The Eurovision 2022 season is now in full swing and no doubt fans will have the songs from this year’s contest on repeat until we crown a winner in May. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests – they’re still brining us a lot of new music to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 18

Marco Mengoni – “No Stress”

Many of the Eurovision 2022 contestants will be hoping to feel “No Stress” as we gear up to the live shows. But one person who is definitely in that mindset is Italy’s Marco Mengoni. He’s dropped a new pop single with a catchy electronic production behind it. In the lyrics, the Eurovision 2013 star talks to the person he’s spending the night with and assures them there’s nothing to be scared of: “Hey baby / I like it when you scream out loud like hooligans / Life is bad, take a dance step / Hey baby, no stress / Make it as if tonight were the last”.

Alexander Rybak – “Memories”

In 2009, Europe fell in love with a charming, violin-playing singer who brought a catchy folk-pop song to Eurovision. If you’ve got fond “Memories” of that song, then Alexander Rybak’s latest single will be right up your street. The track immediately opens with a strong violin refrain before the Belarussian-Norwegian singer comes in with his endearing vocal line. Rybak sings about his ex-lover and how he’s struggling to move on: “But when I wake up / There is nobody there / 
But memories of your love / All what’s left is memories of your love / I can’t bear those memories of your love / When you still were mine”.

Petter feat. Benjamin Ingrosso – “Komma över dig”

Benjamin Ingrosso has collaborated with rapper Petter for the new single “Komma över dig” (“Get over you”). A catchy blend of the two artists’ styles, Sweden’s Eurovision 2018 representative delivers the sung chorus and also joins Petter for moments of the second verse. The pair discuss how there is no shame in having your heart broken and that we all eventually move on to new and better things: “I will get over you, get over you, get over you, get / Believe me, it will work out, will work out, will work out for you / I will find someone new, someone I can share my life with”.

For more from Benjamin, you can also listen to the songs from the final episode of his TV show Benjamin’s. He performed “Moviestar” with Harpo and “Jag ska fånga en ängel” with Sara Zacharias.

Duncan Laurence – “Take My Breath Away”

Duncan Laurence is treating us to a cover of “Take My Breath Away”. The song was originally performed by new wave band Berlin for the soundtrack of Top Gun. The Dutch Eurovision 2019 champion revamps the song for his pop, singer-songwriter musical style. Duncan lets his emotive vocals shine at various points and is then joined by a backing choir for the chorus.

Stefania – “You Lost Me”

Stefania’s new single is “You Lost Me”. Greece’s Eurovision 2021 representative delivers a mid-tempo pop track but mixes it up with a sung-rap bridge. Lyrically, Stefania is saying goodbye to her lover. After she found them fawning over someone else, the singer is leaving them behind: “You made me think you’re good to me / But you made me see the bigger picture / I got to dream another dream / Baby you lost me”.

Conchita Wurst – “Car (Idhlargt)”

Conchita Wurst is a multifaceted performer who brings us something new with every single. For “Car (Idhlargt)”, Austria’s Eurovision 2014 winner delivers a pop rock number that also has elements of German cabaret in the mix. Lyrically, the star reminds us we have to find the good in every situation instead of focusing on the negative. In a press release, Tom Neuwirth comments: “Every moment in life is ambivalent and has several sides. The only thing I can determine for myself is whether I train my perception to see the good or surrender to the abyss.”

Nina Zilli & Danti – “MUNSTA”

Nina Zilli is encouraging us to evolve and grow. Her new single “MUNSTA”, which is in collaboration with music producer Danti, is about emerging from your cocoon like a butterfly, even if others around you are deciding to stay hidden: “And as the sky falls / It’s just one day less / Nothing else matters / Everything is transformed / Except you”. In a post on social media, Italy’s Eurovision 2012 singer went into more detail about the message of the upbeat track:

“Change and transformation are not only the foundation of the law of nature, they are also part of our essence as human beings. We fear changes because habit comforts us but we are constantly evolving, like it or not, in body and spirit. A ‘monster’ that shows itself for what it unexpectedly is, a butterfly, proud of its transformation, even if it is ephemeral. […] Evolve for the better, change to improve and work on yourself to really feel better. Open your arms to the new, to the different, without fear of it.”

Justyna Steczkowska and Mike & Laurent – “Now”

We’re mostly used to ethereal and spiritual songs from Poland’s Justyna Steczkowska. But the Eurovision 1995 singer is mixing things up by collaborating with music producers Mike & Laurent. The trio bring us the dance song “Now”, in which Justyna says she’s ready to get closer to a certain individual: “If you wanna taste the future give me your mouth / Pick it up because baby I’m about to lay it down / I don’t wanna wait forever, cause I’m ready now”.

