New Music Eurovision July 2020

Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for national finals to start once again. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2020 | Week 28 Part 1

Dima Bilan – “Химия”

Dima Bilan’s latest single from his recent LP is “Khimiya” (Chemistry). The catchy contemporary number sticks to Bilan’s trademark style. But it’s the music video that the Eurovision 2008 winner is most eager to share. That’s because it’s shot to mimic videos from the popular TikTok app. And it actually utilises clips created by fans. The Russian explains all on Instagram — “A unique concept that we implemented with @the_xo_team! SO in the world no one has yet done! The screen is divided into three parts #tiktok and an action takes place in each frame! Personally, I watched the clip several times to see everything!) Watch, enjoy, take our challenge in #TikTok from me and your favorite characters who took part in the filming of the clip”.

Nek – “Ssshh!!!”

He’s the Sanremo veteran who narrowly lost out to Il Volo in 2015. Now, one year on from his 2019 stint in the festival, Nek has dropped “Ssshh!!!”.  He explains the sentiment behind the upbeat rocky number on Instagram: “We often talk too much and inappropriately. Often it would be better not to talk and leave room for emotions. You too can try to leave room for silence: after all, the finer things in life need no explanation!”.

Viki Gabor – “Forever And A Night”

She’s the young popstar that brought Poland its second consecutive Junior Eurovision victory last November. And despite her years, Viki Gabor has quickly become a prolific dropper of hits. “Forever And A Night” is her fourth single since January. As with much of Viki’s output, this is also in English. It also comes complete with a slick music video recorded in L.A. and lots of hype — the music video is already well on its way towards half a million views on YouTube.

Yll Limani – “I kom kall”

Yll Limani finished third at Festivali i Këngës 55 in 2016. Since then, he’s gone on to achieve a number of top charting songs. His latest release is “I kom kall”, which mixes R’n’B and pop. Lyrically, Limani questions why his loved one is not with him: “O, where are you going or are you coming /
Did you forget to take me?”. This is visualised in the music video, where the Kosovo-Albanian star is upset when his partner is unable to meet up with him at the bar. He ends up going home and setting fire to his house, with the fire brigade called to help put it out. But, Limani’s partner just happens to be a firefighter herself. (Jonathan)

Dilara Kazimova – “Dəb elə mənəm”

She’s the singer who plaintively sang “Start A Fire” at Eurovision 2014. But Dilara’s Kazimova’s latest single has far more swag. “Dəb elə mənəm” roughly translates to “Fashion Is Me”, and is accompanied by a lyric video that’s rife with high-end brands — Vogue, Gucci and Channel all make an appearance. The Azerbaijan singer also takes the opportunity to don numerous couture looks.

Franka – “Prvi osjećaj”

At Eurovision 2018 she kept things classy with the stripped-back “Crazy”. Now though, Franka is returning to her popstar roots with “Prvi osjećaj” (First Feeling). “IT’S SHOWTIME”, she announced on Instagram upon the music video’s release. And a show is exactly what Franka gives us. The glitzy video coupled with infectious pop beats is like a siren call to the dance floor. In this summer of gloom, the Croatian hitmaker urges us to embrace the rhythm and move.

María Isabel and Juan Magán – “Esa Carita”

Spain’s Junior Eurovision 2004 winner María Isabel teams up with fellow countryman Juan Magán for her new single “Esa Carita” (“That Face”). Upon announcing the collaboration, Isabel made an enthusiastic Instagram post: “For me it is a pleasure and pride to make music with an artist who has behind him a musical career of many years and many successes! It is made with a lot of love and we know that you are going to give it the same!” The accompanying music video features clips of the two Spanish stars singing and dancing in a diner. (Jonathan)

Carla – “L’autre moi”

She brought France yet another top-five finish at Junior Eurovision 2019. Now, after enjoying viral success on TikTok with “Bim Bam Toi”, Carla has dropped the music video for “L’autre moi” (The Other Me) — the title track from her debut album. The bubbly pop number is every bit as joyous as her JESC effort.

Assol – “За тобой”

Despite topping the jury vote in her Vidbir 2020 semi, Assol proved to be a shock non-qualifier once the public vote was added to the mix. For her latest release, “Za toboy” (For You), the Ukrainian moves away from the brash horns of “Save It”, embracing a more chilled out vibe instead. “Love is a religion. Love is oxygen. Without it, we cannot breathe, but we can also suffocate from love. Unhappy love has happened to each of us in life and, most often, it’s easier to bear this pain with the help of music. The track “For You” will allow my audience to think and find harmony, and for the part of the audience who are already lucky to find reciprocity – just enjoy the music”, she says.

Wiktoria – “ME”

She’s the three-time Melfest favourite who’s never afraid to experiment with genres. From country bops to power ballads, Wiktoria’s repertoire is nothing if not eclectic. “ME” — her third single of 2020 — possesses a modern pop and R&B sound. “I’ve been in love with this song ever since me, @anielaofficial and @danshovding wrote it in November”, says the excited “Save Me” songstress on Instagram. Wiktoria will perform the new track on the 10 August episode of Lotta på Liseberg.

