Déjà vu: Greece returns to national final plans for Eurovision 2017

As we all know, drama was born in Greece. And apparently ERT, the Greek Public Broadcaster, is keen to emphasise the fact, as they seem unwilling to bring an end the ever-changing saga of Greece’s Eurovision 2017 selection.

Like a giant pendulum, they’re swinging back and forth. First they wanted to go with an internal selection and choose a big name artist. Then they flirted with the idea of a national final. Then they returned to the idea of an internal jury selection. And now, in a fourth change of heart, ERT is going for a national final — albeit one with an unexpected twist. We’re about to have a heart attack…

As we reported last week, ERT decided to go with an internal selection to save money, so that they could promote the act eventually selected. This idea was thoroughly criticised: After the disaster that was Argo, fans want to have a say. After all, Greece also gave birth to democracy. So ERT now wants to find a way to let the people voice their opinion (if only so they won’t complain later) while also saving some euros.

According to INFE Greece, ERT is thinking of organising a national selection show where only the music videos of the potential Eurovision songs will be presented. Based on that and that alone, the public and a professional jury will decide on the winner. It’s very Georgia national final 2015 (which resulted in Nina Sublatti and “Warrior”). The broadcaster won’t have to organise a series of live performances (saving it a lot of money) and the public will have a say (silencing critics).

It is not the first time Greece has staged this type of selection: It do so occasionally in the 1990s. Some might say that ERT is moving backwards rather than forwards.

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