THE ROOP – “Let’s Get Naked”

It’s getting hot in here, but THE ROOP have a solution of how to cool down – “Let’s Get Naked”. A striking title, the song itself is not actually centred around the removal of clothing. Rather, it explores the idea that a person’s real character will always come into the light eventually: “There’s no time to be shy and cold / Please let me see your naked soul, ooh-whoa / Take off your mask and shoes / They’ve never been natural”. The fun song comes with an equally exciting music video. We see some fancy, but rather dull, people attend a feast. However, after sampling one of the dishes, their personalities begin to come through. In the music video’s description, Lithuania’s Eurovision 2021 group go into more detail about the song:

“There are situations when titles and self-made images fall, and the truth reveals itself as naked as it is. In the current context of war, societies and state leaders unmask themselves. We see the true leadership of Zelensky and attempts of some countries’ politicians to close their eyes, we see the democratic values of the Ukrainian nation and the imperialistic face of Russia.”

Eric Saade – “Naked Love”

The heat appears to be rising across Europe as Sweden’s Eric Saade has some “Naked Love” to share. The Eurovision 2011 star sings of how a specific individual has helped open his heart up: “I used to be the heartless / But then you found a way to fix me / When everything is hopeless / I love the way you undress me / Some kind of naked love”. Musically, it’s an upbeat pop song with some string flourishes in the chorus.

Soraya – “Te Quiero a Ti”

Soraya has found a special person she’s fallen head over heels for. Spain’s Eurovision 2009 star sings of her undying love through her new single: “With these crazy longings, I love you / Because my heart with you beats a thousand / I don’t know how to pretend, I love you, you, you”. Sonically, “Te Quiero a Ti” (“I Love You”) has Latin flair to it thanks to the acoustic guitar and accordion accompaniment.

Alicja – “IDK”

Some times you just have to admit that “IDK” (I don’t know … if you didn’t know). That’s what Eurovision 2020 entrant Alicja has done through her new single. The Polish singer brings us an R&B offering in which she says she’s at the precarious position of a relationship where she doesn’t know if it will move beyond the dating stage: “I don’t know if I have a plan for you
I cannot give a guarantee / Maybe that’s how it is created in us / This moment is worth remembering / I guess that’s what this song is about / All in all, who knows”.

Gromee feat. Antonia – “Send Me Your Love”

Polish DJ Gromee is getting us into the party spirit with his new dance track “Send Me Your Love”. The Eurovision 2018 act brings vocalist Antonia on board for this latest offering. In the lyrics, Antonia asks for a certain person to send her some loving to help raise her body temperature: “Send me your love / From now till forever / I don’t wanna feel cold in September”.

“Send Me Your Love” is the final song from Gromee’s new EP Tiny Sparks, which has also just been reelased.

Ola Salo – “Superstar”

Ola Salo will be spending the next few months performing with the Swedish tour of Jesus Christ Superstar. To promote it, the Eurovision 2007 star has released his version of the show’s title song “Superstar”. As a member of glam rock band The Ark, Ola fits into the spirit of the rock opera show perfectly.

Kasia Moś – “Tato kup mi dżinsy”

Kasia Moś’s upcoming album is a tribute to Polish rock and roll singer Karin Stanek. The latest pre-release single is a cover of Karin’s 1960’s hit “Tato kup mi dżinsy” (“Dad, buy me jeans”). And indeed, the lyrics are all about the request for some denim pants: “Dad, buy me jeans / Dad, will be comfortable / Daddy, they all have jeans / Buy them for me”. Whilst at face value it might seems like a weird subject matter, there is an interesting meaning behind it that Poland’s Eurovision 2017 singer explains on social media:

“In the rough times of the Polish People’s Republic, Karin Stanek denim pants, available only for dollars in Pewex stores, were a synonym of freedom, they were like a breath of the Western world.”

zalagasper – love letter

Slovenian duo zalagasper have released their new album love letter. It features ten songs, including previous singles “carta”, “oblike oblakov”, “love letter”, “xoxo” and “origami”. The other half of the LP continues their lo-fi and indie-pop musical style with a series of atmospheric offerings. At the same time as dropping the album, the Eurovision 2019 alumni have also shared the music video for the new single “teabag in the sink”.

