Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for national finals to start once again. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2020 | Week 28 Part 2

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Mahmood (feat. Sfera Ebbasta and Feid) – “Dorado”

Mahmood has barely stopped since finishing as the runner-up at Eurovision 2019 and continues to conquer the Italian music charts. The star’s new single is “Dorado”, which features vocals from Sfera Ebbasta and Feid. A contemporary hip-hop track, the somewhat danceable beat in the chorus allows listeners who would otherwise prefer other genres to also get on board with this offering. In the lyrics, Mahmood talks about his wish to live a wealthy life: “I dream of a golden Ferrari … If this world was a market / I’d be the most expensive ring”.

Sergey Lazarev – “Я не могу молчать”

Summer is the time of the year when people feel able to let go and have fun. And that’s exactly what Russia’s Sergey Lazarev is doing with his new single “Я не могу молчать” (“I cannot be silent”). After a series of more serious songs, the two-time Eurovision bronze medallist is turning up the BPM and getting ready to party. There’s an abundance of energy in “Я не могу молчать” that quickly flows through the speakers and into the listener; it’s a track that will get everyone up and moving. Speaking about the feeling behind the song on Instagram, Lazarev commented:

“This song is for all lovers! Love is a feeling familiar to everyone! When in love, I want to shout about it all over the world !!! Let this song be the song of your summer!”

Donatas Montvydas – “Kol Vakaras Ilgas”

Over the past couple of years, Lithuania’s Donny Montell has veered towards more R’n’B-influenced sounds. However, for his new release “Kol Vakaras Ilgas” (“Until the Evening Longs”), the two-time Eurovision finalist is returning to his pop roots. This is shown further by the fact that the star is going by his full Lithuanian name, Donatas Montvydas, which he also used at the start of his career. This return to pop doesn’t result in a dated song though. Instead, Montvydas provides a fully contemporary number ready for the music charts of today.


ALYOSHA is currently pregnant with her third child. But, that hasn’t stopped Ukraine’s Eurovision 2010 act from releasing the new single “HeBoHa” (“Not her”). It’s an upbeat pop track that ALYOSHA mentions took a year to make with constant experimentation on the sound. She goes on to explain the message behind the song in the lyric video’s description: “Sometimes people fall in love with a fictional image, instead of accepting their partner as he really is. The relationship becomes very “fun” or ends altogether. And people waste precious time in vain. May you be lucky to find your person and accept him as your real, your own!”. The Ukrainian star portrays this in the lyric video by turning into variants of herself through wearing a series of different coloured wigs. Since the focus is on ALYOSHA’s face and hair, we don’t get to see the baby bump down below.

Kristian Kostov – Mood:

Eurovision 2017 runner-up Kristian Kostov has been on a journey to find his musical sound. For now, this has culminated in the release of his new EP Mood:. There are six tracks from the Bulgarian star, including previous singles “Honest”, “Better” and “Things I Like”. In an exuberant post on Instagram, Kostov talked more about what the EP’s release meant to him:

“Every single song was my favorite at one point of time. So many hours of work. So many outstanding and talented people were involved in the creation of this project. I truly think that I’m finally getting close to finding my own sound and this work says it all!”

Vaidas Baumila – “Meilės sezonas”

Eurovision 2015 star Vaidas Baumila is welcoming in the summer with the new song “Meilės sezonas” (“Love season”). It’s got the usual breezy, upbeat pop production you’d expect from a summer single. Although predominantly sung in Lithuanian, the track’s hook is partly in English, with the Lithuanian singer repeating “Mano [my] summer love”. The music video features Baumila driving through a forest in an open top vehicle.

Frans – “Monday”

Frans continues the build-up to his upcoming album with the new single “Monday”. Slower paced than last week’s release “On A Wave”, Sweden’s Eurovision 2016 star sings about ignoring the problems that are piling up and leaving them to be dealt with on Monday. Frans explained more about the track in a video on Instagram:

“Monday is simple. There are countless memes of, you know, Monday being this “uhh…I hate Mondays”. I see it as a restart button for a new week, new opportunities. But then I realise that I postpone a lot of things. Monday is a metaphor for problems to my future self.”

Ieva Zasimauskaitė – “Labas Tau Tariu”

Ieva Zasimauskaitė is perhaps best known to fans for delivering sweet and emotional ballads. But, the Lithuanian star is flipping the script for her new single “Labas Tau Tariu”. Ieva taps into the retro 80s style that has become popular in current pop music for this upbeat number. In the accompanying music video, we see the Eurovision 2018 star doing a photo shoot with a retro car before she takes it for a spin.

Robin Bengtsson – “Dancing With The Stars”

Following his third appearance at Melodifestivalen earlier this year, Sweden’s Robin Bengtsson continues his musical journey with the new single “Dancing With The Stars”. It sees the Eurovision 2017 singer proceed with more of a guitar-driven pop sound – one that perhaps feels more authentic to him than some of his earlier releases. Lyrically, Bengtsson sings about the moment when he fell completely in love with his partner: “We looked up and felt so small / To the magic of it all / Felt like heaven when I held you tight / And we were dancing with the stars”.

Victor Crone – “This Can’t Be Love”

Sweden’s Victor Crone built bridges when he represented Estonia at Eurovision 2019. Now, the star has released a music video for his new single “This Can’t Be Love”. The song comes from his debut album Troubled Waters released earlier this year. The lyrics see Crone being so overwhelmed with emotions for an individual that he thinks it must be unnatural: “Why do I hear you / In the back of my mind / It’s driving me crazy … This can’t be love / It’s too strong, am I wrong”. In the music video, the Eurovision alum ponders his thoughts in various rooms of a mansion while singing the song.

Nathan Trent – “Most of It”.

