Although we’re officially into the Eurovision 2021 season, it will still be some time before we hear any national final and Eurovision songs. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2020 | Week 44

Ben & Tan – “Hallelujah”

There haven’t been many moments to celebrate throughout 2020, but Ben & Tan have still found time to shout “Hallelujah” with their new single. The Danish duo deliver an uplifting pop track with the same charm as their Eurovision 2020 entry “Yes”. Lyrically, Ben & Tan sing the praises of the love they’ve found with their partners: “I think I’m falling for you … A feeling I never knew / There’s a kiss I wanna lift from off your lips / There’s a word for us and I know what it is / It’s hallelujah”. Taking to Instagram upon the song’s release, Ben noted that while things have been rough recently, he was happy to still have the opportunity to release new music: “This project has been such a rollercoaster rides of cancelled shows and whatnot, but its moments like these that make it all worth it”.

VOSTOK (Kristian Kostov) – “Welcome to the Show”

“Common Frameworks” seem to run in Bulgaria’s DNA, as Kristian Kostov continues his VOSTOK project with brother Daniel and producer Sasha Xuman in order to explore a whole new angle of music. In “Welcome to the Show”, the second single from this collaboration, the Eurovision 2017 runner-up combines a gloomy lo-fi beat with a haunted circus vibe. It’s both a more grown-up sound and oddly fitting for this Halloween time of the year – even down to the dark, newsreel-style outro. What will the Kostov framework give us next? (Pablo)

OG3NE – “Handgeschreven Kus”

OG3NE  – that’s sisters Lisa, Amy, and Shelley Vol – have predominantly released English-language songs throughout their career. However, the Dutch trio have now dropped their first self-written Dutch-language single. “Handgeschreven Kus” (“Handwritten Kiss”) is an acoustic-guitar-driven pop song with a slight Mediterranean feel to it. The fact that the the Eurovision 2017 stars have written the song themselves adds an extra sentiment to the lyrics, in which they sing to each other. They say that they’ll always be with one another in their hearts, even if they’re miles apart: “Dear sister / Hereby a handwritten kiss / No matter where I am now / My love that flows through this pen / Think of me / Though the years pass quickly / Are you having a hard time, is it hard? / Then this letter brings us together”.

Dino Merlin – “Mi”

Dino Merlin took Bosnia and Herzegovina to the top ten of the Eurovision scoreboard in both 1999 and 2011. In 2020, Dino certainly still has his flair, and now delivers a stunningly-filmed music video for his new song “Mi” (“We”), which has picked up three million views in three days. Colourful and creative, the visuals complement the sound of the Balkan-pop song, written by the Bosnian star himself. The lyrics of “Mi” see Dino discussing his relationship. Even though he and his loved one might be different in nature, he still believes they’re the perfect fit: “We are love that cannot be hidden / We are colours that never agree / We are brothers who quarrel to death / And they love each other to heaven”.

Kate Miller-Heidke – Child In Reverse

It’s been six years since Kate Miller-Heidke released her last solo studio album. But finally, fans of the Eurovision 2019 star can now listen to her new LP Child In Reverse. Containing elven tracks, it’s filled with alternative-pop sounds that showcase the Australian singer’s creative spark. Both the pre-released tracks – “This Is Not Forever”, “Deluded”, “A Quiet Voice” and “Little Roots, Little Shoots” – and previously unheard songs capture a moment of Miller-Heidke’s experiences or share more about her personality with the listener.

Manel Navarro and Bruno Alves – “Los Restos”

He’s come a long way since the sunny beach pop of “Do It For Your Lover” at Eurovision 2017. Manel Navarro is getting serious on the ballad “Los Restos” (“The Remains”). He performs the song with the Operación Triunfo 2020 singer Bruno Alves, who also wrote the song. “Los Restos” might be a low-budget self-released single, but it comes with plenty of polish and professionalism. The two singers deliver harmonies that enhance the song’s depth and emotion. The music video comes with a minimalist treatment, with a dancer joining the two singers. (Robyn)

Cliff Richard – Music… The Air That I Breathe

A couple of weeks ago, Cliff Richard celebrated his 80th birthday. Now, in recognition of this milestone, the Eurovision 1968 and 1973 star has released the new album Music… The Air That I Breathe. There are 12 songs on the LP, including two new tracks – “Falling for You” and “PS Please”. The rest of the album is comprised of new recordings of some of Sir Cliff’s classic tracks, as well as five duets – one of those is “Taking Control”, which the British singer performs alongside the UK’s Eurovision 2013 representative Bonnie Tyler.

