Destination Eurovision: Will June the Girl be France’s singer in May?


Another day, another contestant. This morning France 2 kept the momentum of national final season going by confirming June the Girl as its second contestant for Destination Eurovision 2018 (following the announcement of Malo yesterday).

“So happy to finally be able to share this news with you,” she wrote on Twitter. “Very proud to present my song #Same for the first time with #DestinationEurovision on France 2 TV! You have my destiny.”

As you can hear on her existing track “Emotional”, she has a light, breathy voice with shades of Carla Bruni. But she goes beyond the chatty sound of the former first lady with modern production that sounds sensual and mysterious.

Writing on her official Facebook page, her team oozes passion when describing her sound.

“June The Girl is a new thrill and yet so obviously attractive. A voice at the same time very sweet and pointed, tender with small and dreamy nuances, like a cat’s tongue. Then the impression that this voice is nailed up there, in the radiant light of inexhaustible wonderment.”

Her debut EP June The Girl featured four tracks: “Emotional”, ” I Say Love”, “Flying Kisses” and “Silence”.

“Flying Kisses” shows off her tight production yet again. Electronic tracks can often sound too processed and other-worldly. But her unique voice cuts through all the digital sounds to create something contemporary yet thoroughly human. She works her tongue in both French and English, gliding between the two with ease.

When she encourages us to give her “Flying Kisses” we can’t help but say oui.

It is expected that France 2 will reveal more artists in the days leading up to the first semi-final, which airs on 13 January 2018. Nine songs will compete in each of the two semi-finals, and four songs from each semi will go to the grand final.

What do you think? Does June the Girl have what it takes for Eurovision? Who would you like to see in The Destination Eurovision lineup?