Depi Evratesil: Asmik Shiroyan, Sevak Khanagyan and Kamil Show among semi-final two qualifiers


It has been an interesting week in Armenia. Following the shock elimination of Tamar Kaprelian in the first semi-final, many big names were hoping to avoid the same fate. The second semi-final included everything from rap to drag and as the dust settled, all the big names survived.

The five qualifiers were announced in random order. They are Sevak Khanagyan, Amaliya Margaryan, Kamil Show, Mariam and Asmik Shiroyan.

The qualifiers

Kamil Show advanced from an early spot in the running order. Kamil’s personality was on display for the world to see, with the diva wearing a wig clearly inspired by the colours of the Portuguese flag. She was a delight in the green room, performing push-ups as the host interviewed other contestants and doing a cartwheel as she tried to kick off a Lisbon 2018 montage. Most importantly, the energy of “Puerto Rico” shone through on stage.

The mesmerising Amaliya Margaryan had arguably the most beguiling performance of the evening. The stark red staging conveyed all the drama of her song which took us on an enchanting journey. The Depi Evratesil returnee could be the dark horse to win in 2018.

Sevak Khanagyan has been touted as one of the favourites at Depi Evratesil. His choice of outfit served a peculiar mixture of gladiator meets security guard meets bodybuilder realness. What was less surprising was his stellar vocals which took “Qami” into the grand final.

Mariam did not fare favourable with the Wiwi Jury but much like Amaliya, her killer vocals secured her qualification. “Fade” was the biggest grower of the night, securing Mariam a place in the final alongside some of the more favoured entries.

Asmik Shiroyan seemed to be experiencing some sound difficulties akin to Tamar Kaprelian. However, she would not experience the same fate. Her performance had all the energy and attitude that “You and I” needed, and she also sailed through to fight in the final. Asmik had some big fighting words during her postcard — she says she’s taking Eurovision to Yerevan in 2019.

Depi Evratesil 2018 Semi-final 2 running order

  1. Maria’s Secret
  2. Arman Mesropyan
  3. Kamil Show
  4. Suren Poghosyan
  5. Amaliya Margaryan
  6. Alternativ
  7. Tyom
  8. Sevak Khanagyan
  9. Mariam
  10. Asmik Shiroyan

Grand Final

The final of Depi Evratesil will take place on Sunday 25 February at 21:40 local time (that’s 17:40 GMT or 18:40 CET). Be wary of the earlier start time as ten acts must become one and Armenia’s choice for Lisbon will be made.

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