Wig Wam – “Never Say Die”

In 2005, they served glam-rock extravaganza for Norway at Eurovision. Now Wig Wam have dusted off their rock threads and are ready to serve it again. With the group’s new single “Never Say Die”, the four-piece band are proving that they are still at the top of their game. When lead singer Glam (aka Åge Sten Nilsen) snarls “Here we go again / Into the lion’s den”, it’s delivered with the sense that the band is ready for anything. The question remains — will the much-hoped-for Melodi Grand Prix comeback be a reality for 2021? (Robyn)

Benjamin Ingrosso – “Långsamt farväl”

Så mycket bättre – the Swedish TV favourite which sees artists reinterpret hits by others – returned on 24 October. Among the line-up for the current season are Eurovision favourites Benjamin Ingrosso and Loreen. And it’s the former who’s getting all the attention. His cover of Lisa Nilsson’s 2003 single “Långsamt farväl” has spent much of the week atop the streaming charts and is set to be yet another smash hit for the Eurovision 2018 singer.

In this weekend’s episode, Ingrosso covered “Tänd alla ljus”, originally performed by rapper Silvana Imam. Loreen will make her first appearance in the show later on in the series. (Padraig)

Michał Szpak and Swiernalis – “Polska To Kobieta”

On 23 October, Poland’s top court banned abortions in cases of extreme birth defects following a legal challenge of the current law by the government. The ruling, which leads to an almost total ban on abortions, has trigged massive protests against the move. A couple of Polish Eurovision stars have now released new songs in support of the protests. This includes Michał Szpak, who has teamed up with fellow Polish singer-songwriter Swiernalis on “Polska To Kobieta” (“Poland is a Woman”). The music video uses footage of the protests, while the lyrics see the Eurovision 2016 star supporting women’s rights and targeting those who pushed for the ban: “Today the streets are full of strong women / We walk next to them … Poland / It’s a woman / Today she is beautiful and furious”.

Michał Wiśniewski – “Prezes”

Another Polish Eurovision star who has released a song in protest of the ban on abortions is Michał Wiśniewski, who represented the country at the contest as a part of Ich Troje in 2003 and 2006. Wiśniewski’s single is called “Prezes” (“Chairman”) and it parodies Jarosław Kaczyński, leader of Polish political party PiS. The MV begins with the following message:

“This text is ugly, thick, rude and slimy. It is to show the frustration of an ordinary decent man
to total hypocrisy, social and political systems of all types (!), although with quite a visible exemplification. We are ashamed of these emotions and the way they express them and we are terrified that this may be the only and necessary way to break into the deceitful minds of many people. OR NOT.”

Harel Skaat and Noa Kirel – “לעוף

Festigal is an annual Israeli musical show for children that has been running since 1981. It takes place at Hanukkah and has increasingly involved performances by well-known Israeli singers. Due to coronavirus, there will be no live audience for Festigal in 2020 and people will be able to watch online instead. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the show and the organisers have decided to run 40 days worth of online activities ahead of the performance on 17 December. A video was released ahead of the festivities in which popular Israeli singer Noa Kirel aims to help the children of 2020 to organise Festigal despite the current difficulties. As a part of this, Israel’s Eurovision 2010 singer Harel Skaat performs the song “לעוף” (“Fly”) alongside Kirel – a cover of the song that Skaat performed at Festigal 2004. The pair sing about flying high and aiming for your dreams: “You too can fly / Without knowing how to fly … Like a leaf on the water / Float to a land of nowhere / You too are allowed to dream”.

Beth – “Que Tremolin els Arbres”

Spain’s Eurovision 2003 star Beth is enjoying a frolic in amongst the trees for her new song “Que Tremolin els Arbres” (“Let The Trees Tremble”). Sung in Catalan, it’s a pleasant pop song with backing vocals in the chorus that help get the listener singing along. It’s clear that the music video was probably filmed earlier in the year, considering all the trees are still a luscious green colour; meanwhile, in reality they’re all turning an autumnal yellow and starting to loose their leaves at the moment. Beth sings about overcoming her fears and achieving her dreams with the support of those around her. Talking more about the meaning of song, the star noted:

“”Que Tremolin els Arbres” is a brazen song of optimism. I talk about the future, positivism and hope in what aims to be a glimmer of light and energy in the difficult times we are living as a society. “I want to do it with you.” You are everyone, you are the planet, you are the world! An inclusive look to all together add up and move on.”

