The Eurovision 2024 season is beginning to heat up. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 45

Måneskin – RUSH! (ARE U COMING?)

Måneskin started off 2023 by releasing the album RUSH!. Now the Italian band are ending the year with a new deluxe version of the LP. RUSH! (ARE U COMING?) features the original 17 songs, September’s “HONEY (ARE U COMING?)”, and four brand-new tracks. Of these new songs, “OFF MY FACE” and “THE DRIVER” offer up a spirited rock style, whilst “TRASTEVERE” and “VALENTINE” are more emotional ballads. The Eurovision 2021 champions have released an accompanying music video for the latter of these, shot entirely in black and white.

Eleni Foureira & Kid Moxie – “Supernova”

Milky Way is a new Greek TV series created by Vasilis Kekatos. It follows a high school senior whose dreams for the future are put on hold after she gets pregnant by her boyfriend. The soundtrack for the series features a song by Cyprus’ Eurovision 2018 star Eleni Foureira, alongside LA-based artist Kid Moxie. “Supernova” utilises electronic production to compare the feeling of love to the mystical realm of outer space: “Explain this cosmic energy / Never going to let you go”.

Oh, yeah! Eurovision 2013 entrant ByeAlex has teamed up with the band Halott Pénz. The Hungarian artists deliver a riveting track with “Oh igen!”. It has a lot of drive to it courtesy of the constant acoustic guitar strumming running throughout. ByeAlex contributes the second verse of the song.

BLANCO – “Bruciasse Il Cielo”

“The sky was burning / He burned just to tell you that it’s true / Only you, you, you understood me / Away from all the poison, from the blackest darkness / Only you, you, you / We’ll do something.” BLANCO is setting the sky ablaze with his latest single “Bruciasse Il Cielo”. Italy’s Eurovision 2022 entrant delivers a steady pop ballad overlain by his gritty and passionate vocals.

Jessica Mauboy – “Flashback”

Jessica Mauboy is having a “Flashback” to times gone by. Australia’s Eurovision 2018 star serves up a catchy pop offering with retro influences that provide a wonderful groove throughout the song. Lyrically, Mauboy celebrates that moment of seeing your life partner for the first time and falling in love with each other: “Flashback I’m frozen, standing right in front of the one I’m gunna love”. In a post on social media, Mauboy commented:

“My new track, ‘Flashback,’ is my musical time machine, a blend of memories and melodies, carefully made with some of the best in the biz. So, grab your headphones, close your eyes, and let ‘Flashback’ whisk you away on a nostalgia-fuelled rollercoaster ride!”

Anna Vissi – “Lekes”

This year marks Anna Vissi’s 50th anniversary of being in the music industry. As part of this celebration, the three-time Eurovision star has release the new single “Leks” (“Stain”). It’s a passionate song about scorned love filled with Greek instrumentation. Despite the early red flags that Anna saw, she ended up in a bad relationship that is still leaving its mark on her: “So many Saturdays and Sundays I melt inside the prison of my heart and I continue wiping and bleeding / But the stain of your love doesn’t come out”.

Nathan Trent – “E penso a te”

Nathan Trent may hail from Austria, but he has Italian roots courtesy of his nonna (grandmother). In October, the Eurovision 2017 singer shared a video to TikTok of himself and his nonna covering “E penso a te” by Lucio Battisti. The video went viral and has received over two million views. It was then picked up by Italian broadcaster RAI, who invited Nathan and his nonna to perform the song live on TV. And now, the pair’s beautiful cover has been released on streaming platforms for us all to enjoy.

Efendi – “De Varmı”

Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2021 entrant is back with a brand new single “De Varmı” starts off with Efendi accompanied by strings. Drum machine beats are subsequently added from the first chorus to help the song grow and provide more of an R&B flavour.

Lord Of The Lost – “Shock To The System”

Lord Of The Lost have announced they’ll be releasing an album of cover songs at the end of December. To preview the LP, Germany’s Eurovision 2023 band have dropped their version of “Shock To The System” — first performed by Billy Idol. Lord Of The Lost bring all of the energy that this songs needs, rocking out from start to finish.

Gouldian Finch feat. Stella Mwangi & Vuyo- “Stuck in the Matrix”

The Gouldian Finch is a bird native to Australia. But this finch hails from Norway, and is the artistic name of music producer Martin Horntveth, who has released the new album Hatch. Among the LP’s nine songs is “Stuck in the Matrix”, which features Eurovision 2011 star Stella Mwangi alongside Vuyo. an The song has an eclectic mix of styles — starting off with a mixture of jazz layered with Stella’s hip-hop, then later transitioning into a string and electronic interlude.