Nathan Trent continues along his mid-tempo pop trajectory for the new song “Most of It”. The Austrian singer starts off accompanied by a series of piano chords before extra production is then added on top, though the overall vibe remains laid-back throughout. In the lyrics, Trent sings about going all in on a relationship so that you can get the best possible outcome from it: “Baby let the people talk / I know you’re a star … We can have the best of lives / ‘Cos we got it all / So let’s make the most of it”.

Samra – “Online”

Azerbaijan’s Samra served a pop banger at Eurovision 2016. But, the star is veering towards hip hop for her latest song “Online”. Taking the opportunity to broaden her musical talents, Samra raps the majority of the track. In a post on Instagram upon the song’s release, Samra noted that the song is “dedicated to the memory of all rappers who died at a young age”. This is shown on the track’s cover art, which includes the names of various rappers that have passed away.

Eye Cue – “Kolku dobro te znam” (Remix)

Eye Cue represented North Macedonia at Eurovision 2018. But, the duo have gone back in time another year for their new release by remixing their 2017 single “Kolku dobro te znam” (“How well I know you”). The original was a slow ballad, but the remix cranks things up and puts an EDM beat behind it. The music video features a woman posing around a luxury villa and is shot from her partner’s perspective.

Pasha Parfeni (feat Trio Vatra Neamului) – “Chitara mea”

Moldova’s Eurovision 2012 star Pasha Perfeni unsuccessfully tried to return to the competition this year with the song “My Wine”. His new release though is all about “My Guitar”. A cover of the song originally performed by Romanian singer Dan Spataru, “Chitara mea” sees Parfeni teaming up with Trio Vatra Neamului for this edition of the song. The lyrics are all about singing to your loved one: “I take the guitar under my arm / And with her / Wherever I am / Sing my heart”.

Tekilla (feat. Filipa Azevedo and Jakson D’Alva) – “Arrepio”

The Black Lives Matter movement has been in the spotlight over recent months following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Portugal’s Eurovision 2010 star Filipa Azevedo has voiced her opinions on the matter by featuring in the new song “Arrepio” (“Shiver”) by fellow Portuguese artist Tekilla. Azevedo provides vocals for the chorus and the accompanying music video features clips of Black Lives Matter protests. Writing on Instgram upon the song’s release, Azevedo noted: “The fight is old, and it can be eternal! Giving up is not the way! Loving and respecting others should be an obligation and a custom.”

Kállay Saunders and Gabriel – “waste my time”

Hungary’s Kállay Saunders continues a string of recent releases with “waste my time”. The Eurovision 2014 alum collaborates with Gabriel on this mid-tempo offering. The two stars sing about moving on from someone who isn’t worth their energy: “I’ve been better off on my own / ‘Cos I’m the only one in control … Who gave you the right to waste my time”. At 2:09 minutes in total, it’s a relatively short track. But, with a fairly linear pattern throughout, the song would most likely feel dragged out if was much longer.

Who See – “Amo Popit Po Pivo”

Seen by many fans as one of the ‘most robbed’ acts of the 2010s, Who See haven’t let their Eurovision 2013 non-qualification stop their musical endeavours. The Montenegrin duo’s latest release is “Amo Popit Po Pivo”. It’s a quirky hip-hop track that adds some electro vocal processing to the chorus. The lyrics of the track are all about enjoying life, exploring Montenegro and drinking cold beer. This is emulated in the cartoon music video.

Levante – “Sirene”

Levante competed in Italy’s prestigious Sanremo festival earlier this year. Her new release is “Sirene” (“Sirens”). The track continues her indie-pop sound, but is softer compared to the singer’s Sanremo entry “Tikibombom”. Lyrically, Levante sings about her attitude to the COVID-19 quarantine in Italy. She tells her loved one that now is not the time to be going to the beach: “Love, it is not a time of castles / Spread your wishes next to the closed umbrellas / Deflate your arm floaties … If you want we can take a bath in the rain”.

Olga Lounová (feat. Elis Mraz) – “Napůl Lásky”

Both Olga Lounová and Elis Mraz competed in ESCZ 2020. Now, the two Czech singers have joined forces on the new song “Napůl Lásky” (“Half Love”).  It’s a fun rock and roll track with a retro 1940s feel to it. This retro vibe is carried through into the music video thanks to the styling and swing-style dancing that Lounová, Mraz and their backing dancers perform.

María Escarmiento – Sintiéndolo Mucho

In 2019, she was the hot favourite to win Spain’s Eurovision selection gala but was pipped at the post by Miki’s “La venda”. Now María Villar has reinvented herself as María Escarmiento and released her debut EP Sintiéndolo Mucho (Feeling it a lot). The seven songs on the EP have a different flavour to her Eurovision gala hit “Muérdeme”. There’s an edgy synth-pop sound, with hints of hip hop as well as alt-pop. It won’t necessarily appeal to all fans of “Muérdeme”, but there’s very much a sense that María is being true to her artistic vision and releasing the kind of music she likes. (Robyn)

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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3 years ago

Wait a second, Maria Villar just changed her last name to Maria Escarmiento?! Pretends to be in shock

3 years ago

DORADO by Mahmood is pure GOLD !

3 years ago

I’ll never understand why almost all Melfest artists release music in English to just flop in Sweden. People don’t play it on Spotify and they know it will not have impact but they keep doing generic English regardless.
Molly Sanden or Darin were smart to make that turn in their careers

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Danny, Eric…

3 years ago
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You dont read the lists in Sweden. So wrong AS ALWAYS here by fans

Jayy R
Jayy R
3 years ago

Yo Dorado is fiiire, gonna be listening to that for ages! 🙂

3 years ago

Is it me or does Sergey have a new song out every week?

3 years ago
Reply to  Kim

LOL, I’ve also noticed that, I can’t keep up with him