Serbia’s Nevena Bozovic is truly addictive in new single “Dangerous Drug”


She’s a Eurovision 2013 alum who continues to forge a versatile and impressive solo career.

And in June Serbia’s Nevena Bozovic treated us to two versions of her new single “Jasno mi je”. That means “Dangerous Drug” in English and we are most definitely addicted.

The blonde bombshell’s vocals are flawless, even when she’s singing in a language that she hasn’t used on a single since Eurovision. Yes, the English version of Moje 3’s “Ljubav je Svuda” still haunts us, but who couldn’t forgive her after this single?

While Nevena may not share the same feisty attitude as her Moje 3 sister Sara Jovanovic, the electronic influence certainly matches up. In the Serbian version of the song, certain lyrics are repeated just enough times to be memorable to Serbian speakers and non-speakers alike.

So it’s understandable why journalists — in Serbia and out — are describing the single as radio-friendly and able to cross borders. Could Nevena become the next Luis Fonsi with a globally successful non-English single?

Nevena could achieve similar international acclaim with her English-language single “Dangerous Drug”. Although the lyrics could be revised a bit grammatically, the chorus could hold its own on any European radio station.

We’re still waiting for a music video, but that hasn’t hindered Nevena from achieving chart success with the new release. She recently Instagrammed a snap to celebrate her sixth place charting on the Serbian Top 40. Find that handclap emoji and press send!

With rumours that these new singles will spark the promotion of a debut album, and having recently discussed plans to compete in Slavianski Bazaar this year, the future looks bright for our Moje 3 star…

Serbia at Eurovision

This year marked the tenth time Serbia has competed at the Eurovision Song Contest as an independent country. They made their debut at Eurovision in 1961 as part of Yugoslavia, with Serbian acts representing the country six times.

Following the break-up of Yugoslavia, Serbia entered Eurovision in 2004 as part of Serbia and Montenegro. They placed second that year with Zeljko Joksimovic’s song “Lane moje”.

And finally Serbia made its debut as a newly independent nation in 2007, taking home its first win with Marija Serifovic’s power ballad “Molitva”.