The Eurovision in Malmö is 2.5 months away and today Malmö City council revealed details about the Eurovision Village, Euroclub and Eurovision Street. It was already known, that Eurovision Village will be situated in Folkets Park, near Triangeln Station, with the adjacent Friisgatan being made into Eurovision Street.

This year’s Euroclub will be situated at Malmö Live Congress and Concert Hall, the newly built cultural hub from 2015 just a 5 minute walk from Malmö Central station. Malmö Live will also be the venue for the opening ceremony and Turquoise Carpet on Sunday 5 May plus the closing Grand Final Party on 11 May.

The Eurovision shows themselves will of course take place in Malmö Arena with Hyllie Station right next to it.

Overview map

Trains run frequently between Malmö C and Hyllie with stop at Triangeln, unless you want to bike the 18 minute, 5.5 kilometres, trip between the arena and Euroclub in full fan gear!

Eurovision Village

The meeting place for all Eurofans will be at Folkets Park, that will transform into the Eurovision Village from May 4-11. The park will become a dedicated Eurovision area with unique experiences and encounters between Eurovision fans, Malmö residents, and visitors.

The main stage will focus on the Eurovision Village opening, special events, concerts with Eurovision names and other artists. The smaller stage will also focus on concerts and other special events with a smaller audience. 

There will be several areas for activities and socialising. The park’s independent cultural and food establishments will have their own programmes and contribute to a vibrant overall experience. 

Eurovision Street

Friisgatan, a popular car-free street in Malmö which is filled with restaurants and cafés, becomes Eurovision Street – the lively stretch between Triangeln station and Eurovision Village. 

Everyone will be able to encounter musical surprises and food from all over the city and the world. 

Eurovision Street will not only be a pathway in the Host City but also a place to stop and experience and socialise during the delightful days and evenings of early May.

Are you looking forward to the social activities in Malmö in May? Let us know in the comments below.

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2 months ago

Will the eurovision village be ticketed again on the final like last year?

2 months ago

Love Malmö! Don’t forget to eat the amazing Falafels there!