Germany’s Levina laughs away the disappointment in post-Eurovision interview with NDR


Ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 she said that she was aiming to finish in the top third of all contestants.

But on Saturday night Levina once again found herself in a particularly German situation: finishing at or near the bottom in the grand final.

Thankfully there is a faint silver lining. Unlike her predecessors Ann Sophie in 2015 and  Jamie-Lee in 2016, the “Perfect Life” singer came next-to-last rather than dead last. A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step…

Thanks to three points from Ireland’s jury as well as three points from Switzerland’s public vote, Levina managed to leave Spain’s Manel Navarro behind, giving Germany its best finish in three years.

Levina, a sassy singer with attitude we love, isn’t down-trodden about it all.

Speaking to NDR immediately after the grand final, she admitted she was disappointed but kept the humour flowing and laughed any bad feelings away.

“Of course I have to thank Ireland for giving us 3 points and besides, we did not come in last place, but only in second to last,” she said. “If this can continue over the next few years, we will be number one again in 25 years!”

Levina at Eurovision 2017

Ahead of Levina’s grand final performance, wiwiblogger William was feeling positive about her chances to avoid last place. In an article entitled “Nil points? No way!”, he praised her opening shot, which saw her laying on the floor and serving sex appeal on what appeared to be molten diamond.

Despite not reaching her goal on the left-hand side of the scoreboard, Levina has plenty to be excited about. She’s just released her debut album Unexpected and has earned tens of thousands of new fans, following her Eurovision promo tour, which took her to Israel, Georgia, Armenia and The Netherlands, among other places.

Do you love Levina’s humour just as much as we do? And do you think she deserved a better spot in the final? Let us know in the comments below!

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