Eurovisions: ARTE to air French-language documentary on May 12

Lights! Camera! Eurovision! Or should we say Eurovisions? That’s the name of a new French-language documentary from ARTE — the Franco-German broadcaster known for producing quality content on European culture.

Last spring filmmaker Claire Laborey waded into the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, hanging out in the press centre and throwing herself into the fandom on the streets.

Her behind-the-scenes film looks at political fissures that divide us, the musical bonds that unite us and how those tensions played out in one of the most hotly-contested editions in years.

“Beyond the surge of kitsch and rhinestones, Eurovision is a surprising mirror of our Europe in all its tension and uncertainties,” the program description says.

“Looking back on the hustle and bustle of the 2016 edition, the competition takes on an air of the cold war, with a rivalry for the top between Ukrainian singer Jamala and Russia’s Sergey Lazarev.

The French-language documentary will air on ARTE on Friday, May 12 at 22.25 CET. An English-language version is also in the works. 

The team from wiwibloggs was lucky enough to spend time with Claire during her stay in Eurovision-land, and we can attest that she approached her mission with great care and sensitivity.

We grew quite accustomed to having her stop by our table in the press centre to get candid responses as we assessed odds, conducted interviews, dissected rehearsals and generally threw ourselves into the event. We’re thrilled to see that we’ve got some cameos in the final cut!

Apologies in advance for the heavy bags under our eyes. Covering Eurovision round-the-clock is exhausting!