Bulgaria’s BNT calls for producers and labels to submit Eurovision 2017 proposals

Last year Bulgaria’s BNT watched Poli Genova achieve fourth place in the grand final — the country’s best-ever finish at Eurovision.

And on Thursday the broadcaster made it clear they are hungry for another success, as they called on record labels and producers to submit bids for Eurovision 2017.

The broadcaster made the announcement on their official Eurovision BG Twitter page.

The emphasis on producers and labels suggests they are not looking for an upstart, but rather an established act with the experience — and the team — to make the final at Eurovision and climb the leaderboard. The inclusion of a draft budget and a ‘partial funding’ requirement shows the seriousness of intent that applicants must demonstrate. BNT isn’t able to fund the project solely on its own, and it wants a label and producer willing and able to fill in any shortfall.

Furthermore, producers submitting bids must have achieved a certain level of success and popularity within the past two years. No-names need not apply!

As for artists, BNT wants to keep it local and will require applicants to hold Bulgarian passports. Experience is a must (and a given).

BNT also added:

Two names immediately spring to mind.

The first is Gery-Nikol, who recently stated that she’s likely to say ‘yes’ if offered the chance to sing at Eurovision.

On December 6 she released the music video for her latest single “Gotina & Luda” and it clocked 2.1 million views in just eight days.

The heavy R&B track oozes that on-trend Rihanna vibe with plenty of bass, electro backing and, most of all, that Ri-Ri swagger!

Gery-Nikol loves to perform — and she knows how to shake everything that God gave her. And he gave her a lot. She pops and locks and drops to great effect, showing confidence far beyond her 18 years.

Bulgaria’s BNT seemed intrigued by our suggestion she sing at Eurovision, tweeting our above video and writing:

Ahead of Eurovision 2016, Preslava was perhaps the biggest name besides Poli Genova rumoured to be in consideration for Eurovision.

In the weeks ahead of Bulgaria’s reveal, Preslava — the undisputed queen of Bulgarian pop-folk — unveiled her first English-only single “In Control”. The collaboration with Stefan Ilchev clocked in at 3:36 and could easily have been cut down to three minutes.

Interestingly, one of the composers is DJ Diyan — who represented Bulgaria at Eurovision as part of Deep Zone. In 2015 he told us that he may be working on a Eurovision collaboration, which fuelled speculation even further.

In any event, who do YOU want to see submit a bid to Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2017 internal selection? Do you think that Gery-Nikol or Preslava would be strong candidates? Let us know in the comments box below.

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