AISEL – Sual Var

AISEL has a new EP for us all. Sual Var (Got a Question) contains three songs. All of them are steady R&B-influenced tunes, though opening track “Yenə Sevərəm” (“Love Again”) also has an underlying electronic beat. Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2018 representative has shared a music video for this particular song, where she sits around a boudoir. In the lyrics, AISEL wishes for her lover to return to her as her heart will never be whole without them: “There was no love or joy around me / Neither your name nor your words remained in my dream / You are gone, your sadness remains in my heart / If you come back, I’ll love you again for a moment”.

Mia Dimšić – Monologue

“Dear listener, welcome to my head. I hereby present you with the monologues that have been looping in my head for the last two years, in the hope that they might mean something to you too.”

Mia Dimšić is sharing her inner thoughts with us all. Monologue is the Croatian singer’s first English-language album. There are 11 songs on the LP, including her Eurovision 2022 entry “Guilty Pleasure”. Many of them are mid-tempo pop ballads, but penultimate track “Up And Down” brings a brighter and more uplifting spirit. Each song comes with a visualizer lyrics video, which you can watch in the playlist below.

Marius Bear – Slomotional

Eurovision 2022 alum Marius Bear is enjoying some chilled, autumnal days. The Swiss singer’s new EP aims to capture this mood over its four tracks. In addition to previous single “Butterflies”, Slomotional also features three other laid back, indie pop songs with percussion accompaniment to give listeners a warm embrace.

Ja Sam Marija is the new album from Marija Mirković. On track #7 you’ll find additional vocals courtesy of two-time Eurovision entrants Feminnem. The trio bring a full chorus line to “Noćas si moje vino” (“Tonight you are my wine”) and help create a rousing atmosphere alongside the Marija and the Balkan accompaniment.

Ivana Boom Nikolić – “Haos i Galama”

When Ivana Boom Nikolić enters a room, her presence is always felt. Serbia’s Eurovision 2021 star is here to cause a bit of “Haos i Galama” (“Chaos and Uproar”) with her latest Balkan pop track. Ivana sings of how her partner needs her existence to be relevant in any situation: “Flashes flash at me – chaos and uproar / Wherever I appear, there is drama / I’m your karma, so I won’t be alone / I care about you / But without me you are worth nothing”.

S10 & Kevin – “De Leven”

Eurovision 2022 star S10 has collaborated with Dutch rapper Kevin for the new single “De Leven” (“The Life”). It’s an emotive, mid-tempo offering with staccato drum machine beats underlining the production. Kevin delivers a series of rap verses that are mixed between S10’s sung chorus: “And I know this is life / And I don’t know if it will last long / But as long as it is still there / I enjoy it every day”.

William Black feat. Luka – “Bleed 4 U”

Electronic music producer William Black dropped his new album The Nature of Hope at the start of November. The LP has a Eurovision connection courtesy of featured vocals from Luka on the song “Bleed 4 U”. Belgium’s 2020 entrant sings about voluntarily taking harm to herself for her lover: “Go ahead f*** me up ’cause it feels good / Fall in love with the pain more than I should / My heads a mess can’t make it through / Do anything I bleed for you”.

Deep Zone Project – “Остани”

The new single by Eurovision 2008 group Deep Zone Project’s is definitely one of two halves. “Остани” (“Stay”) begins with a stripped-back accompaniment, similar to that of the previous version released in 2006 by Eurovision 2012 star Sofi Marinova. But the Bulgarian trio then add in a dance beat that takes the song in a completely different direction. The lyrics are about asking a special someone to remain by your side: “Stay! I will keep saying it even if it wounds me / Stay! I will love you even if it hurts / Stay! I will repeat it perseveringly / Stay and you will believe in love”.

Sarajevo Big Band feat. Maya Sar – “Jutro će promijeniti sve”

Maya Sar represented Bosnia & Herzegovina at Eurovision 2012. She now features as the vocalist on one of the songs from Indexi, the new album by Sarajevo Big Band. As you can expect, there’s plenty of brass and jazz influences running throughout the song. “Jutro će promijeniti sve” translates to “Morning will change everything”.

Novaa feat. Red Moon – “Leaning”

Last month, Novaa released the new album SUPER NOVA. Track #4, titled “Leaning”, features additional vocals and harmonies from Red Moon — who competed for Norway at Eurovision 2015 under the name Debrah Scarlett. An indie-pop track, it’s very easy to get lost in the pair’s vocals as the production gradually builds.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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