ben & Tan-Summer Nights. Is That just a song That doesn’t exist or What???