DoReDoS – “Leagănul Dorului Meu”

“A more beautiful country does not exist in the world. Smooth hills and rivers with crystal clear waters, monasteries and churches are reasons for pride. The place where we feel best!”, note DoReDoS in the description of their latest music video. “Leagănul Dorului Meu” (“The Cradle Of My Longing”)  – a ballad featuring pan flute melodies – sees Moldova’s Eurovision 2018 trio singing about the natural beauty of their homeland. They make sure to showcase the Moldovan countryside in the music video. The three singers perform in front of empty picture frames, showcasing that the natural world around us often provides the best visuals we can look for.

Jedward – “Teenage Runaway”

Irish twins Jedward – that’s John and Edward Grimes – have taken 2020 head-on with added visual vigour. “Teenage Runaway” is the pair’s third new music video of the year. The moody yet anthemic dance number is taken from their 2019 album Voice Of A Rebel. Upon its release, the boys explained the song’s meaning to their Twitter followers: “Don’t be pressured by society to hit the same milestones as everyone else! Your life is authentic to you!” (Padraig)

Michelle – Anders ist gut

When people think of German success stories post-Eurovision, most think of Lena or maybe Michael Schulte. But before either of them, there was Michelle – Germany’s 2001 singer. Since finishing eighth at the 2001 contest, she has sold tonnes of records, including multiple top ten albums. Her latest is Anders ist gut (Different Is Good). Ahead of the LP’s release, Michelle wrote: “I am incredibly proud and happy to have finally created a work that reflects me one hundred percent, shows how I am, tells what I think and makes my feelings audible…I give free rein to my love for people. I would be happy if you feel embraced and encouraged by the songs, no matter how different you feel. Different is good”. She has already released two schlagertastic singles and music videos from the album – the title track and “Vorbei Vorbei” (“Over Over”). (Padraig)

Uku Suviste – “Torman Tulle”

Uku Suviste is busy writing his song for Eesti Laul 2021. However, the Estonian singer still has some other songs in his collection that he’s happy to release for his fans in the meantime. Suviste’s latest single is “Torman Tulle”, in which the Eurovision 2020 star sings about driving back to his ex-partner, even though he knows things won’t end well: “I’m turning the wheel / It’s as if I’m heading for a certain danger, I know / But don’t care / I blindly trust you, I make a mistake”. Sonically, it’s a distinctly 80s-inpsired track and builds on the retro synth-pop sound that has been ever so popular with many artists this year.

ela. – “Wenn unsere Zeit gekommen ist”

Since representing Germany at Eurovision 2014 as a part of Elaiza, ela. has been charting a solo music career. She recently dropped the music video for her latest single “Wenn unsere Zeit gekommen ist” (“When our time comes”), which comes from her 2020 debut album Liebe & Krieg. In the German pop song, ela. discusses how we can’t compare our lives to others and that everyone’s time to shine will come eventually: “someday, someday / one understands that one cannot force anything / someday, someday / you stop asking for more and more”. The music video uses contrasting clips of ela. in black and white outfits to show two sides to the singer.

Marta Jandova and Vaclav Noid Barta – “Barvy zeme”

Marta Jandova and Vaclav Noid Barta brought the Czech Republic back to Eurovision in 2015 after a five-year break. Now, the pair have teamed up once again for the new duet “Barvy zeme” (“Earth colours”). The music video for the track also showcases a story of the pair’s reunion. It portrays Marta and Vaclav as children playing with each other, before they move away from each other. The duo then meet up again as adults on a lookout tower they used to go to as kids. This lookout tower is also referenced in the lyrics: “We stood together on the lookout tower / We were about nine, ten years, ten years old / It was morning or afternoon / We had the whole world in sight”.

Kaiti Garbi – “Σ’ Όποιον Αρέσω”

Since representing Greece at Eurovision 1993, Kaiti Garbi has had a prolonged and successful career with a plethora of multi-platinum-selling singles and albums. Her latest single is “Σ’ Όποιον Αρέσω” (“Whoever I Like”). It’s a mid-tempo Greek-pop track that utilises a fair amount of traditional Greek instrumentation. In the song, Garbi declares that she’s had enough of people telling her how to act and how to live her life: “I do not make discounts on what I want and demand / Whoever I like for others I can not / I put them all higher than me”.

