Azerbaijan: Dihaj reveals “Skeletons” as her entry for Eurovision 2017

Salam Eurovision, this is Baku calling! You wait for one entry and suddenly they all come at once. Azerbaijan and their act Dihaj — Diana Hajijyeva — will be slaying their way through the competition in Kyiv, with the song “Skeletons”.

The song is an epic electro-ballad which will chill y’all to the bone! After being announced as Azerbaijan’s representative back in December, Dihaj comes at us full-force with this entry. Will it keep up their perfect qualifying record?


Keeping true to her experimental style, Dihaj is serving power, face and a beautiful blunt-cut hair style. The instrumental of the song delivers strong electronic vibes whilst maintaining a ballad-esque pace. It also compliments Diana’s killer vocals, which gently straddle the line between delicacy and strength.

The music video, much like the musical style, is experimental and moody. It oozes maleficence in every way with dark lighting, quick camera cuts and unique effects. The styling is memorable and mesmerising: it will be interesting to see if any of these ideas are bought to life on stage.

Dihaj has the support of a great team of songwriters and producers with extensive history in Azerbaijan’s Eurovision journey. “Skeletons” is written by Isa Melikov and Sandra Bjurman, who both worked with Ell & Nikki in 2011. Melikov also has experience working with Aysel and Russia’s Dima Bilan.

Bjurman, meanwhile, has also co-written “Hour of the Wolf” for Elnur in 2015 and “Drip Drop” for Safura in 2010. This team knows what is up!

What do you make of Azerbaijan’s entry for Eurovision 2017? Will this continue their streak of qualifying for the final? Sound off in the comments section below or via our app, available now on the App Store and Google Play.