Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for national finals to start once again. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2020 | Week 26

Salvador Sobral and Alma Nuestra – Alma Nuestra

Eurovision 2017 champion Salvador Sobral has spent 2020 working on his new musical project Alma Nuestra. In addition to Sobral, the quartet also includes Cuban pianist Victor Zamora, double bassist Nelson Cascais and drummer André Sousa Machado. The four musicians have come together to re-imagine a number of Latin-American songs with their own jazz flavour. The band’s self-titled debut album has now been released. It features nine tracks in total, including previous singles “Tú me acostumbraste” and “Tú mi delirio”.

Madame Monsieur – Tandem

After weeks of teasing, French duo Madame Monsieur have finally released their third studio album Tandem. Following on from the Eurovision 2018 act’s first LP, which bears the same name, Tandem includes 25 songs, all of which feature at least one other artist. This includes a couple of other French Eurovision alumni – both Amir (2016) and Bilal (2019) are featured on the LP. Previous singles “Bandido”, “Comme un homme”, “Comme un voleur”, “Terre inconnue” and “Comment ça va” are all included on the track list.

Victor Crone – “Yes, I Will Wait”

Victor Crone represented Estonia at Eurovision 2019. He subsequently competed at Melodifestivalen 2020 earlier this year, which was his second appearance at the contest. Now, the Swedish singer has released his new song “Yes, I Will Wait”. Sonically, it continues where Crone’s previous efforts left off, and is another instant earworm. Lyrically though, “Yes, I Will Wait” finally sees the star move away from weather-related songs. Instead, Crone proclaims that he intends to wait for his loved one to return to him: “Yes, I will wait / For 1000 nights / And 1000 more / Until I reach that day … Wanna feel your grace shining over me”.

Guy Sebastian – “Standing With You”

Amongst a number of accolades over the course of his career, Guy Sebastian can also claim the title of being Australia’s first ever Eurovision representative in 2015. Now, the star has dropped his new single “Standing With You”. A passionate ballad, Guy sings about always being there for the people that you love. The Australian singer’s feelings are carried into the music video, where he performs the song in an abandoned warehouse. Guy spoke more about the song’s meaning under the current global climate on Instagram:

“It’s a crazy time in the world, which is why it’s more important than ever to check in on the ones you love… it’s not always about having the right thing to say, but showing them that you are there, standing with them in solidarity.”

Kameleon (feat. Stella Mwangi) – “Candy Crush”

Stella Mwangi took to the Eurovision stage in 2011 for Norway. She’s now featured on the new single “Candy Crush” by fellow Norwegian artist Kameleon. It’s an urban hip-hop track, with both Mwangi and Kameleon delivering a mixture of rapping and singing – Mwangi provides vocals for the second verse and chorus. The track is named after the successful mobile game. No doubt the Norwegian duo will be hoping that people play this song on repeat just as much.

Nina Kraljić – “Snaga”

Nina Kraljić shone bright like a lighthouse at Eurovision 2016, taking Croatia back to the grand final for the first time since 2009. And now, Kraljić has released her new song “Snaga” (“Strength”). Indeed, the Croatian star shows off the strength of her vocals with the ballad. Speaking about the meaning of the song on Instagram, Kraljić noted:

“The song is powerful, strong and direct and reminds us of the power of a woman who is not afraid to directly express what she feels or wants. … We lack direct honesty nowadays. The more we have, the more we get lost and it just disappears.”

Natasha St-Pier (feat. Thomas Pouzin) – “Mon coeur sera ton coeur”

Since competing at Eurovision in 2001, Natasha St-Pier has started a family with the birth of her son Bixente Maxime. The French star’s newest single “Mon coeur sera ton coeur” (“My heart will be your heart”) is dedicated to Bixente. The accompanying music video includes a series of clips of mother and son, including a number where St-Pier sings the song to Bixente while she holds him in his arms. Also featuring vocals from French singer Thomas Pouzin, the song will be included on St-Pier’s upcoming new album Croire, set for release on 14 August.

Laka – “Pubertet”

They’re the quirky siblings that represented Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2008 with an on-stage aesthetic that included a clothesline and four knitting brides. Laka and Mirela Laković remain just as eccentric over ten years later, as evidenced in their latest single “Pubertet” (Puberty). According to Nezavisne, the song “speaks of the first infatuation we usually experience at puberty, when love overwhelms us so uncontrollably and strongly that we can barely breathe”. (Padraig)

Alyona Lanskaya and Aleksey Rom – “Долгожданная моя”

Belarus’ Eurovision 2013 singer Alyona Lanskaya teams up with Aleksey Rom for a timely duet, which translates to “My Long-Awaited” in English. The “Solayah” hitmaker explains the track’s meaning on Instagram: “At all times, music unites people. It helps to go through any trials and not lose optimism… Let our duet remind you once again how important it is to say words of love to each other. Let there always be more of those long-awaited moments in your life, from which the body is covered with goosebumps. Let this song inspire you to open your heart and let love, peace and harmony into it”. (Padraig)

Eleftheria Eleftheriou (feat. Koki) – “Calm Down”

Greece’s 2012 singer brings together hip hop, Latin and electronic influences on “Calm Down”, a collaboration with Koki. Much of the local coverage has focused on the apparently hot and steamy Greek-language lyrics. And while many may not speak the lingo, the sensual vibes are communicated loud and clear through Eleftheria Eleftheriou’s sensual delivery and the sexy music video. (Padraig)

Klára Vytisková (feat. Lake Malawi) – “Gold”

Lake Malawi continued the Czech Republic’s Eurovision renaissance in 2019. The band have now collaborated with fellow Czech star Klára Vytisková on the new song “Gold”. Slower than much of Lake Malawi’s own previous discography, the song is a piano-driven ballad. Albert Černý – Lake Malawi’s vocalist – sings alongside Vytisková about the regret of pushing someone away that you deeply love: “Why’d you have to go / Love is the power / I couldn’t love you anymore / Lovin’ you is gold”.

