Bulgaria’s Gery-Nikol: ‘I’d probably say yes to Eurovision’

Her debut single “Come And Get It” shot to No. 1 on the Bulgarian charts in 2015, and ever since then her fans have been screaming, “Get the girl to Eurovision!”

And it seems that Bulgarian pop sensation Gery-Nikol is ready to answer the call.

In a recent interview with Darik Radio, the 18-year-old stunner said that she’d likely say yes if broadcaster BNT extended her an invitation to sing for the Balkan nation.

“I’ve never thought about representing Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest, but lots of people would like to see me doing it,” she said.

“I have nothing to say against it, but I really never had this in mind. The reason is very simple — I believe that my songs sound really different from the ones at ESC. Nevertheless, the more I think about it, the more I think I would succeed in writing and composing the right song. It would probably combine both kinds of songs.”

“If someone from BNT asks me to represent my country, I will think a lot about how to reply, but my answer would probably be ‘Yeah!’ Really, why not? It’s better to say ‘yes!’ rather than ‘no!'”

She released the music video for her latest single “Gotina & Luda” on December 6, and it’s already clocked 2.1 million views in just eight days.

The heavy R&B track oozes that on-trend Rihanna vibe with plenty of bass, electro backing and, most of all, that Ri-Ri swagger!

Gery-Nikol loves to perform — and she knows how to shake everything that God gave her. And he gave her a lot. She pops and locks and drops to great effect, showing confidence far beyond her 18 years.

In terms of Eurovision, she’s ready to mix things up and could definitely handle an English-language song.

In November the Varna-born beauty — full name Gery-Nikol Georgieva — released an English version of her song “I’m The Queen” — and her enunciation was on point.

The blonde bombshell rose to public attention in 2014, when she finished eighth on X Factor Bulgaria as part of the girl group Sweet 16.

She became known for her soulful, R&B-friendly voice, which ultimately led Bulgarian rapper Krisko to mentor her, paving the wave for her to sign with Bulgarian-German record label Facing The Sun.

Her debut single “Ela I Si Vzemi” (Come And Get It) topped the charts in 2015, and her follow-up singles made an impact as well, with “Momiche Kato Men” (Girl Like Me) hitting #5 on the charts, and “I’m The Queen” reaching #13.

Apparently she is all kinds of sweet.

wiwiblogger Sinan Sadula auditioned for X Factor Bulgaria alongside Gery-Nikol.

“When I was eliminated she came to me with the other girls and hugged me,” he says. “She is such a kind person.”

What do you think? Does Gery-Nikol have what it takes to build on Poli Genova’s success at Eurovision? Do you think that her outré styling and Rihanna flair would serve her well at the contest? Let us know in the comments section below.

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