Mumiy Troll – Призраки Завтра

Earlier this year, Russian band Mumiy Troll were promoting their upcoming album to be released on 4 December. However, the Eurovision 2001 act surprised their fans at the start of October with the release of another new album, Призраки Завтра (Ghosts of Tomorrow). Mumiy Troll deliver a mixture of rock and indie-rock songs on the eight-track-long LP.

Constantinos Christoforou (feat. One) – “Δύσκολα Τα Πράγματα”

Constantinos Christoforou has represented Cyprus at Eurovision on three occasions – as a solo artist in 1996 and 2005, plus as a part of boyband One in 2002. And for this latest single, “Δύσκολα Τα Πράγματα” (“Things Are Difficult”), Christoforou has brought in the support of the other members of One to feature on the track. In the lyrics, the Cypriot star asks his loved one to keep fighting for their love even through difficult times: “Things are difficult / When miracles end only love can / So promise we will be the lucky ones … Give me your hand again, no matter how much the world hurts”. Sonically, the song fully embraces the retro 80s synth-pop sound that continues to be popular in 2020. Indeed, this track has proven popular itself and has topped the Cypriot iTunes and radio airplay charts.

KAZKA and RUNSTAR – “Острів”

KAZKA are known for incorporating traditional Ukrainian instruments into their music. But, for their latest song, the Vidbir 2018 and 2019 participants are using sounds from a rather peculiar source – Chernobyl. The ‘Sounds of Chernobyl’ project was set up to build an album of songs that utilised sounds recorded in 2018 at the site of the 1986 nuclear disaster. KAZKA have involved themselves on the project and teamed up with RUNSTAR to create the song “Острів” (“Island”). Speaking about the project in the music video’s description, the band note:

“The world is constantly flipping through days, months, years. We have long since taken root in another land, one that breathes freely. Thanks to those who laid down their lives, changed their destiny, saving our land from non-return. The memory will always bring the generation back to … where the island was left alone against the background of pity.”

TVORCHI – 13 waves

Ukraine’s Vidbir 2020 finalists TVORCHI have decided to perk up quarantine with the release of their third album, titled 13 waves. It has 13 tracks, which combine to represent “a new wave of Ukrainian music”. In a press statement, TVORCHI vocalist Jeffrey tells us more about the album: “Our album is freedom, love, drive and a pleasant tremor for the body. This is when you are “riding the wave”, and adrenaline is seething in you.” Their funky tunes, or “waves”, definitely add some spice into the quarantine routine and feel like you’re out somewhere in summer, sitting by the beach with your friends, having small and deep talks…those moments when you don’t realise you’re making memories and are just having fun.

To visualize the feeling, you can have a look at the music video for “Living My Life”, which is the lead single from 13 waves. At the beginning of the music video, Jeffrey and Andrew are shown as everyone is used to seeing them: with a microphone and a keyboard. But then, viewers are immersed in a frank world of new images and forms that appear in the video. (Dayana)

Dotter – “Vintern jag var sexton”

Halloween may have only just passed, but some singers are already looking ahead to winter time. This includes Dotter, who has released the new single “Vintern jag var sexton” (“The winter I was sixteen”). An atmospheric ballad, it’s the Melodifestivalen 2020 runner-up’s first solo Swedish-language single. Lyrically, Dotter references a relationship that broke down one winter, and how people can then often be reminded of this every time winter comes around again.

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Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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3 years ago

you did not cover band Vök song ‘Higher’. Hatari’s bassist is also a bassist of this group

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3 years ago

holy hell wig wam delivered \../

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3 years ago

Also new from Israel: a collaboration of Netta and Sarit Hadad, covering the 1978 song “BeLev Echad”:

3 years ago

Oh sorry!

Maya G
Maya G
3 years ago

The Harel Skaat song isn’t new. It’s a cover to Harel’s song from the Festigal of 2004, where it came second place.

3 years ago

We have word for president in Poland, it’s a “prezydent”. “Prezes” doesn’t apply to Andrzej Duda, but to leader/chairman/president of PIS party, Jaros?aw Kaczy?ski, who’s basically president’s and prime minister’s boss/guru, without any official position. Basically, master of the puppets. When someone in Poland says “prezes”, everyone knows it’s about Kaczy?ski.

3 years ago

you are not correct with Prezes song. I can see how you translated the word prezes but it actually means chairman (of party PiS)

3 years ago

Alma (FRA2017) also released a new track with her acolyte Laurie Darmon as the duo the BBJean called “Nimp”.