Whew! France will not withdraw from Eurovision 2016

At Eurovision 2015, French songstress Lisa Angell delivered a breathtaking performance of “N’Oubliez pas”. Yet Europe — apparently unmoved — only awarded her four points, which left her in 25th position. French officials had harsh words about the result (so did Anggun), and that led Eurofans to worry that France would withdraw. France seemed to move from “N’Oubliez pas” to “Oubliez-moi” and we braced for the worst. Well it’s time to chillax. Today Charts in France reports that France 2 will return to Eurovision in 2016. That’s right: FRANCE WILL NOT WITHDRAW!

On Saturday evening, French fans had big hopes to place in the Top 15 for the first time since Amaury Vassili’s Sognu in 2011. Despite a flawless performance, Lisa Angell finished two spots from the bottom. “I’m not angry, just disapointed,” she said in an interview on Sunday. “We deserved more than 4 points”. She added that, in her opinion, France is an isolated country and her weak ranking is due to political reasons.

Nathalie André, head of the Entertainement Departement at France 2 and the woman in charge of picking this year’s entry, still can’t believe how this Angell fell from the heavens. “We came to reach the Top 15, and we ended in the Bottom 15. We are of course disappointed”. More surprising, she seemed to be wondering about the future of her country in Eurovision. “Do we need to take part again in the contest? I don’t have the power to decide but I just want to say ‘Let’s not do this anymore!'”

French commentators Stéphane Bern and Marianne James love Lisa Angell

The producer of the French chanteuse shared that sentiment. “I think we should withdraw from Eurovision,” declared Jean-Claude Camus said on Sunday. “We must stop for one year or two and take time in order to fix this”. He also complained about the fact that most countries prefer to sing in English rather than in their national language.

Luckily their comments were just a reaction to the unfortunat events on Saturday, and France will be back. But to get back in the game they’ll need to think about a new approach to the artist and song that will represent the country next year in Sweden. Who do you want to see fly the French flag in Sweden?

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