Who wore it best? Nine Eurovision 2017 looks you may have seen before


Eurovision 2017 rehearsals begin in less than 24 hours. Once tomorrow morning rolls round, the game will well and truly be on. But before things get serious, we’ve decided to have some fun.

Throughout this past national final season, we’ve watched as country after country revealed their act. And occasionally, we’ve had to do a double take as we’re hit by an overwhelming case of déjà vu.

More than once, we’ve seen Eurovision 2017 acts rock up in looks that we’re convinced we saw before. We’re 99.9% sure that each and every instance is purely coincidental — we’d never accuse anyone of copying anyone else. Nonetheless, we have one crucial question — who wore it best?

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Who wore it best? Eurovision 2017

Coloured Ribbons

Artsvik v Melodifestivalen

Armenia’s 2017 singer against Sweden’s all conquering Melodifestivalen selection.

Artsvik Melodifestivalen Logo

Artsvik v Sergey Lazarev

Armenia’s Eurovision 2017 singer (again) versus Russia’s 2016 act on tour.

Artsvik Sergey Lazarev

h/t : @SchlagerKaty on Twitter

Green dress with oversized belt buckle

Ilinca v Dopey from Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 

One half of Romania’s yodelling duo does battle with a beloved children’s cartoon.

Ilinca Dopey Eurovision 2017

h/t: Mike Roosevelt on Facebook

Oversized sports jerseys

Triana Park’s Agnese Rakovska v Barei’s backing singers, including Brequette

Latvia’s Eurovision 2017 front woman takes on Spain’s 2016 backing ladies.

Triana Park Barei Sports Jersey

Lyrical facial art

Svala v Alma

Iceland 2017 locks horns with France 2017.

Alma Svala Lyrical Facial Art

Canine modesty protectors

Kasia Mos v Ivan

War of the wolves — Poland 2017 and Belarus 2016.

Kasia Mos Ivan Wolves Naked

Black lace blouse

Slavko Kalezic v Suzy Guerra

Montenegro 2017 or Portugal 2014?

Slavko Suzy Montenegro Portugal Lace Top

h/t: ESC Portugal

Fluorescent tube lights

Levina v Francesca Michielin

Whose light shines brightest? Germany 2017 or Italy 2016.

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