Megara tried to represent Spain in 2023. After that didn’t work out, they tried their luck in San Marino, and successfully made their Eurovision dreams come true!

But if you ever wondered what this eclectic Spanish rock band flying the flag of a micronation is all about, this article will deliver ten facts that’ll shine a light on who Megara are!

So let’s delve in deeper.

Scroll down for 10 Facts about Megara

10 Facts about Megara

1) Destiny put them together

The current formation of Megara started to take shape when the guitarist Rober was left without a singer in his original band. While they originally were scouting for a male vocalist, Kenzy piqued Rober’s interest. Later on, he came to realize she was not only moving to Madrid, where the band is based but that her new house was on the street next to Rober’s!

2) And destiny shuffled them around

While Rober and Kenzy vibed creatively, the bassist and the drummer of the original band chose to leave over the artistic direction she wanted to take, preferring a more glam angle over their previous work. After scouting for new members, the band was reformed as the Megara we know of today!

3) Pioneers of their own genre

The main genre Megara would catalog themselves as is their self-penned term “fuchsia rock”, a term coming from both the expletive and the color, which they explain is their way to stay out of the box and bring diverse influences together to form their own style, including metal, electronic, and dance.

4) All about duality

They elaborate on “fuchsia rock” as a combination of all that’s sinister with cotton candy; a fusion of the dark and edgy qualities of rock with glitter and unicorn-esque fantasy, which they embody with their stark style of mixing hot pink and pitch black on every aspect of their visual identity.

5) A festival-filled catalogue

National finals are not the only music festivals Megara took part on. The band has managed to feature in rock festivals in Spain and abroad, like Resurrection Fest, Leyendas del Rock and Download Festival.

6) A renowned opening act

Any international metal act that tours Spain knows that they have a local act that will light up the crowd, as Megara has opened for large scale acts like the Swedish groove metal band Avatar, rockstars Three Days Grace, and the pop-metal sensation Babymetal.

7) Frontwoman fashionista

Beyond music, Kenzy Loevett also considers design a passion of hers, creating her own line of clothing, Coven, catering to the environmentally-friendly fashion lovers and the LGBTQ collective, with themes such as “Animal lovers”, “The nerdy corner”, and “Dark as F*ck”

8) A long catalog

On the band’s current history, they are the proud producers of four albums to date. It all started with the EP “Muérase quien pueda”, followed by the albums “Siete”, “Aquí estamos todos locos”, “Pink Side”, and “Truco o trato”. All of that before starting their Eurovision dreams!

9) The current formation

As we’ve learned the band’s current formation started with frontwoman Kenzy Loevett and guitarist Rober Bueno, but later on they were joined by bassist Vitti and drummer Ra Tache completing the ensemble.

10) Their entry to the Eurovision zeitgeist

Their feature in San Marino on 2024 wasn’t their first foray into Eurovision. Just before, in 2023, the band appeared in the Spanish national selection Benidorm Fest, becoming a fan favorite and taking “Arcadia” to fourth place. They didn’t win, but it all served to jumpstart their Eurovision desire and cinch a spot for the main contest this year with “11:11”!

Are you a big fan of fuschia-rock? How do you think San Marino can do at Eurovision this year? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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Vjera Brdar
Vjera Brdar
1 month ago

I always feel bad whem such a small country sends bad songs, like it’s too easy to pick on a small kid….but I cannot help myself. Sorry.

Im so fab
Im so fab
1 month ago

Europe, don’t forget to vote for San Marino on Thursday’s semi final!!!

58 Points (JE)
1 month ago

“A renowned opening act”
Epic troll.

1 month ago

I hope that San Marino will surprise in the semifinals and manage to qualify against all odds. Good luck Megara

1 month ago

Such a cool band, most underrated entry this year, hope they qualify

Queen Kenzy