It’s that time of year when we’re all getting into the festive spirit and preparing for Christmas. Amongst the food and presents, music also often forms a big part of the Christmas period.

Luckily for us, a plethora of Eurovision stars have taken time this year to release some new festive tunes that we can add to our Christmas playlists. So many in fact, that we’ve split the songs up into a trilogy of posts.

As you gather around the tree and finish your final preparations, here’s another selection of the new Christmas songs from Eurovision artists that will help you celebrate the yuletide.

New music from Eurovision artists: Christmas 2020 | Part 2

Ben & Tan – “Hallelujah (Christmas on My Lips)”

Earlier this year, Danish duo Ben & Tan released their new single “Hallelujah”. They’ve since jazzed it up a bit and released a festive version of the song titled “Hallelujah (Christmas on My Lips)”. This new version comes with reworked production that naturally features plenty of sleigh bells in the background. The lyrics of the song have also been changed, with the duo now celebrating their love at this special time of year: “It’s Hallelujah / A feeling I never knew / And your kiss is all of Christmas on my lips / With a word for us and I know what it is / It’s Hallelujah”.

Engelbert Humperdinck – “Blue Christmas”

Englebert Humperdinck has released a new version of the Elvis Presley classic “Blue Christmas”,  updated with a Texas two-step arrangement. This new track follows Engelbert’s 2018 album Warmest Christmas Wishes, with his take on heart-warming Christmas classics.

Following the success of the Eurovision 2012 star’s first-ever Christmas Special earlier this month, the crooner has recently announced that the stream will now be available on demand. With a ticket price of $15, fans can relive the magic until 11:59pm (PT) on December 26th. Grab your tickets here! (Deban)

Tamta – “Love Is A Compass”

This year’s Disney Christmas advert includes the song “Love Is A Compass” by Griff. The Greek branch of the company has called upon Tamta to perform a cover of the track. The Eurovision 2019 star sticks to the original English lyrics, but adds her own vocal touches to it. Speaking about being asked to cover the song, which is being used to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Tamta said:

“My joy is immense for this wonderful song and for the sacred purpose that is accomplished with this collaboration. A song that if you observe its lyrics, you will understand its enormous importance. I am very excited that I was given the opportunity to sing it, and that in this way we can help children who really need it, fulfilling their wishes.”

Cambi. (feat. Roko) – “Božić nam dolazi”

Croatia’s Roko is bringing in Christmas with vocal quartet Cambi.. The artists have released “Božić nam dolazi” (“Christmas is coming)”, a festive and uplifting ballad that features some nice harmonies when the five performers sing together. Lyrically, Roko and the others sing about spreading love and spending time with loved ones: “It’s Christmas / Let our hearts open / Love is enough for everyone / Come on, reach out and be with me”.

Brendan Murray – “Wishing You Home For Christmas”

Like many of us, Brendan Murray is coming to terms with the fact that he won’t be able to meet with some of his loved ones this Christmas. Ireland’s Eurovision 2017 star lets them know that he’ll miss them and wishes they could be together: “Even though it’s going to be so different / I still need ya … All I want to say is that I miss you / I’m wishing you home for Christmas”. Despite the slightly downbeat lyrics, the song – which was written by Eurovision 2021 entrant Lesley Roy – still has a fun and bouncy sound to it that helps cheer up the listener.

Donatas Montvydas – “Štai ir vėl”

Donatas Montvydas (otherwise known as Donny Montell) is forgoing the sleigh bells for his first ever Christmas song, “Štai ir vėl” (“Here again”). Instead, the two-time Lithuanian Eurovision representative delivers a retro-inspired pop track that fits in with the sound of his other recent singles. Although it may not sound particularly festive, the lyrics see Montvydas singing about Christmas miracles. On Instagram, the star noted: “I am giving you a Christmas song that I hope will not only touch your heart, but will warm up the wait for us all.”

Václav Noid Bárta – “Pusť mě dál”

If you want a slightly rockier Christmas song, then Václav Noid Bárta has you covered. His carol “Pusť mě dál” (“Let me go”) begins off softly with the Czech singer accompanied by piano. But, it then builds to a more dramatic climax with the addition of guitars and drums. The Eurovision 2015 alum sings: “I came to wish you / If you can, let me go / I lead a crowd of carollers / Jesus the King is waving from a distance”.

Sanna Nielsen – “Decembernatt”

One of the first Eurovision stars to release a festive song this year was Sanna Nielsen. Despite dropping the single on 30 October, the Swedish singer was already thinking about those December nights. “Decembernatt” is a cosy ballad that creates an atmosphere of being wrapped up in a warm blanket. The Eurovision 2014 star described the song as follows:

“For me, this song is about longing and longing is probably what I have done most during this year, this strange year when we have not been able to socialize as we usually do. I have a couple of favourite lines, such as “we catch every single breath that you and I lost, a December night”. It describes exactly what I usually feel around the time as we approach Christmas and the time is there to feel the fellowship with my loved ones, something I hope and wish everyone to feel. I continue to long and hope and I am very grateful and happy that I got to sing this song.”

