A Dal 2018: The Matter withdraw from Hungary’s national selection, will be replaced by Patikadomb


Hungarian broadcaster MTVA only announced the participants and judges of A Dal 2018 on December 6. Now, just four days after that and with show preparations in full swing, one of the competing bands has already announced their withdrawal from the competition.

The Matter — the band formerly known as Mushu — were among the 30 acts competing for the right to represent Hungary in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

However, in a press statement received by the broadcaster from the band’s management, they announced their withdrawal, citing “personal reasons”.

“With our biggest regret, we cannot take the obligations coming with the A Dal 2018 competition. Due to unexpected family issues, our lead vocalist Mushu [Izsák Palmer] has to stay at Vienna in the upcoming months. Thank you for the trust, and to the jury members for seeing potential in our song and our band. Also, we wish the best for the other competing acts!”

A Dal fans will remember these boys from their steampunk outfits, which they wore while competing in the final of the 2016 edition as Mushu. Their song “Uncle Tom” ended up in the eighth place, and it won them plenty of new fans along the way.

Ahead of the A Dal final, wiwiblogger Edd reviewed the song this way:

“It’s so hard nowadays to produce something that’s completely unique – but Mushu have achieved just that! Amazing styling, interesting voice, fun lyrics: I can really see this being a dark horse as winning the whole thing (because come on, it’s A Dal – anything could happen). Although I do want a bit more colour in the backdrop.”

But fear not! A Dal must — and will — go on.

The preliminary juries have already selected a replacement act — the band Patikadomb. As you can see in their music video for “Mutatvány”, the group have a unique sound that flirts with pop, alt rock and electronic. Expect something memorable with their song “Jó szelet!”

Are you going to miss The Matter? Does Patikadomb float your boat? Let us know in the comments box below. 

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