The Eurovision 2024 season is beginning to heat up. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 50

Francesca Michielin – “Solite chiacchiere”

Francesca competed for Italy in 2016. As always, she delivers a song that resonates deeply with our emotions. In the music video for “Usual Chatter,” Francesca immerses us in new dimensions and aesthetics. The video metaphorically portrays the feeling of being trapped in one’s own world, as if swimming in a sea within the mind. The lyrics convey the challenges of letting go in a relationship: “You will collect the tears again, again, again, then it will pass/ I searched for love in the sea, sea, sea/ Until you drown/ It hurts, it hurts, but I can endure.”

Kalush Orchestra – “Це любов”

The Ukrainian winners of Eurovision 2022 have returned with a masterpiece. Remaining true to the musical style that earned them the trophy, they blend traditional sounds with modern vibes and rap insertions. The song, titled “This is Love,” is accompanied by a black and white music video that offers a unique perspective on the topic. Love becomes the most important feeling that helps you cope with everything. The chorus says: “And we were sitting, silent/ Unnoticed by the crowd/ We simply felt – this is love/ Though the night was tough/ Even though just two blocks away/ We simply felt – this is love.” The band wrote in the video description:

“This song is about love, the most important feeling that can change the world. When you don’t see anyone else around, you feel like your partner is the only one. And even in the most difficult moments or a short time when you are not together with your couple, you still feel that love is real, and this is the love of your life.”

Ivi Adamou & Trannos – “Ti Sou Kanei”

Ivi represented Cyprus in 2012, and now she’s back with a sizzling collaboration featuring Greek artist Trannos. The music video is not only hot but also showcases Ivi’s captivating style. The lyrics unfold as a dialogue between two lovers, with jealousy being the central theme: “Tell me now what I want/ That you only want me/ Since you know how much I want/ To hear you saying it.” The seamless blend of traditional influences and their vibrant energies creates a true BOP.

maNga – Antroposen 002

It’s always a pleasure to embrace Turkish music, especially in the absence of Türkiye’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. While we hope for their return in the future, we can revel in the sounds of maNga, the beloved rock band that captivated audiences representing Türkiye in 2010. Their new EP is a treat for rock music enthusiasts, featuring a total of six tracks, including an intro and five songs. Most of the songs are in Turkish, immersing listeners in the rich and distinctive musical culture, while “6000 Years Ago” offers an English-language track. Dive into the EP and enjoy the raw and authentic rock vibes that maNga never fail to deliver!

Ronela Hajati – “Shko”

Ronela is the Albanian sensation who represented her country in 2022. Her new song infuses numerous traditional influences, honoring her roots and creating an authentic sound. Once again, Ronela amazes us with her incredible voice. The title of her new song is “Go,” and the music video blends dance with emotions, while its colors slowly fade away, metaphorically symbolising how love also fades. The song serves as a farewell to a loved one: “Go away from me/ They wrote me a letter/ They saw you with someone else.”

Andrei Ursu – “Îndrăgostiți de atâtea ori”

Andrei Ursu reverted to his birth name after representing Romania in Eurovision 2022 under the stage name WRS. His latest track, “In Love So Many Times,” captures the authentic Romanian sound of a love serenade from the late ’60s and early ’70s, setting the tone for his upcoming album that will entirely embrace this nostalgic style, paying homage to retro Romanian music.

The music video, shot in Paris, tells a story of love that, despite its challenges, manages to find its way to resolution. The lyrics express: “In love so many times/ Like a garden of its flowers/ We keep on blooming, we wither/ And we fall back in love in spring (…) You knew how to give me everything/ Happiness, peacefulness, and longing/ Even if we fight, somehow we always reconcile/ And I fall asleep in your arms.” Together with the song released, Andrei stated: 

“In love, it’s not all sunshine and roses. We argue, we get bored, sometimes everything the other person does seems to annoy you. And in our days, when it’s very easy to fall into the mindset that something better is always waiting around the corner, we often kick relationships to the curb too easily in critical moments. I was surprised when I felt it first-hand, and also in discussing the topic with other friends, that love can take so many new forms, especially after overcoming difficulties.”