Lea Sirk “Move It On”

She sang in Slovenian at Eurovision 2018. But for her latest effort, Lea Sirk is going bilingual. She’s released two versions of her new single — “Move It On” and “V Krogu”. On her decision to sing her summery bop in two languages, Lea writes: “Well,.. you always write why I don’t do songs in English.. and the rest of why I even have songs in English because it always sounds better in Slovenian. And now challenges in both languages :)”.

Jessica Andersson – “Serenity”

Swedish star Jessica Andersson competed at Eurovision 2003 as part of the duo Fame. Her latest solo release is “Serenity”. It’s an upbeat track with a sprinkling of disco in the production. In the lyrics, Andersson states that she’s not going to let people’s opinions get to her. Instead, she’s gong to keep pushing forward in a calm and untroubled fashion. (Jonathan)

Gromee feat. Ania Dąbrowska & Abradab – “Powiedz mi (kto w tych oczach mieszka)”

In 2019, Gromee released “Love Me Now”, an English-language dance track with Wurld and Devvon Terrell. One year on, the Eurovision 2018 DJ has recruited Ania Dąbrowska and Abradab to record a Polish version of the track — “Powiedz mi (kto w tych oczach mieszka)”. Speaking of his collaborators, Gromee says that Ania is “one of the greatest Polish artists” while Abradab is a “legend of the Polish scene”.

Etibar Asadli feat. Dihaj – “Gel Canim”

Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2017 performer Dihaj has teamed up with Etibar Asadli for “Gel Canim”. The stark song’s concept is explained as: “When the moment of death comes, all you need is to take the fight and struggle for your life: even if it takes all your will to win, squib and tumble. You call to inner self “Come on, little pal, we still got to get ball bouncing”. And then you get it: you’re done – it is time to finish, your time came to end. You see yourself defeated. You hear the scream from far away – but it is you who shout as end of the story. End it peacefully with the greatest hopes of metamorphosis (rebirth)”.

Litesound – “Мы героі” (We Are The Heroes) – Belarusian version

They represented Belarus at Eurovision 2012 with “We Are The Heroes”. Now, eight years later, Litesound have released a Belarusian version of their track from Baku. “The song has repeatedly become the anthem of various societies and charities, sports events, sounded as a soundtrack on television projects. This summer, when no one is indifferent to what is happening, the song “We Are The Heroes”, dedicated to people who do not give up, sounds more piercing than ever. Litesound is proud to present this track to you in their native language”, writes the band.

Sondrey – “Real Me”

He was one of the pre-qualified finalists for Norway’s revamped Melodi Grand Prix 2020. And following the uptempo “Take My Time”, Sondrey gives us the mellower “Real Me”. The R&B crooner says that “Real Me” is “a special song to me that shows you some of the more vulnerable parts of my past”.

Doinita Gherman – “Aphrodisiac”

She’s taken part in Moldova’s national selection multiple times, including with “Irresistible” in 2016. And for “Aphrodisiac” the English version of her Romanian-language single “Afrodiziac”, Doinita Gherman reunites with the songwriting team behind much of her national final efforts — Ylva and Linda Persson. The summery music video was shot on the Greek island of Thassos.

June The Girl – “Fresh Air”

She was a firm favourite to take the title during the 2018 season of France’s Destination Eurovision. And yet June The Girl didn’t even make it out of the semi-final. No matter, the chanteuse continues to make enchanting chansons like “Fresh Air”. She writes on Instagram that the song is about putting demons aside after the madness of confinement. “Maybe it’s summer, the sun, the heat that acts on my mind, makes me more positive and … smiling”, she says.

Laila Samuels – “Hjemme er best”

She’s the singer-songwriter that reached the gold final of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix in 2016 with “Afterglow”. For her latest release, Laila Samuels takes us in a different direction. “Hjemme er best” (Home Is Best) is a Norwegian-language ode to the longings for home. In the music video, Laila plays an astronaut, who presumably has seen all kinds of wondrous sights during her trips to space. Yet she remains fascinated by something as simple as berries on a tree.

DEEP ZONE Project fеat. Lil Sha – “Chiki Na Na”

They’re the “DJ, Take Me Away” hitmakers who almost took Bulgaria to the grand final in 2008. The dance group has undergone some lineup changes since Belgrade, but they still continue to release music. Their latest is “Chiki Na Na”, a collab with Lil Sha.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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3 years ago

You forgot about Hala by Kanita and Valza

3 years ago

The best summer hit from Viki Gabor! Check it out!

3 years ago

You forgot Soraya with Bombai ‘Lo bueno’. That’s a summer hit

3 years ago

Franka slayssss

Esc addict
Esc addict
3 years ago

Carla is our little STAR, her songs are very very good!