Kristína – “Čas zimných zázrakov”

Kristína is bringing all the Christmas charm with her new song “Čas zimných zázrakov” (“Time of winter miracles”). The catchy and happy track has sleigh bells aplenty and serves up a wonderful slice of festive joy. Slovakia’s Eurovision 2010 star tells the tale of a snowman that has arrived with the snowfall: “From the postcards of the ancients he returned to us / The Christmas snowman dreams that / He will come to life one day from the love that is in us / The time of winter miracles”.

Jóhanna Guðrún – Jól með Jóhanna

Iceland’s Jóhanna Guðrún (i.e. Yohanna) is definitely getting into the festive mood this year. She’s not just giving us one Christmas song, but ten. These ten tracks form the basis of the Eurovision 2009 alum’s new album Jól með Jóhanna (Christmas with Jóhanna). Jóhanna does what she does best and delivers a series of beautiful ballads in Icelandic. Some are soft and dreamy, while others let the Icelandic singer show off her vocal ability and build to a powerful finish.

Stella Jones – “I Want to Wish You”

Stella Jones represented Austria at Eurovision 1995. This year, she’s released four Christmas songs – “I Want to Wish You”, “Where Is My Santa”“Merry Christmas” and “Only This Christmas”. Stella adds a soulful and gospel sound to her tracks, though the production doesn’t quite match the level of the other songs on this list. Fellow Austrian artist Singer Dr. B features on the latter two songs.

Johnny Logan – “Merry Christmas To The World”

Mr Eurovision himself is also getting in the festive mood this year. Ireland’s Johnny Logan has released “Merry Christmas To The World”. It’s an acoustic-guitar-driven track that builds from the bridge onwards to an uplifting climax. The lyrics are all about spreading love across the world this Christmas time: “Merry Christmas to the world / Share the joy and spread the word / Come on join us, come and help us sing this song / Let the love into your heart / Shine a light into the dark / We are one, our journey’s just begun”. If you’re feeling even more festive, then there’s a second version of the song with some added Christmas bells at the start.

Achille Lauro (feat. Annalisa) – “Jingle Bell Rock”

At the start of December, Achille Lauro released 1920 – Achille Lauro & The Untouchable Band, which is the Italian artist’s third album of 2020. As part of the LP, the two-time Festival of Sanremo contestant served up a rendition of “Jingle Bell Rock”. Although the song was originally released in 1957, Lauro reworks it with a 1920’s sound to fit the aesthetic of the album. The song features four-time (soon to be five-time in 2021) Sanremo participant Annalisa, who also accompanies Lauro in the black-and-white music video.

Wiktoria – “One Wish for Christmas”

“One Wish for Christmas” is Wiktoria’s third festive single. While the previous two were upbeat, this year the Swedish star has decided to take a slower approach. It’s an emotional ballad in which the three-time Melodifestivalen star wishes she could spend Christmas with her family: “If I could have one wish for Christmas / It would be to hold you close / To say what really matters / To the ones who mean the most / My family, my family / Together around my home town Christmas tree”.

Didirri – “It’s The Season”

Australia’s Didirri adds a festive twist to his indie styling for “It’s The Season”. The song is a slow ballad with a mix of piano and string instrumentation that gradually builds throughout. Lyrically, the Eurovision – Australia Decides 2020 star sings about coming to terms with the fact that he might not be able to spend Christmas with his family this year. In a post on Instagram, Didirri noted:

“This song is the realisation that for the first time in my life I may be spending Christmas without my family. But more importantly it is about EMBRACING the fact that I may not be spending Christmas with my family, by the end of writing “it’s the season” I had accepted it. I wanted it to feel unresolved until the very end. Ending joyfully if a little bit Christmassy.”

Alvaro Estrella – “Mistletoe”

Alvaro Estrella is set to compete at Melfest for the third time in 2021. Before then, the Swedish star of Chilean origin has dropped a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe”. Estrella changes things up a bit for his version, giving it more of a Latin vibe. The song comes with a fun music video that was shot in one take and even features the singer’s new baby who was born in May this year. Speaking about the song on social media, Estrella commented:

“Justin Bieber’s mistletoe has been a strong favourite when it comes to Christmas songs. … Therefore, it felt very natural for me to interpret it in my own way. By bringing in some Latin rhythms and making it more Caribbean. The feeling I wanted to get was the warmth that you get when you celebrate Christmas on a warm summer evening in Chile.”

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