ZOË feat. Leonardo Davi – “Loin d’ici (far from here)”

Eurovision fans will recognise half of this next song. Austria’s ZOË has revamped her Eurovision 2016 entry “Loin d’ici” by bringing in up-and-coming singer Leonardo Davi. Leonardo sings the verses in English and with a new pop-rock feel thanks to some added electric guitars. ZOË then delivers the original chorus in French.

Intelligent Music Project – “New Hero”

In between rehearsals for Eurovision 2022, Intelligent Music Project have released the song “New Hero”. It continues their ’80s rock sound, but this latest track is a rock ballad. Frontman Ronnie Ronero suggests we should stop living for ourselves and instead help other people: “You can play the brand new hero […] You may be missing all the answers / But as time goes by, you know / That the words may be an inspiration / But the action makes the show”. In the music video’s description, the group go into more detail about the song and the choice to use children as a visual representation of the meaning:

“The message of the song is a very clear – let us forget our ego, anger and fear, and let us start living for those around us. […] It’s important to know that nothing is achieved simply with words. It’s easy to stand mute in the crowd and listen to instructions. What’s more difficult and efficient is for a person to have their own opinion and own method of opposing injustice, though often alone and without others understanding. […] That is exactly what the kids in the video are doing in this sad, but current military situation. We want to show how important children really are, how important it is to love them and to bring them up with these values – to make brave decisions and live for those around them. They are the new heroes.”

Lior Narkis – “וזה חזק”

Lior Narkis’s new song is “וזה חזק” (“And it’s strong”). It quickly develops into a catchy pop track  infused with Israeli rhythms and punchy production. The party spirit also comes through in the lyrics, with Israel’s Eurovision 2003 entrant saying he’ll be dancing until dawn: “Everyone is dancing everyone is flying and it’s loud / One on top of the other here everyone is infected / Energies in the air are going to be burdensome / In game over / Until the morning”.

Ira Losco – “Going For Gold”

Ira Losco is “Going For Gold” and so are the athletes who will be taking part in the Special Olympics Invitational Games 2022. The competition, which is for children and adults with intellectual disabilities and physical disabilities, is being held in Malta between 13 and 18 May. Ira’s single acts as the theme song for the games, with the two-time Eurovision star singing about resilience and perseverance: “And I keep on fighting until I bring it home / In my blood, sweat, tears and all my breaking bones […] I was born to running / I’m going for gold”.

Monika Liu & jautì – “Ten, Kur Tu”

Lithuania’s Monika Liu recently teamed up with jautì for the new song “Ten, Kur Tu” (“Where you are”). It features on the latter’s new EP Meilė (Love). Monika kicks the song off, singing over deep bass and guitar chords, before jautì joins for the chorus. The song continues to build with even more guitars thrown into the mix and the Eurovision 2022 singer takes her vocals to new heights over the top.

Claudia Faniello – “Ġmielek”

Mużika Mużika returned at the end of April. The Maltese singing competition is devoted to songs solely in the Maltese language. Among the 2022 line up was Eurovision 2017 star Claudia Faniello, who competed with the song “Ġmielek” (“Your Beauty”). The song builds into a rather stirring ballad with a mixture of orchestral accompaniment and rockier guitar melodies. Claudia progressed to the final of Mużika Mużika but didn’t quite walk away with the trophy, finishing in third place. However…

Kurt Calleja – “Bla Tarf”

Eurovision 2012 singer Kurt Calleja also participated in Mużika Mużika 2022 and went on to win the competition with his entry “Bla Tarf” (“Endless”). It starts off as an emotional piano ballad but it grows with the addition of other percussion to lead up to a rousing final few moments. Kurt sings about how we should not be afraid to ask for help in times of trouble. He tells us to forget our pride because, with a little bit of help from others around us, anything is possible.

tyDi & JES – “Just Believe” Darude Remix

Finland’s Eurovision 2019 DJ Darude has put his magic spin on the song “Just Believe”. It was originally released by singer/producer JES and DJ/producer tyDI. Whilst already a danceable song, Darude’s remix amps things up further and takes us to the cub.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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2 years ago

Marco and Duncan??

2 years ago
Reply to  Sos

It was an heart lol

2 years ago

The Roop haha what a music video. Honestly they can represent Lithuania every year and I won’t be mad

2 years ago
Reply to  Jamie

Love them! Love their concept.

2 years ago

This week I only find two songs here that I really love, they are the ones by Marco Mengoni and Kurt Calleja

2 years ago

The roop!!! Amazing

2 years ago
Reply to  Nikki

Interesting how song like this would do in eurovision 🙂 i like it alot tough