Moje 3 and their spin at Eurovision 2013 must be a distant memory for Serbia’s Sara Jo, as she releases her latest single “Nemam vremena za to” (I don’t have time for that). Fans have obsessed over her latest single and music video, pushing it to 733,000 views since its May 30 release.

While we are huge fans of Sara’s sultry fashion and blurring of Serbian pop and American R&B, her music tends to face mixed reviews. Does anyone remember when she was referred to as a “Serbian Miley Cyrus” because of her single “Ko je ovde ko“?

Thankfully the response to her latest offering has been overwhelmingly positive. Which makes us very happy bunnies indeed.

In her lyrics, Sara addresses all of those haters she’s come across in her time as a musician. And frankly, they don’t bother her. She has no time for their comments, their gossip or their acid-tinged opinions. In an age of trolls, she looks past them and her indifference sends them back under the bridge. Bam!

Her music video has dark undertones. Voguing in an underground nightclub while wearing a black hood, her moves are forceful and aggressive. We’re not messing with her! It fits well with Sara’s chosen style, which blends her R&B-tinged Serbian pop with dubstep.

Sara isn’t a one-trick pony, and she’s proven the point by dividing her time between music and makeup.

She is currently Avon Serbia’s latest cover girl, headlining their Mark collection and featuring in their latest advertising campaigns. She wasn’t runner up in Eurovision’s Next Top Model for nothing!

On June 10 Miss Sara Jo will perform at the Usce Shopping Centre in Belgrade.

She’ll drop her new single for sure, but she’ll also show off the Mark collection.

Music, makeup and one third of Moje 3… What more could you ask for?

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6 years ago

“In her lyrics, Sara addresses all of those haters she’s come across in her time as a musician. And frankly, they don’t bother her.” So why did she write a song about them? I am getting a little tored of all those songs addressed to “haters” for two resons: 1) The term “hater” is overused in general. Everybody who doesn’t enjoy a certain film/song/outfit or whatever is a “hater”. We’re living in the age of social media, so if you are an artist and decide to put your material on websites that allow commentary, you have to expect positive and… Read more »

6 years ago

what about new single It’s complicated from Maraaya(Slovenia 2015) ft. BQL (second at EMA 2017)?? It’s a great song and it will be a great hit. Btw Maraaya is now VEVO!!!