At Eurovision 2021 she danced with “El Diablo”. And now Elena Tsagrinou is taking her dance moves to the ballroom floor by competing on the new season of Dancing with the Stars Greece.

The Greek edition of the programme returns this year for the first time since 2018, with 16 contestants hoping to win over the judges and public at home with their ballroom and Latin dancing skills.

The first elimination of the new series took place during the second episode at the weekend. Thankfully, Elena was announced as safe and will have the opportunity to dance again.

Elena Tsagrinou debuts on Dancing with the Stars Greece

Elena is partnered with professional dancer Vladimir Morotsko. For Sunday’s show, the pair performed a passionate Paso Doble – a traditional Spanish dance.

You can see the intent in the Eurovision star’s eyes right from the very start of the routine. Elena proceeded to whip her dress with vigour, which is supposed to represent the cape of a matador.

Dressed in black outfits with a green undertone, Elena and Vladimir continued to bring the fire and drive throughout the dance.

The judges responded positively to Elena’s Paso Doble. They awarded the “El Diablo” singer 25 points out of a possible total of 40.

The final judges’ leaderboard before the first elimination was determined by the combined total of points each couple earned over their first two dances. Elena and Vladimir received 28 points in week one, thus had a combined total of 53 points. This put them joint fifth on the leaderboard.

After being declared safe, Elena will now move onto next week’s show.

DWTS Greece: Week 1

The fiery Paso Doble was in stark contrast to Elena’s performance in week one of Dancing with the Stars Greece. For her premiere appearance, she performed an elegant waltz.

Looking stunning in a pink dress with crystal embellishments, Cyprus’ Eurovision 2021 singer floated across the dancefloor with grace.

The 28 points that Elena and Vladimir received for their waltz landed them joint sixth on the week one leaderboard.

Bessy Argyraki joins Elena on the dancefloor

Edit 20:20 BST: Elena isn’t the only Eurovision alum competing on this season of Dancing with the Stars Greece. Bessy Argyraki represented Greece at Eurovision in 1977. Singing as part of the quartet Paschalis, Marianna, Robert and Bessy, they came fifth with the song “Mathima solfege”.

In week one of the contest, Bessy performed a cha-cha-cha alongside her professional partner Juri Dimitrov. The received 29 points and finished joint fourth on the week one leaderboard.

For their second outing, Bessy and Juro took on the foxtrot. Not quite as successful as the first dance, the pair were awarded 24 points by the judges.

With a combined total of 53 points over the first two weeks, just like Elena Tsagrinou, Bessy finished joint fifth on the judges’ leaderboard ahead of the first elimination. And also just like Elena, Bessy was declared as safe and will move onto next week.

You can watch full episodes of Dancing with the Stars Greece on TV channel Star’s website.

Elena Tsagrinou and Bessy Argyraki are two of a number of Eurovision stars who are competing on their national version of Dancing with the Stars this year. Finland’s Krista Siegfrids and France’s Bilal Hassani are looking in strong form to go the distance and potentially make it to the final.

Eurovision 2016 champion Jamala was recently eliminated from the Ukrainian edition of the show. However, MÉLOVIN as well as national final alum Oleksandra Zaritska and Dmytro Kadnay remain in the competition.

What do you make of Elena Tsagrinou and Bessy Argyraki’s first two performances on Dancing with the Stars Greece? How far do you expect them to make it in the competition? Sound off in the comments below!

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2 years ago

Why are you not reporting abut the danish version of “Dancing With the Stars” Callede “Vild med dans”. ESC 2014 host Lise Rønne is participating this season, and is considert among the favorits to win the this season.

2 years ago

Love Elena! El Diablo such a bop