Soraya & Julian Poker – “One & One”

With this song, we move to a very interesting collaboration. Soraya, who proudly represented Spain in the Eurovision 2009, joins forces with the master of electronic music, Julian Poker. The track boasts an exceptional electronic vibe, blending in nostalgic elements with retro influences. It is a remake of a renowned 90s song originally released by Robert Miles and Maria Nayler. The lyrics resonate with a theme of unity and overcoming challenges with a special someone: “Look how far we have come/ One and one still as one.”

Tina Karol feat. PROBASS ∆ HARDI – “Ой, сивая тая зозуленька”

Tina Karol represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2006. As the winter season beckons us to embrace our traditions, her latest song is a contemporary reinterpretation of a traditional Ukrainian carol. Collaborating with the musical group PROBASS ∆ HARDI, Karol has infused a modern touch into the classic piece. Titled “Oh, Gray Cuckoo,” the song features the bird as a symbol of love and happiness in Ukrainian culture. It vividly portrays the winter landscape’s beauty and conveys sentiments of hope, spreading joy and greetings to the good people. Let this song warm your soul during the cold season. 

Elena Ionescu – “Aveam Nevoie De Cineva”

Elena Ionescu participated in Eurovision 2012 as the vocalist of Mandinga, representing Romania. In her latest song, “I Needed Someone,” she brings forth an energetic performance that beautifully showcases her vocal prowess. The lyrics express a deep longing for a loving connection, speaking about the sentiment of yearning for someone to love and be loved in return. The chorus states: “I needed someone/ To warm my heart/ And now that I found you/ My dream came true.” The song portrays a couple that appears to be an ideal match, their love being strong and seemingly indestructible.

Karolina Goceva – “Daj na Sunce”

The sun rises with Karolina’s new song. The artist has competed for North Macedonia twice, first in 2002 and then again in 2007. Her latest song, “Give to the Sun,” evokes a range of emotions, as Karolina’s voice harmonises perfectly with this emotional ballad. The black and white music video features stunning landscapes and a serene atmosphere. According to Karolina, the music video was filmed in Galicnik, a mountain village in North Macedonia, at a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius.

Nadir Rustamli – “Gölgelerim”

Nadir impressed us all when he represented Azerbaijan at Eurovision back in 2022. His new song perfectly demonstrates Nadir’s ability to explore and master various musical genres. Titled “My Shadows,” the song encompasses a diverse range of emotions, and you will be captivated by Nadir’s impressive high notes. This track serves as the second single from his upcoming album, SILUET.

Joachim Witt feat. Chris Harms – “Elektrosexuell”

Joachim Witt is a renowned German musician, particularly recognised for his success in the ’70s with the band Duesenberg. Collaborating with Chris Harms, the lead vocalist from Lord Of The Lost, the rock band that represented Germany in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, they have created a new song titled “Electro-sexual.” The song explores the theme of electronic domination over love and the sensations of this electric feeling.

The music video is vibrant and rich with symbols and metaphors that complement the lyrics of the track. The lyrics convey the message: “We are electro-sexual/ We can’t get away if our plug is still in/ We are electro-sexual/ We’re on the drip/ Like remotely controlled in your head/ There is no warning/ Fire off without camouflage/ Please please please come on/ We’ll turn it up until it crashes.”

Justyna Steczkowska – Steczkowska Demarczyk

Justyna represented Poland at Eurovision back in 1995. Her new album is a masterpiece that will take you back in time with ballads, serenades, classical insertions, traditional vibes… The album has everything and feels just like a waltz through music and emotions. Justyna described the album as: 

“It is a truly beautiful musical work that will be loved by all ‘my wonderful sensitive people; who look for depth and beauty in music. This is an album full of emotions, beautiful harmony and excellent Polish poetry.”

Engelbert Humperdinck – “At Last”

The representative of the United Kingdom in 2012 is back with a remake of a very famous song. The beautiful love song originally appeared in 1960 and belongs to Etta James. Engelbert lends his warm voice to this track, reminding us to treasure iconic songs that have withstood the test of time. The song is accompanied by a sunny music video.

