Junior Eurovision 2017: Macedonia’s Mina Blazev is “Dancing Through Life”


It’s the country that danced alone at Eurovision in May. And now Macedonia’s dancing looks set to continue at Junior Eurovision 2017 as Mina Blazev drops her entry “Dancing Though Life”.

Mina Blazev “Dancing Through Life” (Official Music Video)

Released on Sunday afternoon, the track continues Macedonia’s flirtation with modern grown-up pop. Commendably, the Balkan state remains undeterred by its poor results in the genre — Martija Stanojkovic missed the top ten at JESC 2016, while Jana Burceska failed to qualify for the final in Kyiv.

Mina exudes a cool nonchalance as she sings “This is our space / and this is our time / living through dance / dancing through life”. The message is clear — underrate Mina and Macedonia at your peril.

The cool vibes carry on into the music video with the young singer taking centre stage. But she’s not dancing alone. A crew of dancers, painters and skateboarders join her. The smiles of the budding Picassos and Monets are endearingly infectious.

Reception for the entry is already overwhelming positive. On YouTube, one viewer writes “The fast part is bloody brilliant. Such a banger. If the live performance isn’t a flop, this is a definite winner. 🙂 🙂 GO MACEDONIA!”. Another comments “I love how serious they take this, I hope they get the result they deserve this time.
Very adult again, but this is what children like nowadays.”

Twitter users are also sharing the love.


Macedonia is one of the most prolific nations in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Debuting at the very first edition in 2003, the country has only missed out twice — 2012 and 2014. Alas, they’ve yet to secure victory or even a podium finish.

Their best results were in 2007 and 2008, when they came fifth. They’ve finished last on three occasions, most recently in 2015 when Ivana Petkovska and Magdalena Aleksovska sang “Pletenka – Braid of Love”. However, the entry did have its fans, including our Angus:

Sweet, catchy and energetic, “Pletenka” has everything a JESC song should. What it lacks in artistic depth, it more than makes up for with sweet vocal delivery and catchy lyrics. Ivana and Magdalena are a magnetic pair, so given some choreography on stage this will be a smash in Bulgaria.

Last year, the hotly tipped Martija Stanojkovic performed “Love Will Lead Our Way “. The radio-friendly pop bop quickly established itself as a fan favourite, but could only manage 12th place in the final. For our William it was love regardless:

If Martija could enter adult Eurovision, she’d take Macedonia straight to the final. This mixes Balkan realness with Caribbean cool, creating something at once regional and international. Although the melody is nice, it is a tad repetitive and loses my interest rather quickly. But no matter. Martija can be proud she’s delivered FYROM’s best-ever entry at JESC.

Will Mina be able to deliver Macedonia its best ever Junior Eurovision result?