“Eurovision: You Decide” — Who should sing for the UK in 2016?

Anticipation has been building for the BBC’s “Eurovision: You Decide” national selection and today the songs and artists have finally dropped. As in any Eurovision final the selection is mixed. But after years of WTF songs and questionable artists, the BBC have rounded up a decent bunch and fans have found a few gems to cling on to. The artists are serving everything from happy-clappy folk to country-tinged pop. Our readers have blown up our comments section in our reveal post, and now we want to get a more quantifiable sense of your favourites with this poll.

Review the acts below and then vote for your favourites. You can vote for as many acts as you would like, but you can only vote one time, so be sure to click the box next to each each you want to support before pressing submit. We’ll close this poll on Thursday at midnight, on the eve of the final.

Eurovision: You Decide: Our Top 3

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Joe and Jake – You are not alone

Bianca Ryan – Shine a little light

Dulcima – When you go

Darline – Until tomorrow

Karl William Lund – Miracle

Matthew James – A better man

Who should win the UK’s Eurovision 2016 selection?

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