Robin Bengtsson – “I Don’t Wanna Be”

Sweden selected Robin Bengtsson for Eurovision 2017, where he delivered the country another top five finish. Now, the star has released the new song “I Don’t Wanna Be”. It’s an acoustic cover of the song originally performed by American singer Gavin DeGraw in 2004. Accompanied by a guitar and percussion, Bengtsson’s version of the track softens things up a bit compared to the original. Fans of early 2000s teen dramas will recognise it as the theme tune to One Tree Hill.

Kate Ryan – “Holiday”

She’s the pop diva that represented Belgium at Eurovision 2006. And now Kate Ryan is drawing inspiration from another icon — Madonna. The Belgian’s new single is a cover of the Queen of Pop’s 1983 classic “Holiday”. “It’s time for the good times, forget about the bad times. It’s time to come together, to release the pressure. We need a holiday”, writes Kate on Facebook. (Padraig)

Kati Wolf – “Egynyári”

Hungary’s Eurovision 2011 singer Kati Wolf has recently released the new single “Egynyári” (Annual), her first single since reaching the semi-final of A Dal 2020. It’s an uptempo, rocky number with a big band feel. The lyrics tell the tale of a pair who keep bumping into each other time after time. Wolf wonders if this is just by chance or whether there’s something more. (Padraig)

Elena Ionescu – “Noapte Alba”

Elena Ionescu was the lead singer of Mandinga when the group represented Romania at Eurovision 2012. Leaving the band in 2016, Ionescu has charted a solo career since then. The star recently won the first season of adventure reality game show Survivor România. Two days after her victory, Ionescu dropped the new single “Noapte Alba” (“Sleepless Night”). It’s a laid-back track with an overarching summery feel.

Anis Don Demina (feat. Dotter) – “Temperatur”

Anis Don Demina and Dotter were two of the big standouts of this year’s Melodifestivalen. The two stars have now joined forces and are turning up the heat for the new song “Temperatur” (“Temperature”). It’s fun, upbeat and a great tune to enjoy while out in the summer sun. The Swedish stars sing about helping one another move forward in life despite what others may throw at you: “When everything feels too big / Breathe, breathe / And thank life for you / We oppose, we have each other, each other / We raise our temperature”.

IRAMA – “Mediterranea”

RAI says it’s the song that’s dominating the Italian summer. And the figures don’t lie — IRAMA’s “Mediterranea” is currently sitting at number two in the charts after spending three weeks at number one. And in just a few weeks it has racked up millions of hits on streaming platforms like YouTube and Spotify. RAI explains the video concept — “it tells of a fantastic universe. And it stems from the desire to tell stories”. IRAMA previously finished seventh at Sanremo 2019 with “La ragazza col cuore di latta”. (Padraig)

Lisa Ajax – “Fantasi”

Three-time Melfest finalist Lisa Ajax has recently switched to releasing Swedish-language songs. Her second one is “Fantasi” (“Fantasy”), which is a cover of the song originally performed by Swedish electronic music group Freestyle in 1981 (17 years before Ajax was even born). Ajax’s version of the song is a true summer bop with a nostalgic disco sound that would definitely sit well on many a playlist.

Takagi & Ketra and Elodie – “Ciclone”

Elodie was a fan favourite when competing at Sanremo for the second time earlier this year with the song “Andromeda”. The Italian star has now released “Ciclone” (“Cyclone”) alongside music producers Takagi & Ketra. Underlined by a consistent hand-clap flamenco-style beat, the song has nice drive and easily gets the listener’s foot tapping along. A big collaborative effort, the song also features Mariah, plus Nicolás Reyes and Tonino Baliardo from Gipsy Kings (best known for worldwide hit “Bamboléo”).

Klara Hammarström – “Oh My Oh My”

‘Tis the season of summery tunes, and Sweden’s Klara Hammarström has dropped one of her own. Despite failing to qualify from her Melfest 2020 semi-final, the star is putting her best foot forward with the release of “Oh My Oh My”. While the song is lavished with Swedish pop production, there are also elements of more Balkan/Mediterranean styles – particularly thanks to the subtle trumpet melody.

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Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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3 years ago

Well done to Salvador! The album is very nice as usual, but here is correction to be done. This is not a new band; it is a side project in addition to his main solo carrear. He has been touring with these boys for two years already and now they decided to release the songs in album. He indeed used the past months to compose new songs for his upcoming new solo album, but Alma Nuestra is just one of his side projects.

Revol Cisum
Revol Cisum
3 years ago

I was hoping to see Ilinca’ s new song here!! A very good song and a great vibe through it. I must say, I’m disapointed…

Last edited 3 years ago by Revol Cisum
3 years ago

Klara Hammarstrom’s song is really catchy!

3 years ago

I’m glad you remembered to put Helena Ionescu’s new song “Noapte Alba”. the song with the sounds that recall the summer. I hope that this song will also arrive in Italian and European radio. I saw that you also posted the Italian songs of irama and that Elodi . their two did not participate in the Eurovision at the Sanremo festival (the Italian song festival)

3 years ago

Nina K. needs to come back!

3 years ago

So if Bosnia returns, I want Laka back this song is great, really unique and something that we haven’t seen from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Emil Mortensen
Emil Mortensen
3 years ago

Why is Leonora & Turquise not included here like WTF????