Eurovision 2014: Croatia Is Not Coming to the Party

HRT, Croatia’s state broadcaster, has announced that it will not field an entry for Eurovision 2014. According to the Croatian Times, the broadcaster made the decision because of budgetary concerns and its string of bad results in recent years.

The Balkan nation has failed to reach the final for four consecutive years. Here’s how Croatia has fared in the semi-finals since 2010. It isn’t pretty.

2010: Feminnem with “Lako je sve”—13th place. Three women singing beneath a broken heart. Following high expectations, they broke Zagreb’s heart too.

2011: Daria Kinzer with “Celebrate”—15th place. She crashed out of the semi-finals—along with a really dodgy on-stage magician—but still danced her heart out at EuroClub. Way to bounce back! (She is pictured at top).

2012: Nina Badric with “Nebo”—12th place. Woman dances in a whole bunch of toilet paper meant to symbolize the heavens. Lost in translation, really. 

2013: Klapa s Mora with “Mizerja”—13th place. These men can sing, but their choice of traditional music makes us feel like we’re dining at a restaurant for tourists. Misery indeed.

The news comes just a few weeks after Bosnia & Herzegovina raised out hopes that they might return to Eurovision in 2014. Hopefully that will help us get our happy back following the sad news about Croatia!

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