Does Coming Home remind you of the Gary Barlow song Let Me Go?

In the days after Firelight’s success at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, critics were quick to point out that “Coming Home” sounds like Gary Barlow’s “Let Me Go”. All the whispers led Malta’s Independent newspaper to run an article reporting on the supposed similarities.

According to the newspaper the band’s lead singer Richard Edward Micallef has said openly that Barlow, James Blunt and Mumford and Sons are his musical inspirations. But he was quick to point out that his song is 100% original. As he said: “The style of our song is in vogue right now, but the songs are not the same.”

What do you think? Is “Coming Home” too similar to “Let Me Go” to be considered original? Or is it just a case of two songs from a similar genre? Let us know in the comments box below! You can also read the lyrics to the song if you scroll past the video.

Firelight – “Coming Home”

Gary Barlow – “Let Me Go”

Coming Home lyrics — Firelight

Freedom of life, I will express my soul
Look me in the eye, and electrify my bones
I ain’t gonna leave until you know my name
Stepping out of the shell, now don’t you step in my way

Roaming through fields, I’m trying to find this new land
It’s only because I”m here, I’m finding gold in my hands
I’m coming home

I’m not holding back, no I ain’t wasting time
If you want me near then you must come for the ride
If your sky will fall, I shelter you from the rain
There’s not a cloud in the sky that can come in the way

I’m coming home
I’m coming home

Trying to build up the words to say what you mean to me
Gonna open your eyes and let you know what I mean

Ohh aaahhh
Ohh aaahhh
Ohh aaahhh

Gonna take on this journey
Feel the light getting warm
Find the strength I’ve been searching
Keep the beat going strong
Keep the gloves on for fighting
Don’t you knock on my door
Yeah the spirit’s alive
I’m on the road coming home

I’m coming home
I’m coming home
I’m coming home
I’m coming home