Poll Results: Markus Riva is your favourite to win Latvia’s Supernova 2018


You’ve got to love a trier! Markus Riva returns to Latvia’s Supernova for the fourth time, hoping to be the country’s Eurovision representative. And this time, you have named him your favourite to win Supernova 2018!

Once all the songs were released, we asked y’all in a poll on January 19 who should win Supernova. With 4,999 votes cast in total, Markus was the clear winner. He picked up 2,121 votes with “This Time”.

Markus certainly has built up plenty of support. He’s a regular face on Latvian TV, hosting the first season of Latvia’s version of X Factor in 2017.

He’s even has his face printed on the side of Coke cans. Is “This Time” going to finally be his ticket to Eurovision?

Markus’ closest rival in the poll was MADARA, with “Esamiba”. The only song in Latvian in the entire competition, the song also leans heavily on MADARA’s impressive cello skills. With only one song to go, she’s also leading our Supernova Wiwi Jury. She received 600 votes overall.

And just behind MADARA comes Katrine Lukins. She returns to Supernova with “Running Red Lights”, complete with an impressive music video. Katrine got 582 votes from y’all, well clear of the pack behind her.

Poll Results: Who should win Latvia’s Supernova 2018?

  1. Markus Riva — This Time: 42.43% (2,121 votes)
  2. MADARA — Esamiba: 12% (600 votes)
  3. Katrine Lukins — Running Red Lights: 11.64% (582 votes)
  4. Laura Rizzotto — Funny Girl: 5.18% (259 votes)
  5. Edgars Kreilis — Younger Days: 4.94% (247 votes)
  6. Jenny May — Soledad: 4.28% (214 votes)
  7. Agnese Stengrevics — You Are My World: 3.94% (197 votes)
  8. Sudden Lights — Just Fine: 2.02% (101 votes)
  9. Monta — 1000 Roses: 1.94% (97 votes)
  10. MIONIA — You: 1.7% (85 votes)
  11. Katrina Gupalo & The Black Birds — Intoxicating Caramel: 1.38% (69 votes)
  12. Ed Rallidae — What I Had With You: 1.36% (68 votes)
  13. In My Head — Sunset: 1.3% (65 votes)
  14. Liene Greifane — Walk the Talk: 1.26% (63 votes)
  15. Kris & Oz — Morning Flight: 0.82% (41 votes)
  16. DVINES — More Than Meets the Eye: 0.74% (37 votes)
  17. Riga Reggae — Stop the War U2: 0.72% (36 votes)
  18. Ritvars — Who’s Counting?: 0.72% (36 votes)
  19. Hypnotic — Pray: 0.62% (31 votes)
  20. Rahu the Fool — Oh, Long River: 0.56% (28 votes)
  21. Lauris Valters — Lovers Bliss: 0.44% (22 votes)

Total Votes cast: 4,999

Of course, the live performances could change everything. Supernova 2018 kicks off tomorrow night, February 3, at 20:30 CET. The acts in the first semi-final are: Katrina Gupalo & The Black Birds, Rahu the Fool, DVINES, Agnese Stengrevics, Sudden Lights, Edgars Kreilis and Liene Greifane.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing perform? Do you think Markus would be a good choice for Latvia? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!

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