O.TORVALD – “вотсап”

The next song is perfect for rock fans. O.TORVALD, the Ukrainian rock band that competed in Eurovision 2017, has released a cover of DOROFEEVA’s song titled “WhatsApp.” The song revolves around the theme of reaching out to people in difficult times, creating an atmosphere that rock enthusiasts will love. The lyrics convey the following message: “Hug me tight, tight/ Hold me, squeeze-squeeze/ Is my city a city?/ Is it still mine?”

Kati Wolf Band – “Apám hitte”

Kati is the Hungarian star who participated at the contest in 2011. Her latest ballad is an emotional piece dedicated to her father, titled “My Father Believed.” The accompanying music video features footage from the studio. The song reflects on various positive beliefs held by her father, as expressed in the lyrics: “My father believed in the warmth of the home/ My father believed in the joy of the holiday/ My father believed in his father’s inheritance/ And I think it was nice that way.”

Towards the end of the song, Kati draws parallels between herself and her father, expressing her own beliefs: “I also believe in a couple of nice things/ I believe in song, song, song/ And I believe in the noise of the city/ I believe, I believe in him, and in myself/ And I believe in an expanding world/ I believe in the death of the gun/ And I believe in the river and the bridge/ I believe, I believe, I believe in my father.” The lyrics convey a sense of optimism and the power to appreciate the beauty in the world, reflecting an inheritance of these qualities from her father.

Kati stated with the released of this song: “What can we believe in such a harsh world? It is necessary to return to the roots and listen to the thoughts of previous generations…”

Vincent Bueno – “GLORY”

Vincent Bueno (Austria 2020 and 2021) delivers a poignant ballad meant to articulate everything that needs to be said — a call for universal peace. Reflecting on the global crises and wars from 2020 to the present day, Vincent passionately advocates for the defence of innocent lives through his music. Utilising music as his expressive medium, he unveils its profound impact as a powerful tool. In his songwriting, Vincent adeptly transforms negative emotions, including fear, doubt in humanity, and anxiety, into poignant lyrics and melodies. The chorus of “Glory” boldly confronts those responsible for the tragic loss of innocent lives, posing a direct and pointed question that echoes as a collective inquiry representing humanity’s response to such atrocities: “Where is your glory/ In killing young stories?”


AMOS FLEUR is a duo comprised of Carlotta Truman and Simon Leander. Carlotta gained previous recognition by representing Germany in 2019 as part of the duo S!ster. Their debut EP features seven tracks, each showcasing an impressive electro-pop sound that is sure to captivate listeners. From the emotionally charged “THROUGH MY EYES” to the bold and dynamic tracks like “LYAR,” “HARDCORE,” and “HYDROGEN,” the EP offers a diverse range of songs that are not only impressive but also likely to become addictive additions to your playlist.

Aram Mp3 – “Galis Es”

This song will make you move for sure! Aram represented Armenia in 2014, and his latest song is not only entertaining but guaranteed to get you dancing. Infused with traditional vibes, the track is a lively remake of a famous traditional Armenian song originally performed by Hayer. Aram’s rendition serves as the soundtrack for the Armenian movie Operation Honourable Beggars. The black and white music video not only showcases Aram’s charisma as he enjoys the track with his band, but it also features sequences from the movie.

Bujāns – “Mēs Esam”

And to wrap up this week’s post, we turn our attention to the Latvian duo Bujāns, consisting of Reinis Sējāns and Intars Busulis. Notably, Intars represented Latvia atEurovision back in 2009. Their latest offering is a soul-soothing ballad titled “We Are.” The duo’s voices seamlessly blend, creating a perfect harmony that feels like a balm for the soul. With delicate retro influences, this song serves as the ideal conclusion to this week’s post, leaving us with a sense of musical bliss.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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Jessica Folcker
Jessica Folcker
6 months ago

One & One was first recorded by Edyta Górniak. Just for the record. 🙂

Real Bejba
Real Bejba
6 months ago

Not Ronela She Is So Disprite To Be Relewent … Wiwi Bloggs Please Dont Ban My Comnents I Can Just Change My IP

6 months ago

A little context: Andrei Ursu changed his stage name because WRS (urs, bear in Romanian) was his nickname and some fans would incorrectly pronounce his former stage name as “verse”. He changed it so it wouldn’t be difficult to say his name.

6 months ago
Reply to  Alex

It’s probably for the best that he changed it. I had been pronouncing it as “worse” lol